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So I just got a PS4 as a wedding gift

I'm excited to unwrap it this week and start playing some Resogun.

That being said, I probably would not have purchased the system on my own. My perspective is that $400 is a lot for a system with very few, if any, must-have exclusive games. Now, to be fair, I haven't yet played Killzone, Resogun, and Second Son, so I can't know for sure how good they actually are.

But, obviously, many consumers feel differently. Sony is selling a lot of PS4 hardware, and selling it consistently. So I've been wondering, why do you think that is?

I understand the early adopters. They want the latest and greatest technology, and they trust the Sony brand. But why is it still selling so well?

A few theories:

  • People are ready to move on to next-gen systems, even if many of the games are cross-gen
  • People are treating PS4 as an investment; they know the games will come

If it's the former, it's hard for me to understand. If we look at the top 30 games according to Metacritic (yes, it's not an ideal metric, but humor me), only two -- Resogun and Second Son -- are exclusive to PS4. The vast majority are available elsewhere, either on PS3, X360, XOne, PC, WiiU, 3DS, and/or Vita.

If it's the latter, it's even harder for me to understand. Why not wait six months or a year for a price cut and/or a bigger, more diverse library?

So, that's where I'm coming from. As someone who has stacks of PS3, X360, and Wii games that need to be played, I was in no rush to buy a PS4. Now that I own one, I'm happy, but I could have gone without one for much longer. Note: This isn't meant as an attack on Sony, PS4, or its owners. I own a PSOne, PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita, and now a PS4. I'm just genuinely interested, and a little confused, as to why the system is selling so well in a market with cheaper systems with bigger, and, arguably, better libraries.

Please share your thoughts.

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People were starving for a next-gen console. Remember how Call of Duty 3 sold brilliantly on the 360?

The games will and always come, the system is amazing and the price is not that high. Meaning waiting for a price cut is not gonna be that effective, unless you're willing to wait 3 years!!

Better versions of third party games and more diverse first party, also Sony's reputation to support their console to the grave

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A lot of people are not patient consumers. They want to be the first among their friends to get something, play something etc

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chapset said:
Better versions of third party games and more diverse first party, also Sony's reputation to support their console to the grave

And beyond lol. Truly astonishing how they do that...

I picked up a ps4 on launch day. Nothing in terms of games has made it necessary to do so. I wanted a new system since my pc is slowly getting unable to play the newest titles at a decent level. It just happened to coincide with me needing to upgrade basically. Also coming off the heels of how great the ps3 exclusive library turned out i knew i needed one eventually anyway. In the end im buying a product now that will most likely collect dust for a while. In the end im buying it because i trust sony will bring a lot of awesome to it eventually. Really looking forward to e3 and gamescom..

That's a great wedding gift, congrats on your wedding and your shiny new PS4!

Some people are buying the PS4 because they want next gen goodness regardless of how much there is of it, others are going for it because they want to still be able to play online with their friends that have already moved on to current gen. I expect lots of people want a PS4 simply because it is new though. People like new things, especially when they are popular and everyone else wants it as well.

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I wonder the same thing, but I think it is simply the pent up demand since the last console generation lasted for so long. Microsoft could be seeing similar runaway sales if they had been able to be more competively price. When you look at the combined sales of Sony and Microsoft, you have to be amazed at how well the new generation is doing for being around only 5 months.

I'm not counting the WiiU in this because they released a year prior and didn't set the world on fire.

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Sony has had a history of providing (thru first and 3rd parties) an extensive list of exclusive content throughout its entire shelflife and I for the life of me do not know why people think the PS4 will be any different.

...Longivity. Playstation home consoles have had a reputation of lasting a very long time on the market. PS1: 10 years (for the US, last EA game published in 2005), PS2 13 years (last official game is 2014) , PS3 in its 8th year, still going, and PS4 just starting. People take notice and are appreciative of this knowing that well into the console lifespan it will get the games people clamor for, It makes the 400 investment worth it.