NPD March 2014 Thread - PS4 #1 (371k), Xbox One 311k, 360 111k, WiiU ~70k, Vita close to 4 digits. Titanfall tops software

Forums - Sales Discussion - NPD March 2014 Thread - PS4 #1 (371k), Xbox One 311k, 360 111k, WiiU ~70k, Vita close to 4 digits. Titanfall tops software

Did the NPD results surprise you?

Yes 379 53.23%
No 308 43.26%
kowenicki said:
Euphoria14 said:
kowenicki said:
Does npd include bundled software? I cant quite remember but I vaguely recall not.

I don't think they include bundles packaged with hardware.

Dont know about hardware, but I'd expect ps4 to win software in that case.  Many tianfall numbers missing due to bundles.


Should be a good NPD. Be prepared, I expect fun.

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Ah nvm probably 25 more min.

The XBone will easily win by more than 50k, Titanfall number one selling game as well

I voted WiiU in the poll


Any predictions?

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Xbox1 by 50,226 exactly like that.

I'm thinking
X1 - 375k
PS4 - 325k
3DS - 140k
360 - 80k
Wii U - 65k
PS3 - 55k
Vita - 25k

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In the other thread.

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Interresting month for NPD... the two biggest games of PS4 and X1 in the same month... which helped selling hardware more.

Seeing as ethomaz is banned, might as well post my predictions here.

[XB1] 472k
[PS4] 435k
[WIIU] 73k

[X360] 148k
[PS3] 138k

[3DS] 189k
[VITA] 37k

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