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i rate it on a 10

i use it everyday to browse the internet to catch up on news, than i jump right into gaming if i feel like it.

still enjoying sonic lost world even after 100%, but atm really into online-play of Dr. Luigi

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1. I'd rate it a 10. I have no complaints about the hardware, which makes sense since Nintendo has a deserved reputation for quality. The controller is comfortable despite its appearance. The menus are easy to navigate. The system isn't noisy. Games boot quickly. Everything has just been smooth sailing since I got mine back in August.

2. Like any system, it depends on what I'm playing at the time. I didn't play it much when I first got it because all I was able to afford were a couple of E-Shop purchases (e.g., Mega Man 2 on the VC, Trine 2), but when I got NSMBU I played on it non-stop until the PS4 came out. Then I played on my PS4 non-stop until SM3DW came out, at which point I played almost nothing but it. I played my Wii U almost daily during December. Now that I have WWHD and The Wonderful 101 (bought the former last week with some money I got on Christmas, and decided to pick up the latter yesterday since it's only $30 now), I'll be playing them a lot as well. I'm picking up Pikmin 3 sometime soon as well, plus DKC comes out in February, so the first quarter of the year will have my gaming time dominated by the Wii U. That'll change come late winter and throughout spring, as that's when several games I want for my PS4 are coming out, including Driveclub, Infamous, and Watch Dogs, though Mario Kart 8 is also coming in the spring as well.

3. I don't really have a favorite. NSMBU was a solid 2D Mario game, and IMO was an improvement over NSMBWii. SM3DW was a brilliant game, and while it doesn't really start to take off until World 2, overall it has some of the most imaginative level designs I've seen in a Mario game, plus it gets to be incredibly challenging very quickly. I just started WWHD, and as I never played Wind Waker when it was on the GameCube, and as such I can't offer any opinions yet other that it looks really nice and has good controls. And while I have W101, I'm probably not going to start on it until I finish WWHD (I like to finish a game entirely before I move on to the next one).

1. 7 / 10

2. Not as much as my PC (which isn't much to begin with) but enough, usually for impulse sessions but clocked in 15hrs in Most Wanted U alone.

3. Used to play Tekken online almost everyday then Most Wanted U came along. I have a bunch of other games that I'm not close to finishing

Other thoughts. Frequently feel buyers remorse tbh. I wish I bought a cheaper 7th gen SKU to fill in the gap before getting a PS4. This could change over time but I doubt it. I feel I could have spent my money on something else and barely felt a thing :/

I predict that the Wii U will sell a total of 18 million units in its lifetime. 

The NX will be a 900p machine

I'm enjoying it plenty, though I've been waiting seemingly forever for games like Two Brothers, Another Castle, Shovel Knight, etc. to get finished and come out on eShop.

1) As of now, rate the Wii U on a scale of 1-10?
10, Let you guys know I hate the Wii, yea I'm probably the biggest Nintendo Fan but I love the Wii U. It's like John Lucus said that the Wii U(Unity), it has something for everyone. It had that gamepad for hand held lovers, gimmick wiimotes, HD graphics for old school Nintendo lovers like me and wireless pro controllers for Xbox players switching over, etc.

2) How much have you used the Wii U? Non-stop, in fact I got back into gaming, I actually quit console gaming when the Wii was released.

3) What are your favorite Wii U games? Why? Super Mario 3D World, super creative, I also liked Super Mario Bros U. Also got Need For Speed Most Wanted U, was really bad, the game was to hard so I stopped playing it. But I actually started playing wii games as well, that I had gotten for Wii but never wanted to play them on Wii.

Also, give any other opinions on the Wii U that you feel like sharing. Thank you.
OK! so the other day I had my two cousins come over to play some video games and they are both xBox 360 fans. After they played Wii U, saw how the gamepad was used, they were Amazed! They couldn't stop talking about how fun Nintendo Land was. In fact one of them had gotten the X1 and now wanted the Wii U, he said he still doesn't play the X1 but still plays 360.

Fun Fact, guess how much he spend on his X1! He told me it cost him about $1,300, he got the X1, 3 controller, like 3 games with membership, etc. LoL, i felt bad for him, the only future game he was exicted about was Halo, why would you spend that much money for one game. I told him with like 500 bucks, you can make a super PC and get all the games for PS4 and X1 have half the price with better graphics.

Off Topic here abit but I was thinking what Sony and Microsoft will do next generation, they can't release a console with 16 core CPU or 16gig memory. Just like what John Lucus said this will be the "Last Generation", someone should make a topic about this.

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I would like to use it way more 

Most recently Batman Arkham City and Super Mario 3D World 

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1) 4. Far too few releases of real interest, and the controller feels like a backwards step from the Wiimote/nunchuck.

2) Quite a bit for browsing and watching Netflix. Not that much for playing games (only Trine 2, Rayman Legends and SM3DW have enticed me to play for more than 10hrs) - certainly far less than the original Wii during its first year.

3) Probably SM3DW.  Some very clever level design to bring a smile to the face, though it does suffer in comparison to the sublime Galaxy games and the inclusion of a time limit is highly frustrating and genuinely hampers enjoyment for me. Gamepad controls aren't as good as the old Wii ones (why are attack and run the same button?). Backflips and long jumps are more awkward than on the Wii, and the inability to revert to Galaxy controls even when opting for the Wiimote/nunchuck setup is disappointing, but even with these problems it's still a very good game.


2.Not used it alot since I bought it half a year ago and it's pretty much a dust collector. Bought it because I found it for really cheap but have mostly just played a bit zombi U on it. Would probably have used it more if donkey kong released last year abd wii games playable on the wii u pad. Pretty much regret my purchase even thought I got it for cheap.I just don't play on it especially after PS4 got released. But a lesson is learned is that I will never buy 2systems.in 1 generation because I only got time to play on one.
3. ZombiU but will buy zelda wind waker HD when it gets cheaper(will not buy a remake for full price and donkey kong aswell as Mario Kart when that releases.

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I would give the Wii U a 7 or 8, it is a lot of fun but not yet living up to potential. I'm playing AC4 atm and its great, doing a lot of gaming on the tablet while lying in bed ;). Also enjoying NFS a lot, especially with the tablet as steering wheel.

Irksome is the lack of innovative support for the tblet by 3r parties, and the lack of good casual games like Wii Sports. I'm looking for a good golf simulator,, something which the tablet plus wiimote could do particularly well, but no one is developing one afaik. 

 I think the Wii U is designed to enable innovative game methods, but no one is really pushing this. If I just wanted to have the same old with better graphics, then I would've gone with he PS4, (actually, I would probably stick to the PC). 

I'd give it 5-6/10.

The games I have are;

Sonic Racing Transformed
Windwaker HD
Super Mario Bros U
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Assassin's Creed 3
Darksiders II
Need for speed most wanted
Tekken tournament
Zombi U

plus wii games that are noticably clearer on my projector than the original wii (projector not great with component output works better with DVI/HDMI/VGA).

Recently I bought a made a low cost gaming PC and have to admit I'm spending a lot of time playing games on that at 1080p and in 3D.

I love the wii u operating system, menu's etc but have been disappointed with the performance of some of the games with regard frame rates and visuals (projectors show every little detail).

I haven't purchased Mario 3D World yet and I'm super keen to get my hands on Mario Kart. So have some great gaming ahead.

I have decided to avoid wii u multiformat games unless in the bargain bin though. Sonic transformed for example looks horrible on the projector (1024x576) because of the resolution but the ps3 version looks good (1280x720) and the PC version looks amazing with better textures at 1920x1080. However my projector is only 720p but 1080p games still look noticably better on it.

Beyond Mariokart I don't know of any wii u games I want that are upcoming apart from the new Zelda and X. X I'm a little unsure of because Xenoblade Chronicles I was absolutely amazed with initially but didn't play too long before I was bored of it. Still technically the most impressive wii game I think though.

Of current titles looking to buy when I find cheap;

Lego City Undercover & Rayman Legends

Plus a whole load of titles if sub £10 or £5 in some cases.