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Including Japan.


Just from Smash alone, not including all the other greatness.

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I honestly don't get why there is a version of smash on 3DS. they should have kept it on WiiU only as it will effect its sales as in it will sell less because of the 3DS version

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

007BondAgent said:

yes, but not for Smash only

I don't see the 3DS doing better next year than this year, Nintendo went all out for the 3DS this year, next year is gonna be all about the Wii U.

So u think wii U will win?^

Yes but not from Smash. I think Smash will sell more wiiU's than 3ds but 3ds might sell more Smash than wiiU (if that makes any sense). I do think 2014 will be the year of the wiiU just as how 2013 is the year of the 3ds (basically) and Nintendo will probably do everything they can, for better or for worse, to sell wiiUs in 2014


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I agree with OP.

Don't forget the 3D Movies as well, source:

3D will dominate yet another year.

3D FTW each and every year from now on.

Win? Yes. Dominate? I hope not, since I expect the 3DS to decline a bit in 2014.

Bear in mind what 2013 contained for the 3DS. A new cheaper model, the end of the first round of all the big handheld franchises onto the 3DS (Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, etc.), and a lack of competition fro other handhelds or Nintendo platforms. Super Smash Bros 4 3DS will likely be huge, but it's not going to beat Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon G6 combined by itself.

Meanwhile, we should be seeing the 8th gen consoles all rising from 2013 to 2014. The PS4 and One are simply because they just came out, but even the Wii U has a more promising 2014 than 2013 seemed to be at this time in 2012.

For the 3DS to not just do the best but DOMINATE 2014, it would require both major new releases along the lines of Super Mario 3D Land 2 and a new Pokemon AND the failure of all other dedicated platforms to live up to their potential.

Love and tolerate.

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There will be many big games in nil2014 and opportunity for price cuts.