Has there been a game that has made you cried or at least close to tearing up?

Forums - General Discussion - Has there been a game that has made you cried or at least close to tearing up?

For me, games are not realistic enough to be taken seriously or relate to in any way, and I dont think they ever will be.

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FFVII (Cloud's memory about his mom)
Lost Odyssey (1000 years of dreams, there was a couple of them) <- cried a lot. lol!
Beyond 2 Souls (The Homeless section got to me)

I think I never cried any tears and the only time I felt very close to, was the death of sniper wolf from mgs1 and seeing flash backs from mgs4 (and the mgs4 story in general)

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Lufia 2 when Tia was standing on the bridge with the sparkles.

Perfect Dark I came close. I don't even remeber what happened exactly, but it was something to do with that alien in a cutscene, close to the end of the game..

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Persona 3, that ending...damn.

The ending of Red Dead Redemption and the ending of The Last of Us nearly made me cry. Several moments in Spec Ops the Line also done the same thing.

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FFX, P3, Lonely Yuri, Angel Beats and Dark souls.

Especially FFX.

I felt something at The Walking Dead.

Valkyria Chronicles almost got me.

The Last of Us got my girlfriend.