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You think this is the releasedate?

YES: release in February 13 48.15%
NO : release in March 2 7.41%
NO: release in Q2 12 44.44%

UPDATE: new trailer






Not only can we see an awesome new trailer showcasing different ways of gaining points/winning a race with a friend. Perhaps the releasedate is the 22nd of February. Note: There were rumors that the release got delayed however the trailer was posted not long ago. 

Regarding the poll: with Q2 I just mean the second quarter of 2014 (not referring to fiscal years so Apr-Jun)

They have released bits and bytes (all in the one trailer above) ever since the announcement that the game would be postponed until the beginning of 2014. I already saw improvement at the Gamescom stand but Driveclub was just a regular race game in my opinion. That was at that time because now it is one of my most anticipated games and depending on the amount of content I will get a physical copy instead of paying the discount with plus. Because I really can not wait until the full trailer releases of this game with more information.

I understand that most of the time developers start optimizing and polishing at the end of the developing cycle but this is just unbelievable and that in 4 months time and it will still take 2 months before it releases. So they can do even more in the following weeks and probably have. It looks like Evolution Studios is doing a very good Job and I'm wondering whether this is because of the PS4 or that they just improved after the mediocre (but still entertaining) Motorstorm Apocalypse and RC? I'm now also curious what there next game would be. Are they going to create a second version of DriveClub, again a new race IP or return to Motorstorm and make it look like that trailer in 2005 ;)


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

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ethomaz said:


Wait.... is the second one in-game :O !! Hype level went trough the roof :D


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

Evolution words...

"More wheel-to-wheel gameplay from ‪#‎DRIVECLUB‬, captured direct from ‪#‎PS4‬. When you race with the AI, drivers will take risks and exploit mistakes just like you would, which makes for some lively ‪#‎PS4SHARE‬ moments.

As well as the lighting upgrades we mentioned yesterday, we also want to let you know that the AI and the audio are still being improved too, because we care about even the smallest details. You can expect to hear better engine and collision sounds in the game, which we'll keep showing you more of during development."

More incoming...

"More visual improvements incoming

@AlwayzGaming YES!! Most notably from the video just shared you will see an improvement for the ambient lighting inside the car...

@AlwayzGaming ...and big improvements to the sun, the clouds and the sky overall. When we have that we will show you a full race.

@AlwayzGaming We're about to start optimising the reflections in the mirrors too.

@AlwayzGaming ...also the glass windscreen doesn't sit perfectly with the bodywork of the car. We've already"

More more...

"This is a glimpse of ‪#‎DRIVECLUB‬ in action. The video was captured direct from ‪#‎PS4‬, showing a cool ‪#‎PS4SHARE‬ moment from a race up on a 7,703 ft tall mountain in Norway.

The sun, the clouds and the ambient lighting inside the car will all look better soon, because we're about to upgrade the lighting and atmospheric optics. When we do, we will share a full race with you. You won't have to wait much longer"

elazz said:

Wait.... is the second one in-game :O !! Hype level went trough the roof :D

I don't know... maybe Replay mode.


These are ingame.

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I wasnt a big fan of this game at first but the graphics really are coming along.

Best looking racer of the gen so far

Nobody's perfect. I aint nobody!!!

Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

Why do they keep using live-action footage to promote this game? I want to see some in-game footage.

Wait. It is? Daaaaaaaaaamn!


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Driveclub> Forza.

I don't know what you guys are talking about, the frame rate is still lame, and its 720p , it just doesn't feel like GT , GT feels and looks better than both driveclub and forza, not in a technical way , just looks cleaner and those god awful "MY EYES HAVE CANCER" lens flare should go away.

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Did they get it up to 1080p 60fps yet?