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sooo, have you guys listen to artpop from lady gaga?. do you guys think is good or not?. i find it kind of cool. probably my favorite songs from the album are gipsy, guy and mary jane holland, thats my holy trinity xd. they are really neat i recommend them. :D





Sexxx dreams:

Jewels N drugs (feat T.I, Too short and twista):


Do what u want (feat R. kelly):





Mary Jane Holland:




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Will listen later, on youtube or rhapsody, let ya know if im a fan of her new stuff

I sampled it, and did not like what I heard. I still think The Fame Monster was probably her best.

I kinda gave up on this signature thing.

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I enjoyed artpop more than born this way and the fame but the fame monster still reigns supreme.
Personal favorites
Sexxx Dreams

is true, the fame monster was kind of epic (bad romance ftw). but this one is actually really good. it has really cool beats.

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I like Aura, Venus, and Applause. The others are either boring or too over-the-top lyrically.

Where is Leo-j?! :o

i put the songs for you guys to listen :)

On my first listen I was very disappointed, I liked it better when I listened to it a second time. Jewels and Drugs is the only truly awful song on there. My favorites are Mary Jane Holland, Do What U Want, Applause and G.U.Y.

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they all suck and I actually tried to give it a chance. Same boring generic pop music.