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tiffac said:
Bajablo said:
Seriously, this is pretty braindead, look at the size of that protective case thing. it is an issue with the console not getting enough cool air to cool the system off, it uses the same air to cool the system several times over.

try enclosing your computer / console in a small acrylic sealed box and see how long it takes for it to over-heat.

this is a 'no shit sherlock' moment

I guess people don't expect their consoles to overheat with such an enclosed space and without any ventilation. lol!

Guess they never owned a computer :P :D

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Put a notebook inside a box and see how much the temperatures goes high. The issue is this plastic case that didn't left the air get into console.

I'm sure the PS4 will be cooler than PS3 Fat for example.... and it have a lot of air ducts.

About the DDR3 vs. GDDR5.

The GDDR5 used by Sony uses less power than the DDR3 used by MS... Sony choose a Green GDDR5 with the lowest clock possible... it uses less voltage and power than DDR3 at high clocks like the Xbone.

The APU is smaller so it is easy to cooler then the MS APU too... I guess the MS one uses more power too because it have to maintain the eSRAM part (40% of the chip) on too.

No suprise as it looks like it's in a Vacuum.

daredevil.shark said:

“it had a red light (where the typical blue LED light) and had a message on the screen saying that the console had a very high temperature.  The security case was opened and in two seconds the error message was removed and the light had returned to its normal color.

So the Red Line of Warning?

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Trust in Cerny.

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It's common sense to put any console or computer in well ventilated areas.

LOL why in the world would they choose red of all colors. I would think MS and Sony would stay away from red and yellow this gen.

Will be funny if Sony has the hardware issues this gen

Talk about blowing things out of proportion.

360 RRoD = Console is dead.
PS4 RL = Console shuts down due to excess heat and works again when proper ventilation is achieved.

How do you even attempt to compare the two?

It's more like a Red Line of Preservation.

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