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Journey is coming to PS4. I played the retail collectors edition and was stunned by the sheer creativity and artistic beauty of this game. Its great news for those PS4 owners who have missed it in PS3.



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I will buy it once again

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!


Okay not, journey and flower where really overrated.

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One of the most unique gaming experiences of my life. Completed it 4-5 times and got everything and rare title I actually tried and enjoyed the multi player aspect.

If it is just a re release I will pass, but if they do a bit I'd put $10 to have it again.

Would buy again

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I didn't know there was a retail CE. I guess I'll look for that, I'm not going to be a PS4 owner until late next year, maybe even later.

Day One fo me.

MEGATON for sure.

Like GAF is saying, that's kind of ambiguously worded. Are they still talking about Flower?

That said, it wouldn't surprise me. It's running on PhyreEngine and that's seemed pretty scaleable between Sony console so far.

Were it coming to Vita as well (not out of the question, since Flower is) then I would definitely buy it again for that. Probably not again for PS4 since I already have a home console version.

Anfebious said:

Okay not, journey and flower where really overrated.

I am dissapoint.

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So Journey it's no longer exclusive!