wow GTA V 17 million sold on week 1...

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Conegamer said:
30 mil this year? Unlikely. Will likely hit around 33-35mil LT, but yeah. Those sales are staggeringly good.

You are going against the grain. That's not okay.

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Do u think GTA5 sold 20 million second week sales and Japan/Brazil sales will it give a boost soon for next week release.




GTA5 sold 17.5 million copies as 2 week agos When VGZ chart update Gobal Sales for October 5.

GTA5 official sold over 20 million units worldwide and Pass GTA4 lifetime sales on Xbox 360 and PS3 all in 3 weeks and 5 million away from GTA4 life time sales PS3/Xbox360/PC Disc/Steam sales

It sold 20 + million in two weeks.

Adding in the holidays and should 1 Million plus a copies till past X-Mas like Call of Duty Now.

GTA5 sold about 23 million by now Christmas time or less it match GTA4 lifetime numbers(360,PS3,PC/Steam)
and GTA5 will sell over 30 million by next fall.

Note GTA4 sold 25.6 million in 5 years and it one of best selling games on current gen cononles and all time.



GTA4 = 11 million one month 2008 good for back then.

GTA5 = 23 million in  3 weeks amazing.