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I remember when reviews did this to Uncharted: Golden Abyss as well. It's a handheld, i'm not sure why people are expecting 100% console quality from the Vita.

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RazorDragon said:

Not sure why you're complaining here, 77% is a great score. Every game that scores above 70 is considered to be a good game, "average game" is one that scores between 5 and 7, and, if you liked the game, I don't see why you should care about review scores. Scores are just the opinion of someone else, they won't reflect the enjoyment you had out of the game, since, as you stated, the user score is much higher than the one from the gaming journalists.

Sure a game that gets a 77 should be considered "good" but the general consensus among people who bought the game is that Killzone isn't just a good game. It's a great game, hell many consider it to be the best game on Vita and a 77 doesn't show that. 

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It's Sony's fault for advertising the Vita as ''Console gaming on the go''.


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yea theres clearly a double standard when it comes to vita games

I've noticed this, though I have seen similar problems with 3DS reviews. Killzone Mercenary, however, was an especially glaring example.

I've read several reviews which continuously referenced other FPS titles, which would be fine, except those other FPS titles were often home console exclusives. That makes no sense.

You would think that these reviewers, people who get paid for this, could look at a handheld and a home console and determine that they are not the same thing. If someone is doing a motorcycle review, do they constantly compare it to a car? Not if they have any credibility.

If they're going to penalize the handhelds for their inherent weaknesses then they should do the same for home consoles. Why not deduct points from home console versions because you can't take them on the bus or the train with you? That seems fair.

The big problem I noticed was that a lot of the reviewers didn't seem to want to be playing a handheld in the first place. This is why handheld reviews in the west will always be problematic.  Personally, I assume that a handheld game won't get a fair shake, so I look at review scores as being extremely flawed.  A 77 on a Vita or 3DS release pretty darn good.

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JoeTheBro said:
Haven't played Mercenary or read your post, but I agree 100%.

Comment of the week.

Metrium said:
It's Sony's fault for advertising the Vita as ''Console gaming on the go''.

Yeah, so the Wii is shit, too, because, altough i bought and played it, i didnt become a happy person and didnt get any new friends, despite the Nintendo Ads always showing happy familes and friends playing the Wii together?


See, Your logic is flawed.

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I agree with you and the magazine/online reviews but i don't agree with you and the user scores because they are also worthless most of the time.

a perfect example are kinect games. i like some like the dance central games but even the worst shit will get a decent score on amazon.

and about the reviews on psn, i can only talk about myself but i tend to give only games a score which i really liked or hated because i want to support or punish the game with that. if some other people do it like me and only bother to review it if they found it really good (or horrible), the score will be different as if everyone wwould give it a score.

can't really say something about killzone but that's what i think in general.

Metacritic score does seem far too low. On portables, it's unrivaled in its genre. Even when compared to console versions it holds up incredibly well.

ProdigyBam said:

My problem isnt that it got 77%, but that Vita games are always compared to more expensive Console titles and therefore underrated, imo, while, for example, 3DS games arent.

I just used the score to prove my point.

bwahaha !