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This gonna be the movie to watch in 2014

Looks bad my guess its going to bomb like the Total Recall remake.

Horrible.. I wouldn't buy this for a dollar..

Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!)

Another clue that its going to suck is the release date February most crap gets released in January, February or March.

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I have to admit after watching the trailer I am now kind of confused on what I will do.
The suit looks horrid compared to the old one. However the cast is interesting and its not just a remake of the same story though bits are the same.
At first I was completely against the idea because they made the suit so different.

Eh...another remake. Not sure if I'm feeling this movie.

The original Robocop was about a city falling apart because of poverty, a corrupt city incapable or unwilling to take care of the needs of its people, and a corrupt corporation willing to do anything to make a buck. The message of the story was the human morality can overcome corporate self-interests and greed.

This one seems to be trying to offer a message that doesn't appear to be the same message as the original.

It would be a much more relevant film if Robocop had to reclaim Detroit from all the raccoons and other wildlife.

if they keep the gruesome of the first movies i think it will do great + sam jackson is in the movie what else do you need

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Snakes and a plane.