Pachter: Vita is Dead, PS4 Remote Play Wonít Save it....(What An Idiot)

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So Patcher Just Said

Vita Saved 74 15.26%
He's An Idiot 157 32.37%
The truth (trolololo) 205 42.27%
He's Sexy and He Knows It 49 10.10%

If it doesn't pick up this Christmas, Sony might as well pull the plug IMO.

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I think vita and wiiU are in very different situations... People at the very least know what games are coming for the wiiU and most of them are exclusive to the wiiU and are system sellers but there are zero interesting games (for me anyways) are coming for the vita that is exclusive to the vita itself... Most are indie or games that are already on the ps3 and most third party "AAA" games are a joke in terms of review scores. So, while I disagree with Pachter on most of his predictions, his Vita one might be right unless Sony does something about it.

Ps4 remote play sounds great but there are already rumors that vita won't work as a controller for ps4 unless developers need to add extra code in order to make it work... For all we know (and correct me if I am wrong), that could be the same case for the remote play

And even if it isn't... Honestly, only the hardcore will pay extra $250 on a $400 ( + games) piece of hardware that requires wifi or internet connection to have remote play


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Pachter is always wrong or true. If he is true, he said the obvious. If he is wrong he tried to predict something.

Is is far to early to predict if Wii U will be a failure. At least wait until next year after the big Nintendo and Third-Party games are out.

But Vita on the other hand seems dead now. Even big first & and third-Party games did not raise the sales.

I unfortunately agree. The Vita has had nothing going for it ever since launch. I have been trying to find something to get interested in it, like a game or something, but besides ports, second rate spin offs (eg. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Assassins's Creed Liberation), or cross platform games, there's nothing that makes the Vita essential.

I don't need one to play PS3 or PS4 games, not going to get one to play PSP or PS1 games. If I get a Vita, it'd be to play Vita games, games I can only play on that console. And really, aside from maybe Gravity Daze, what game is there that is of a certain quality and doesn't fall into one of the three categories I mentioned in my first paragraph?

He's stating the obvious here so at least he can be right for once. Of course Vita is dead, it doesn't matter who says this, it's a given at this point: there is nothing close to a killer app to come in the future and there is no point for developpers to release games on it as 3DS is destroying it in terms of installed base. Even Sony barely supports the system now.

Expecting RP to save it is also ridiculous : who would pay more than 600 $ for something which is just one of the WiiU features even if for PS4 owners it "only" means paying an additionnal 200 $? That's a lot of money to ask for a feature which in itself doesn't make the WiiU to sell amazingly well right now.

So of course he is  still an idiot and an incompetent but at least he's right here.

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Pacther is an idiot for stating the obvious?

the-pi-guy said:
I think they'll have plenty for both.

I really doubt they will have plenty for Vita. In that case they are stupid for waiting so long. Anyhow, I hope they will have something, cause there isn't much hype for Killzone, and just about zero for Tearaway. If Killzone get good enough reviews and marketing, it might be enough though.

Nsanity said:
Pacther is an idiot for stating the obvious?

No but even him can from time to time see what is obvious. Seeing the Vita is dead now is easy, but if he was really competent he should have said this statement much earlier and even before the system was released. There was indeed no way a handheld releasing one year later could successfully compete against Nintendo on this market even more without MH. Of course he wasn't able to see that, he's just stating this now that it is obvious, so yes he's still an incompetent.

bananaking21 said:
Weedlab said:

RP is nice, but not much of a reason to purchase the system. I do play my Vita much more than my PS3 now, so I'll likely use the remote play feature a lot providing the controls are mapped well. But as I said, it is not an essential feature.


Vita needs games ... lots of them and different types of them too.

i still cant understand why they didnt include an R3/L3 and L2/R2 in the vita

Because there is an infinity of control by touching front and back

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I think Vita still has a slim chance to be somewhat successful in Japan, the west is unlikely though. Even 3DS has taken a big hit compared to DS. Pachter is however, right about one crucial thing:

Remote-play will do... absolutely nothing.