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Lots of pollution in my thread lately.

Get your licks in now. Get it ALL out of your system.
Nothing changes what I foretold.
I don't care HOW it looks right now.
Nintendo will get what they want out of this generation.

Since you guys obviously miss my presence here, you'll get all you can handle this weekend.
But JGarret gets the first response like I said a few days ago.
John Lucas

Okay, it's the weekend now.

Okay, it's Sunday now.

Why do you want to play Nintendo games on PlayStation? *looking at your current profile picture*

You never hear anyone saying they want to play PlayStation nor Xbox games on Nintendo nor on anything for that matter.

I would like to play lost oddysey and alan wake on Playstation. You are really hurt by Sony and MS killing Nintendo arent you?

Isn't 3D Nintendo slaying the PS & Xbox every single week, including Jan. 4 & 11 & 18?

But yeah, Nintendo needs to stop making 2D systems.

Can u see the future? And stop being so biased, we know u like 3D but not everybody does

Well, that explains Nintendo Handheld & Home Console sells.

No it does not, if people were buying 3DS for the 3D then Nintendo would have never released the 2DS. Also 3DS is tracking nowhere close to the DS, is also behind GBA which is there lowest selling handheld.

The 2DS was damage control for Pokémon X & Y, and Nintendo still wouldn't release it in Japan. October 12 for both things has a Nintendo reason behind it.

And the 3DS is just recieving backlash from the DS era pulling such crap as releasing DS & DS Lite & DSi & DSi XL, which has turn people off from buying a Nintendo Handheld for a long period until they are sure that they really need a newer Nintendo system. We all knew these 4 same systems in a roll was going to cause such a horrible condition for future Nintendo handhelds, because Nintendo had lost a lot of people's trust, we're they think anything new is most likely a money grab, and they feel like they will make themselves victims for rushing to buy a new Nintendo handheld again, like what happen after the DS & DS Lite.

Plus there's the price, the 3DS & 3DS XL still cost $170 to $200 after 3 years of being on the market. While the 2DS cost $130 to $100.

So if DS+Lite+DSi+XL releasing in a span of 5 years turned people off, wouldnt 3DS+XL+2DS in 2.5 years hurt the brand even more?

So 3DS has been $170 for 2.5 years and XL has been $200 since it launched 1.5 years ago, a $30-40 price cut may be possible within the next year which for sure would cause a spike in sales for a period of time but really how many people are holding out for such a small price cut? The XL was $150 with a game over the holidays and it didnt cause sales to explode out of the ordinary.

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