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Lots of pollution in my thread lately.

Get your licks in now. Get it ALL out of your system.
Nothing changes what I foretold.
I don't care HOW it looks right now.
Nintendo will get what they want out of this generation.

Since you guys obviously miss my presence here, you'll get all you can handle this weekend.
But JGarret gets the first response like I said a few days ago.
John Lucas

Okay, it's the weekend now.

Okay, it's Sunday now.

Why do you want to play Nintendo games on PlayStation? *looking at your current profile picture*

You never hear anyone saying they want to play PlayStation nor Xbox games on Nintendo nor on anything for that matter.

I would like to play lost oddysey and alan wake on Playstation. You are really hurt by Sony and MS killing Nintendo arent you?

Isn't 3D Nintendo slaying the PS & Xbox every single week, including Jan. 4 & 11 & 18?

But yeah, Nintendo needs to stop making 2D systems.

Can u see the future? And stop being so biased, we know u like 3D but not everybody does

Well, that explains Nintendo Handheld & Home Console sells.

No it does not, if people were buying 3DS for the 3D then Nintendo would have never released the 2DS. Also 3DS is tracking nowhere close to the DS, is also behind GBA which is there lowest selling handheld.

The 2DS was damage control for Pokémon X & Y, and Nintendo still wouldn't release it in Japan. October 12 for both things has a Nintendo reason behind it.

And the 3DS is just recieving backlash from the DS era pulling such crap as releasing DS & DS Lite & DSi & DSi XL, which has turn people off from buying a Nintendo Handheld for a long period until they are sure that they really need a newer Nintendo system. We all knew these 4 same systems in a roll was going to cause such a horrible condition for future Nintendo handhelds, because Nintendo had lost a lot of people's trust, we're they think anything new is most likely a money grab, and they feel like they will make themselves victims for rushing to buy a new Nintendo handheld again, like what happen after the DS & DS Lite.

Plus there's the price, the 3DS & 3DS XL still cost $170 to $200 after 3 years of being on the market. While the 2DS cost $130 to $100.

So if DS+Lite+DSi+XL releasing in a span of 5 years turned people off, wouldnt 3DS+XL+2DS in 2.5 years hurt the brand even more?

So 3DS has been $170 for 2.5 years and XL has been $200 since it launched 1.5 years ago, a $30-40 price cut may be possible within the next year which for sure would cause a spike in sales for a period of time but really how many people are holding out for such a small price cut? The XL was $150 with a game over the holidays and it didnt cause sales to explode out of the ordinary.

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

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JGarret said:

John, what do you make of Malstrom´s latest post?..he talks about what he think is wrong with Nintendo.Let me put it here.

YES JGarret!
Let's begin our discussion! (I'll finish rebutting Mummelmann inbetween talk of the Sean Malstrom situation with you.)
I started writing this post the day after you wrote it on January 2nd.
But instead of making one giant overgrown post, I'm going to directly respond to your specific Malstrom posts in separate replies.
Consider this an intro to the discussion.

I like Sean Malstrom. I like him a lot. Even though I can't find it on his site anymore his Theory of Cycles piece I considered FACT.
Tabletop gaming to Arcade gaming to Cinematic gaming to Social/Interactive gaming.
That was some of the most brilliant stuff I had ever read & it made me an instant supporter of him.
He has a very unique way of viewing the business & his views have weight & merit.

That said, I feel that sometimes he gets stuck. REALLY stuck. SEVERELY stuck.
He gets caught up in his views so deeply that he sometimes get lost in his own narrative. Misses the point in the process.
A few years ago I read him compare the 3D Marios to the 2D Marios & while he had a point about them putting more love behind their 3D Marios (the musical choices for instance), he chose to entirely put down the 3D Marios instead of merely appreciating the 2D Marios more.
It's almost like he wished Nintendo never stopped putting out 2D Mario platformers & ONLY 2D Mario platformers.

A sample of his gripes:
Email: A Fire Broke Out Among Nintendo's Core
Email: Lapsed Gamers agree on Mario Galaxy
Email: NSMB and bahs bahs

I think he misses understanding that Nintendo likes to change & keep things fresh.
When Yoshi's Island came out in 1995, Nintendo had pretty much done all they could do with a 2D Mario platformer design wise at that point.
They had been doing these Mario platformer games since Donkey Kong in 1981.

Before I address Malstrom words, listen as I breakdown the playing mechanics of the Mario platforming series.
I will prove my point about Sean Malstrom getting stuck as I exhaustively recount the shift from 2D to 3D.
It's exhaustive on purpose because I want to show you the exact details of how this series developed.


1981's Donkey Kong had Mario run, jump, & climb without falling too far. Smash-ready Hammers are your powerup.
1982's Donkey Kong Jr. inverted not only the entire mechanic but even the protagonists with hero, damsel, & villain all switching places.
Hero Mario becomes villain. Villain Donkey Kong becomes damsel. Damsel Pauline the helpless girl becomes hero Donkey Kong Jr. the helpless baby.
And in Mario's place Donkey Kong Jr. now climbs, jumps, & runs. Totally inverted. Brilliant design choice that many overlook.
Falling fruit becomes your powerup of sorts.
1983's Mario Bros. takes out climbing & adds platform punching to the jump mechanic. Upturning platforms from jumping into the ceiling.
Also they added a competitive/cooperative simultaneous 2-player aspect with an alternate Mario AKA Luigi.
Slipping can happen when Slipice AKA Freezie ices a platform.
The earthquaking POW Block functions as powerup of sorts.

In each one of these very distinct games the game takes place on a single black-background screen.
The edges of the screen in the first 2 was the wall while Mario Bros. made the edge a gateway to the other side of the screen as if the stage was actually circular & connected.
Should Nintendo have stayed with the single-screen black background design in making Mario platformers or should they try to experiment with new design implementations? You know what's coming next.


1985's Super Mario Bros. builds off of what was established in 1983's Mario Bros. with the platform bouncing from jumps but puts it in an entirely new world which makes this sequel not even seem like a sequel at all but a whole new series.
The run mechanic now has 2 speeds thanks to the nature of the NES controller. Fast & faster which affects how jumps can be made.
The jump mechanic is much more expressed in this title & now can you can alter trajectory & intensity of jump mid-air.
With the jump mechanic strengthened, Mario was able to fall from any height unlike his earlier days.
This fall-from-anywhere aspect of design was actually made in 1983's Mario Bros. but the nature of the platforms prevent you from seeing it outright.
It was always a pretty hard-to-believe story that this middle-aged fat working-class man could jump over barrels & run through those construction site obstacle courses to save his girl in Donkey Kong.
That was part of the game's & character's charm. The ordinary man who could do extraordinary things.
They took the natural conclusion with Mario & Luigi in those Brooklyn sewers as they took out of the death from falling too far aspect.
And now in this super-powered adventure where Mario gets Alice in Wonderland-like power-ups that made him grow big, shoot fire, & become invincible through the power of the stars, everyman Mario becomes the unlikely Everyman Superhero.

There was so much they added to this game. The colorful backgrounds with scenery. A game that doesn't stay on a single screen but scrolls to the right.
A focus on uncovering secrets was added whether it be bouncing up a brick or '?' block & finding a repeating coin bank or a Magic Mushroom/Fire Flower/Starman, going down a pipe to reveal an underground treasure trove, or accidentally jumping into mid-air to find a hidden block that might just give you a 1UP Mushroom.
And now Mario can crouch when he's the big Super Mario which might allow you to pull off tricks to get into small spaces.
Climbing is back but only peripherally with the hidden beanstalks that lead you into Coin Heaven.
Unlike 1983's Mario Bros. bouncing from under (platform punching) is not necessarily the only way to dispose of foes.
For the first time you can straight up JUMP ON them! Jumpman still living up to his name after all.

Enemies are set up for numerous scoring & extra life opportunities. Jumping on a series of enemies in succession will eventually multiply the score & give you extra lives (turtles on the stairs?). Some enemies don't squash when you step on 'em so you can kick them into enemies & score/1UP in succession that way.
Then there's the asymmetry in play where sometimes jumping on isn't the answer like with the Spiny & to some extent the Hammer Brothers.
Sometimes blindly jumping & running is not advisable. Somewhat like in Donkey Kong you have to be strategical & play avoidantly.
There's a big boss turtle at the end which you shoot up with fireballs or run under to cut the bridge with the axe.
Jumping over him MAY work but hmm...I wouldn't recommend it. Especially when he starts becoming the 3rd Hammer Brother.
Weight physics show themselves on the floating scale platforms which go down the longer you stand on them.
No slipping this time around even in the white colored snow stages.
Oh & then they added swim mechanics derived from their flying game Balloon Fight. THIS GAME HAD IT ALL!!
Well...all except the simultaneous 2-player we got from Mario Bros. Just alternating this time around & for LONG time afterward.

Would we have that if they stayed working in the static single-screen black background style of the Golden Age of Arcades?
Nintendo made MASSIVE changes to the Mario platform formula & we got that landmark SMB from it.
There was probably somebody like Malstrom back then lamenting these changes & depatures from the past.


1986's Super Mario Bros. 0.2 (as I like to call it) AKA The Lost Levels acts as an expansion pack giving us everything we got from Super Mario Bros. but with screwball difficulty meant to just 'F' with you. It was for Super Players after all.
One of those screw moves is the Poison Mushroom. We expect good things to come from '?' Blocks & then this F U to the player is a powerDOWN!
Mario (& Luigi) is now established to run, run faster, jump, jump farther, crouch, swim, climb, platform punch and/or break, & shoot fireballs in a massive colorful scroll-to-the-right track-and-field obstacle course (complete with the same weight scale mechanics).
But they did something interesting with the Bros. this time around. They varied the values of HOW Mario & Luigi could run & jump.
Mario acted like we expected him to act from the last game but now Luigi jumps higher & farther yet also slides further.
Luigi is more slippery to offset the jump advantage. He's not just another Mario for Player 2 to play. He has his own stats & personality.
Not to forget, the jump on mechanic is tweaked to where you can get a upward boost from jumping on an enemy.
But this game is not 2-player anymore. Just a 1-player game that allows you to pick either of the Bros.


1988's Super Mario Bros. 2 (the REAL one all along. Confirmed. Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic was tacked onto this Mario game in development) decided to overhaul the existing Mario platformer mechanics AGAIN.
No longer are we stuck with a scroll to the right adventure. We can now go BACK! Not just that but we can now go UP & DOWN!
They were now fully exploring the X & Y axes of 2D. A vertical scroller AND a horizontal scroller. But they didn't stop there.
Instead of the jump on & squash mechanic of Super Mario Bros. and the jump up & block bounce mechanic of Mario Bros., they built this game around jump on, pick up, carry, & throw. Changed the entire nature of the gameplay.
There were a few enemies you couldn't stand on (Phanto, Spark) but for the most part each enemy could become a makeshift platform.
The whole game is pretty much about making platforms instead of breaking platforms (Mushroom Blocks anyone?).
Except in certain stages like the desert stages where you break platforms by digging (the pick-up mechanic on sand).

And they added ANOTHER aspect to the jumping mechanic, the POWER Jump. The charged-up jump that you make from a still crouching position.
You already had your regular jump & your big running jumps but now you could make a big jump from a flatfoot position.
Climbing is no longer peripheral & is back in a major way although not quite in the Donkey Kong Jr. setup. Vines, poles, & ladders galore.
The climb drop allows you to break a climb without having to jump over to the right or left to get off.
No swimming this time around since all water in the game is in rushing waterfalls style. Can't swim Niagara.
Yet the slipping seen in 1983's Mario Bros. returns on the ice-cube platforms of World 4.
And no weight mechanics on falling scale platforms but they still exist through sinking by quicksand.

While Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels focused on surprises in the air, Super Mario Bros. 2 focuses on surprises in the ground.
Is that stalk in the ground a vegetable sprout, a full-sized vegetable, a turtle shell, a bomb, a POW block (they're baaaack), a magic potion, a stopwatch, a 1UP Mushroom, or a rocketship? Hey. What's this door coming out of this potion? Subspace?!
Backwards negative image of the world I came from with hidden mushrooms on the ground & coins from the grass stalks??? SURPRISE!
Since the game is about making platforms than breaking platforms, Starmen don't come from punching hidden blocks.
They just creep up on the stage subtlely & casually after you get enough cherries. But you won't know that at first making it a surprise.
Hearts comes up in a similar way after you defeat enough enemies back to back.

Powerups are fleeting in this game. A use once & discard variety instead of the Fire Mario that is semi-permanent.
But that is because you are not bound by your powerups to have strength. You have a potential 4 part health bar.
Even being small doesn't keep you from using those abilities. It just means that you're one hit away from dying.
And you can use any enemy as a weapon so game is more dependent on self-strength than depending on powerups exclusively.
Small Mario/Luigi can't break bricks or shoot fire in Super Mario Bros./The Lost Levels but small Mario & Luigi can still throw bombs, POW blocks, turtle shells, & vegetables at the enemies.
Very important need when dealing with the varied bosses SMB 2 threw at you! Birdo, Mouser, Tricylde, Fryguy, Clawgrip, & Wart himself!
All Bowser & the pseudo-Bowsers did was blow fire & maybe hammers at you.

And building off of what was done in The Lost Levels, we not only get a choice between the 2 Bros. but NOW we even get to pick that Mushroom Retainer guy & that Princess Toadstool gal!
And each of the selections Mario, Luigi, Toad, & Princess Peach are each marked with different stats & abiltiies.
Mario is pretty balanced being pretty fast with picking up things, not too slowed by carrying them around, & could jump pretty good.
Luigi is a little slower with picking up things, a little more slowed by carrying them around but could jump MUCH higher & farther with his twiggly little legs bicycling the whole way.
Toad somehow is THE FASTEST with picking up things & is not slowed AT ALL by carrying them around (low center of gravity perhaps?) but couldn't jump his way out of a wet paper bag!
Princess Peach is THE SLOWEST with picking up things & is slowed TREMENDOUSLY by carrying them around (she's not an amazon just a girly girl) yet her jump can go the farthest & even has this floating hangtime thing going on which makes it pretty cool (gown aerodynamics I guess).
Each stage was more friendly to one character over another & you had to decide which character would be best to tackle each stage.

Super Mario Bros. 2 was such a depature from Super Mario Bros. 1 that you STILL got some people grumbling about it (those complaints are invalid by the way).
It's sort of like Zelda 1 & Zelda 2 with people so dismayed at how different Zelda 2 is to the series.
Both SMB 2 & Zelda 2 added so much play/structure to their series that has become definitive & it shows Nintendo's inherent ability to keep things fresh & grow rather than just stay in the same vein all the time.


1988's Super Mario Bros. 3 blends what was done in Super Mario Bros. 2 with what was established in Super Mario Bros. 1.
We're back to the Bros. only this time, Mario & Luigi, in alternating equal-abled 2-player with the established mechanics of run/run faster, jump/jump farther, crouch, swim, climb/climb drop, platform punch/break, jump on...
...but NOW we also have the ability to FLY!
The Power Jump is no longer done in a standstill crouching fashion like in Super Mario Bros. 2 but is now done in a running start fashion with a meter to show how much speed you build up before reaching the maximum 'P'.
The newly named Super Mushroom (too many drug references with the Magic Mushroom) still gives you the ability to grow big & break platforms in jump.
The Fire Flower returns to allow you to shoot fireballs at the enemies.
But now we have this strange Super Leaf which when combined with the maximum Power Jump allows you to temporarily fly in the air with a "raccoon's" tail (we know it's a tanuki's tail).
With that tail, we can also flutter down softly to the ground instead of swiftly dropping.
Not just that but the tail also allows us to swing it at enemies swiping them out from the side. Very useful tail!
We might even be so lucky as to find the full-fledged version of that "raccoon" with the Tanooki Suit.
All the stuff done with the Super Leaf AND the ability to turn into a stone Japanese statue.
This can be used to avoid enemies in camouflage or even drop down & squash them if you turn to a  statue in the air.

Yet this is just a sample of the new powers the Mario Bros. have in this masterpiece.
To make swimming easier aside from the new ability to jump upwards out of water, we have the Frog Suit which allows for precision straight-lined swimming (and rough frog movement out of water).
We can finally get our revenge against those irritating Hammer Bros. with the Hammer Bros. Suit which allows us to throw hammers & even become fireproof when crouched.
There's the P-Wing which is a Super Leaf on steroids allowing for continuous flight per stage.
There's even this little one-off item called the Kuribo's Shoe AKA Goomba's Shoe which allows you to step on the unsteppable.
And yes Starman's still here giving you that samba-themed invincibility power if you find him in hidden blocks. Bust that somersault!
Not to forget this go-round we now have the ability to strategically store powerups in inventory outside of the stages.

Feels like I'm leaving something out. OH YES!
There's ANOTHER new ability to add to the Mario play mechanic called sliding downhill.
With the stages having sloped hills for the first time ever, when you attempt to crouch you begin sliding down the hill & & wiping out the enemies below you.
You can now jump up into some pipes instead of always crouching down.
You still get an upward boost from jumping on an enemy just like in The Lost Levels.
And like the power jump was changed from SMB2 to SMB3, the pick up, carry, & throw mechanic changes here too.
Instead of picking up from the top, we pick up from the sides. And we only do this with certain enemies like Koopa Troopas & the Bob-Ombs (who escape Mario's dreams of Subcon in SMB2 to join the fun in SMB3).
Carrying isn't automatic from the pickup like it was in SMB2 & now you have to actively hold the button to carry.
Throwing is a release of that button instead of another button press like in SMB2.
And both the slipping mechanic introduced in Mario Bros. & the weight mechanic introduced in Super Mario Bros. return with the icey slippery stages of World 6 & the fragile fall-prone Donut Lift platforms as well as sinking by quicksand.

Unlike Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 moves seamlessly & fluidly between vertical & horizontal stages.
There's not this portion for horizontal & this portion for vertical. Many stages combine both within the same stage allowing you full access to the 2D plane.
The new forced scroll feature in some stages makes sure you stay on the move.
And the overworld map with branching paths leading to Toad Houses, Spade Panels, Treasure Ships & even a classic Mario Bros. battle with Luigi allows you to have some choice on where to advance on the next stage.
Secrets in the stages, on the overworld map, everywhere. Warp Whistle to the Warp Zone???
As much as Super Mario Bros. 2 added to Mario platformers, Super Mario Bros. 3 added the same volume ensuring that the Mario series was the blue chip standard for gameplay.
Imagine if Nintendo never left the single-screen static black background type of design because an industry observer didn't want to see change.


•1989's Super Mario Land at first glance looks to be pretty much a single-player Game Boy tribute to Super Mario Bros. 1.
Pretty much everything established from Super Mario Bros. with run/run faster, jump/jump farther, crouch, platform punch/break...
...except this time there are no bounding fireballs from the Fire Flower but little black Superballs that bounce off surfaces diagonally much like the red fireballs did in 1983's Mario Bros.
Weight platform mechanics are still here with the little cubical canister-like blocks that fall if you stand on them too long.
But you'll notice I didn't put in climb or swim this time. And there's a reason.
Climbing IS in Super Mario Land but only passively in the bonus stages.
And there ARE underwater stages in Super Mario Land but instead of tiring himself out swimming with his own body, Mario gets smart & takes a vehicle with him!

The Marine Pop allows you travel the waters & shoot torpedoes at the enemies!
Adds a little bit of Defender & Gradius action to the Mario series. Space shooter mechanics underwater.
Mario also gets tired of flying with own his own body too. He now has a Sky Pop which allows you to travel the skies & shoot missiles at the enemies!
That's how you take out that Tatanga, Mario! Now get some action from your side chick Daisy!
Keep this game in mind for later because there's aspects of this game mechanic that will show up in an unexpected way.
Thankfully not that odd Can-Can music you hear when you get the Starman! Only samba music for my stars please!


•1990's Super Mario World is the first entry into the 16-bit world for the Mario series (2-player alternating returns).
But you can tell its NES development roots based on how many parallels in design this game has with Super Mario Bros. 3.
After all, this game was once called simply Super Mario Bros. 4.
Let's go over the established mechanics of Super Mario Bros. 3 that return in this game.
Run/run faster, jump/jump farther, running power jump, fly, flutter down, swing sideswipe, crouch, climb/climb drop, swim, jump up out of water, platform punch, jump on/jump on upward boost, jump up into pipes, slide downhill, pick up (from sides), carry, throw, shoot fireballs, become invincible, store powerups in inventory.
Much of what was established in Super Mario Bros. 3 returns for Super Mario World.
But there's some new tweaks with these mechanics yet again.

The running power jump no longer has a visible & audible 'P' meter. With the graphical improvements of 16-bit, you are forced to watch Mario & Luigi have their arms signal their full power as they make like airplane wings.
Furthermore, we're no longer turning into raccoon-like tanukis to fly, flutter, & swingswipe.
With the powers of the Cape Feather, the Everyman Superheroes finally have their own Capes like Superman!
This cape adds new tweaks to the fly mechanic. With a tricky button input, the Bros. can now windsurf & dive bomb as they use the Cape as a sail in the air.
Windsurfing acts as a manual P-Wing theoretically allowing you turn each stage into flyover country.
Dive bombing creates an earthquake that crumbles the enemies on the ground.
If you land on the ground while windsurfing, you can even bellycrush enemies & boost up & forward from the crush!
The same boost happens if you happen to divebomb on a tough ground enemy like the gridiron-inspired Chargin' Chuck.
At any time in the air you can still swingswipe & flutter down gently with your Cape.
And you can see your running power jump easier with Cape as it fills with air from the run instead of flagging.

Jumping isn't just relegated to regular jump/speed jump/power jump either.
Now we have the Spin Jump. Mario & Luigi do their best Michael Jackson impersonation with a jump that can outright crush enemies or even allow you to step on the unsteppable like spiked-back Spinies. Jump-on boosts still apply.
With the big power of the Super Mushroom you can break blocks from above & with the power of the Fire Flower you can even shoot fire roundhouse-style like a water sprinkler.
Using it with the Cape gives you an automatic swingswipe.

Climbing is further expanded in this game where it becomes more like scaling when you climb the fences & gates in all directions.
Not only that but you can also fence punch enemies on the other side of the fences to defeat them.
And using fence punches on a gate panel in the fence allows you to climb & scale (& fence punch) the fence from behind.
Getting above enemies where they see the bottom of your shoes, knocks them off just as jumping on does.
And you can get point & 1UP combos easier since you don't touch the ground.
There's even a climb jump you can perform anywhere on the fence that can take you vertical, horizontal, or a combination of both just like a regular jump.
Climb drops are still performable too if needed.

The Bros. have another new but subtle ability & that is the ability to look upwards.
It not only helps them get a better view of surroundings but it becomes useful in the pick up, carry, & throw mechanic.
Now when you pick up an enemy or an ice block, you have the option to throw them upwards into the air.
On the ground, jumping in the air, it doesn't matter. Now you can throw horizontally AND vertically.
The crouch has been paired with a similar ability to look downwards though no down throws are available.
However now there's a function to do the drop. When carrying an enemy or block, by holding down while you let go of the carry button, you can just softly drop the thing you're carrying instead of always kicking it away when you let go.
This move adds even more complexity & nuance to the attack strategies.
And holding things underwater now gives the Bros. this odd underwater jet-ski motion as they trickily surf the seas with item in hand.
Also with the new L & R shoulder buttons we also have the ability to look further to the left & further to the right.

Other miscellaneous additions. Only one powerup stored in inventory at a time as opposed to the suitcase-style storage you had before.
The advantage here is that with the Select button you can call on that stored power anytime you need it.
You had to wait for the Overworld Map before in Super Mario Bros. 3.
Platforms don't break from below anymore. They flip like a coin if you hit them from below.
They can only be broken from the top with a Spin Jump & only if you're at least Super Mario.
For certain items like the ice blocks, you can pick them up from the top OR the sides adding back a little more of that Super Mario Bros. 2 design.
In certain stages there's this P-Balloon that makes Mario & Luigi puff up like a balloon & slowly float upwards for a short amount of time.
They can still be guided as they float though.
On the rare ice stages we still see slipping but we don't have any quicksand for sinking here.
Weight mechanic gets a workout with falling wooden platforms like in Super Mario Bros. 3 but ALSO ADDING the ability to lean chained platforms one way or another based on where you stand. More weight physics!
But most impressive is the ability to run upside walls thanks to the Triangular Block.

They took the already outstanding Super Mario Bros. 3 & crammed even MORE play potential into Super Mario World!
Many of those special suits are gone now but look at how much they put into this game play-wise!
Well, hold on to your hat because I'm gonna show you why they omitted most of those suits in SMW.


His name is Yoshi. A green dinosaur/dragon who comes from the locale Super Mario World is set in, Yoshi's Island of Dinosaur Land.
This is one powerup that transcends all the rest. You hit a '?' Block & if you see this white green-speckled egg pop out, business is about to pick up as Jim Ross would say.
You jump on Yoshi & he becomes your reptilian steed where you ride on him like a horseman.
But this horse don't eat hay, he eats enemies! He can stick out his tongue & eat enemies WHOLE! "GULP!" just like that.
Some enemies don't go down so easy like Koopa Troopa shells, so he can hold them in his mouth until he can get 'em down.
OR if you prefer he can spit the shell out to knock over anything in its path just like the Bros. do when they kick 'em around.
And if you eat a certain color of shell Yoshi gets special powers! Green don't do nothing for the green-colored Yoshi.
But eat a red shell & Yoshi can spit hot fire! Fire with a 3-point spread!
Eat a yellow one & Yoshi can cause earthquakes with dust clouds for extra measure!
Eat a blue one & Yoshi can fly indefinitely!! No need for the manual P-Wing functions of the Cape with this around!
If you somehow find a rainbow-spectrum shell (from the crazy yellow Koopa who gets invincible after returning to a shell), you can do ALL THREE of these things!!! Fire, Earthquakes, AND Flying!!!

Wait wait, it's not over. There's more. Yes more!
Yoshi can step on the unsteppable & keep on truckin' much like the Kuribo's Shoe (Goomba's Shoe) & the Spin Jump.
If you somehow get hit while on Yoshi, you don't lose power. Instead of you're just knocked off Yoshi while he runs in panic across the ground.
All you have to do is jump back on him & you can reclaim your jurassic "horse".
Best yet, the stages have memory of Yoshi so he doesn't disappear when he's offscreen. Just follow him.
This is good to know if you choose to dismount him with your Spin Jump.
As a matter of fact, cruel as it may be you can dismount Yoshi mid-jump & get an extra jump boost to clear those cliffs.
Best of all, if you find a pair of Yoshi's Wings, green Yoshi turns into a blue Yoshi that flies to Coin Heaven & then retains his blue color after he leaves!!

Oh it's not over yet. Still more.
Speaking of the color changes, there are baby Yoshis found on Star Road. One red, one yellow, one blue.
You can pick up & carry this baby Yoshis just like a shell or block or key & these babies can eat the enemies placed in front of it!
And if you feed these baby Yoshis 5 enemies, they grow up into adult Yoshis colored red, yellow, or blue.
A red adult Yoshi can eat ANY Koopa shell & spit fire with it.
A yellow adult Yoshi can eat ANY Koopa shell & make earthquakes with it.
A blue adult Yoshi can eat ANY Koopa shell & fly in the sky with it.

Knowing this about the color-coding (which just happens to match the Super Famicom controller buttons), Yoshi's Wings are more valuable than Buffalo Wings with the Ranch!

Not to mention that all adult Yoshis can eat these odd berries on the bushes with their tongues or mouths.
10 red ones eaten in the same stage will cause Yoshi to lay an egg that hatches into a Super Mushroom.
2 pink ones eaten in the same stage will cause Yoshi to lay an egg that hatches into a coin-throwing cloud that will give you a 1UP Mushroom if you got all the coins.
And each rare green berry eaten adds 20 seconds to the timer.


DAMN. That's a lot of stuff.
As much as Super Mario Bros. 2 added to the series, as much as Super Mario Bros. 3 added to the series, Super Mario World somehow added EVEN MORE & at this point it was hard to see how much more they could improve upon this.
Nearly a decade of Mario platform games (1981 to 1990) & look how far they had taken the mechanics beyond run, jump, & climb.


•1992's Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins acts as a Game Boy representative of both Super Mario Bros. 3 & Super Mario World graphically & playwise.
The game is single-player once again (Luigi disrespect grows in the 1990s) & for the first time ever we see the appearance of Wario, the anti-Mario, the bad Mario who has taken over your property. Give 'em credit for the interesting plot.
Run/run faster, jump/jump farther, spin jump, crouch, swim, jump up out of water, flutter down, platform punch/break (also from above with spin jump), pick up, carry, throw, jump up into pipes, shoot fireballs, become invincible.
These are the abilties you have in Super Mario Land 2.
Outside of the abilties that did not carry over from SMB3 & SMW like flying, power jumping, sliding downhill, & storing inventory among many others, play is much the same as SMB3 & SMW.
About the only real difference here is the appearance of Rabbit Mario that you get from the Carrot.
The rabbit ears Rabbit Mario gets make him flutter down like the Raccoon/Tanuki Tail & the Cape.
But that's all it does is flutter. It don't fly. However, it flutters at such a near 90° angle, that you almost get the same effect as flying unlike the tail & cape.
No need for a running power jump to get you started. That flutter can be pulled off anywhere at anytime.

This would be the last original non-remake/non-reissue Mario platformer on a handheld for 14 years (until 2006's New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS).
The Super Mario Land series got taken over by its breakout star Wario & soon converted into the Wario Land series starting with 1994's Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3.
There just wasn't much more to do at the time with 2D Mario platformers. What more could they add?
The developers had pretty much exhausted all ideas as I have extensively detailed.


You notice in the 1990s that Nintendo was beginning to seriously extend Mario away from his platforming roots.
I mean Mario has always been put into various genres & scenarios since near the beginning with the Game & Watch.
1983's Mario's Cement Factory (Tabletop & Widescreen versions) had elevator lifts & platforms but no jumping as he empties cement from the vats into the cement mixers.
1983's Mario's Bombs Away (from the Panorama series) has Mario act as a soldier in a jungle war zone carrying a bomb from one side to the other keeping it from fires & flames.
1983's Mario Bros. (from the Multi-Screen series) has Mario & Luigi working at a bottling plant packaging crates of bottles on an assembly line to put on the delivery truck.
1985's Wrecking Crew for the NES has the Mario Bros. work on a demolition crew tearing down walls.
There's the cameos in 1983's Pinball as a moving paddle; 1984's Golf as a golfer; 1984's Tennis & 1987's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! as the referee; 1988's Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally as a Formula 1 racer (with Luigi).
But by the 1990s Nintendo was seriously doing their best to do new things with Mario besides platformers.

1990's Dr. Mario (NES), 1991's Mario Teaches Typing (PC/DOS), 1991's NES Open Tournament Golf (NES), Super Mario Bros. Print World (PC/DOS), 1992's Mario Paint (SNES), 1992's Super Mario Kart (SNES), 1993's Mario Is Missing! (SNES), 1993's Mario's Time Machine (SNES), 1994's Mario's Early Years! Fun with numbers/Fun with Letters/Preschool Fun (SNES/PC-DOS), 1995's Mario's Picross (GB), Mario's Tennis (VB), Mario's Game Gallery/Mario's FUNdamentals (PC/DOS), Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES).

Mario's 2D platform preeminence was being passed over to Wario, Donkey Kong, & Yoshi during this time.
You see this as Super Mario Land morphs into Wario Land, you see this with Donkey Kong Country, & you see this with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island.
And with the different characters, there were newer fresher things they could do without being tied to ever-building play mechanics when Mario & Luigi were the protagonists (Wario's Drunkenness in Wario Land II, Tag-team switching of the Kongs in the Donkey Kong Country series, the crying Baby Mario mechanic of Yoshi's Island).
They used Mario to launch new series & concepts instead of continually trying to make a better & better 2D Mario platformer.
Seriously at that point how could they top that?

I'm sure this is the dilemma the developers had at this time. And you could see this as they begin to DECONSTRUCT the Everyman Superhero a little bit.
To do this, they take it back to where it all started.


•1994's Donkey Kong for the Game Boy is both a tribute to/remake of the 1981 original AND a deconstruction of the out-of-control powers Mario had acquired over the years.
Gone are the superpowers, supersuits, & dinosaur pals. No more flying in the sky & falling from any height.
While Mario is more able & agile than he was in 1981's Donkey Kong, he's MUCH more fragile & can die if he falls from a high enough height.
In this game, Mario can run but not run faster, jump but not jump farther, climb just as he did in Donkey Kong & just how DK Jr. did in Donkey Kong Jr., crouch, handstand/handstand walk, high jump from handstand, back flip, spin on ropes & swing high/far, pick up (from above like in SMB2), carry, throw/throw upwards, activate levers, tuck & roll from medium falls, & swim.

In handstand position he can repel certain projectiles with his feet.
If hit while carrying something, he gains temporary invulernability as the hit makes him drop the item.
If Donkey Kong Jr. throws a Poison Mushroom at him, Mario temporarily shrinks & loses some abilties like swimming & climbing.
There are weight mechanics with certain platforms that can make them drop when stood upon.
And Mario's old powerup the Super Hammer can not only smash enemies but can be thrown vertically upwards & caught on a higher platform for more smashing.

It's still pretty amazing that a fat middle-aged guy can pull off all of this but this game puts Mario back on a level with an Everyman Hero than an Everyman Superhero.
The developers were tired of cramming so many abilities into the existing 2D Mario platform design.
They were relieved to experiment with other characters like in Wario Land, Donkey Kong Country, Yoshi's Island & deconstruct Mario's abilities here in Donkey Kong '94. At this point deconstruction felt fresh.


•1995's Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island did inversions to Super Mario World much like Donkey Kong Jr. did to Donkey Kong.
Yoshi was once the passive assistant now he's the active hero. Mario was once the active hero now he's the passive passenger.
Adult Mario once carried Baby Yoshis now Adult Yoshis carry Baby Mario. Luigi was once an equal hero now he's a subordinate damsel.
When Yoshi got hit while Mario rode him. Yoshi would run off wildly on the ground. Mario uses his jump ability on Yoshi to restore order.
Now when Yoshi got hit while Baby Mario rode him, Baby Mario would fly off wildly in the air. Yoshi uses his tongue ability on Baby Mario to restore order.
Yoshi eats a lot of little Starmen & they have no effect on him directly much less invincibility. Makes sense.
Yoshi was a "power" himself in Super Mario World & all these little Starmen do is buy more time to recapture Baby Mario.
But when a big Starman, a Super Star shows up & Yoshi touches it, the game reverts to the status quo Mario mechanic with an invincible Baby Mario running on the ground with that Super Mario World Cape walking up walls & floating down from the sky.
Active & Passive roles switch with Yoshi cocooning in his Yoshi egg being carried along for the ride.

Since Yoshi is not Mario, his abilities are a little different.
He can run THEN run faster (based on how long you hold the Control Pad not from an independent action button press); he can jump & flutter jump WAY farther; he can duck similar to Mario's crouch; he can paddle on the surface of water but won't swim under the surface (possibly for Baby Mario's sake); he can stick out his tongue in multiple directions to eat enemies & items, push back Bandits, pop Baby Mario's crying bubble, draw in eggs laying around, & even halt the movement of moving eggs; he can spit enemies out as a projectile; he can lay eggs from eaten enemies; he can aim, target, & shoot those eggs at enemies, objects, & soil; and he can do this mid-air butt drop called the ground pound which can drive stakes into the ground, bust open crates, plow through soil & even earthquake nearby enemies turning them into stars; not to mention Yoshi can look up & have the camera scroll up or scroll down when he ducks just like in Super Mario World.

Since dino Yoshi is a power himself you would think he wouldn't have any extra abilities, right?
Following suit with Yoshi's fruit eating in Super Mario World, if Yoshi eats a Watermelon (whole or half-eaten) he is able to spit seeds at enemies like bullets.
Yoshi even gets to have item inventory (usable anytime on all stages except boss stages) where he gets to hold a Super Green Watermelon that allows him to spit lots of seeds; a Super Red Watermelon that allows him to spit fire; a Super Blue Watermelon to blow ice breath; an Anywhere POW Block that can be used earthquake the stage...anywhere; a Winged Cloud Maker which turns all enemies into Winged Clouds with goodies inside like coins, stars, even 1UPs; a Magnifying Glass that reveals the secret Red Coins & Winged Clouds in a stage; a Full Egg that fills Yoshi's 6 egg-ammo limit; a 10-Point or 20-Point Star count which gives more time to recapture Baby Mario.
And while it's not so much of a powerup so to speak, Yoshi can even get tipsy when he eats the Fuzzy! YOSHI'S HIGH...on life.

Oh, remember that Super Mario Land vehicle stuff I told you to keep in mind earlier? Check this out.
Yoshi gets to transform into VEHICLES! Hit certain vehicle-holding bubbles (Morph Bubbles) & Yoshi gets to temporarily transform into that vehicle as Baby Mario takes shelter in that bubble.
There's the Yoshi Helicopter which allows him to fly around the stage just like a helicopter; the Yoshi Mole Tank which allows him to tunnel through soil like a mole; the Yoshi Submarine which allows him to cruise underwater & shoot torpedoes, the Yoshi Car which allows him to drive fast on the ground, run up walls, even stilt its wheels to avoid enemies; the Yoshi Train which allows him to travel on tracks in the background.
Yoshi even gets to become Ski Yoshi after entering a ski house & zoom down slopes making ski jumps.
If he messes up on a jump he gets to become the invincible but uncontrollable Snowball Yoshi tumbling down the slopes & wiping out all in his path.

And there's still weight mechanics involved with seesaws, platforms that fall when stood upon, & Chomp Rocks that roll based on where you stand on them.
Yoshi can duck down into pipes or jump up into them just like the Mario Bros. did.
Yoshi gets to have a "Yoshi" of his own with the odd-looking dog Poochy who can run through hazards unscathed & even try to jump over walls giving you a boost.
There's Muddy Buddy the mudball which after touching Yoshi allows Yoshi to safely walk on spikes with his mudfoots.
There's Huffin' Puffin', a mother bird that you can take her baby chicks from & aim, target, & shoot them like "boomerang" eggs (they come back to you).
And there's even stages that have little globes you walk all the way around as if they have their own gravity!
This game is JAM-PACKED!!

Is that all? Is it over now? Are we finished with the breakdown? Yes.


There's a reason why I elaborated on the Mario series like this.
Sean Malstrom said that if Nintendo sold Super Mario Bros. 5 on the Nintendo 64 he would have bought it.
Would a 2D Super Mario Bros. game have sold well on the N64? Probably.
But would the Mario platformer series have curtailed its growth & longevity if Nintendo made that move? Most likely.

There was simply not much more they could cram into the Mario 2D platformer design to keep it feeling fresh at that point.
The developers were probably getting tired of working within those established confines & trying to outdo themselves.
Just as they have always done they wanted to experiment & try new things. Push new boundaries.
It was going on 15 years, a decade & a half since this red-hatted overall wearing superstar showed up at that construction site.

Nintendo went from single-screen black backgrounds with screen-edge walls in Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Jr. to single-screen black backgrounds with connected screen edges in Mario Bros.
They went from single-screen black backgrounds to scrolling-screen color backgrounds in Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. 0.2.
They went from scroll-from-right screens to full-fledged horizontal & vertical scrolling screens in Super Mario Bros. 2.
They went from situational horizontal & vertical scrolling screens to seamless horizontal-to-vertical scrolling screens in Super Mario Bros. 3.
They went from focusing on the abilities of a single protagonist to focusing on the abilties of a tag team of protagonists in Super Mario World & Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

And what was developed in these games was carried over in further experiments in games like Super Mario Land, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario Land II, Wario Land 3, Wario Land 4, Donkey Kong '94, Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, Donkey Kong Land, Donkey Kong Land 2, Donkey Kong Land III & Yoshi's Story.
It was time to move on to new frontiers & Nintendo—the innovative company that they are—did just that in 1996.

After fully exploring what they could do in 2D, they took Mario into the world of 3D with 1996's Super Mario 64.
Gameplay felt familiar to what was established in Mario platformers yet new at the same time because of the new dimension.
Run-jump-climb was just the beginning. Triple jumps, somersaults, backflips, long jumps, wall jumps, spin jumps, jump-dives.
Run, walk, tiptoe. Climb, scale fences, & handstand off poles & trees. Crouch & crawl. Swim, paddle, & "jet ski" with Koopa shell underwater. Punch & kick. Punch-kick combo. Jump kick. Baseball slide. Breakdance kick. Dive. Ground pound. Jump on. Jump out of water. Hang & drop from ledges. Pick up, carry, SWING, throw & drop. Sink in water, walk through fire, & run through enemies as Metal Mario. Walk through walls & enemies as Vanish Mario. Fly & skysurf as Wing Mario. Move camera all around in zoom or pan fashion to make sure you don't miss any of this full-range 3D action!
Just imagine if they actually had Luigi around for this one! It would be even more stuff to deal with!

They continued to experiment with 2002's Super Mario Sunshine.
Took away Mario's fisticuffs to focus on his new water-spouting buddy F.L.U.D.D. (much like Yoshi was Mario's new dino buddy).
Almost all the stuff you could do in Super Mario 64 but now you use F.L.U.D.D to spray clean sludge & graffiti with its Squirt Nozzle, hang in the air with its Hover Nozzle, launch to the sky with its Rocket Nozzle, speed on land or water opening doorways with the Turbo Nozzle.
Mario's old buddy Yoshi even shows up for the action (not passively like in SM64) eating enemies, flutter jumping with big altitude, & spraying juice like F.L.U.D.D. sprays water.


The fact is if Nintendo DIDN'T take that departure from 2D Mario platformers 2006's New Super Mario Bros. might not have been so welcome.
Nintendo branched out Mario to Mario Kart, Mario Paint, Super Mario RPG, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros., Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mario Baseball, Mario Strikers...
...while even allowing the characters who inherited his 2D platformer legacy to branch out to other styles of gaming themselves.
Wario World, WarioWare, Wario: Master of Disguise, Donkey Konga, DK King of Swing, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Yoshi Touch & Go.
They even started letting other characters of the Mario universe try new things or old things in new ways.
Luigi's Mansion & Super Princess Peach are a few examples.
They gave people a chance to miss 2D Mario a little bit & THAT'S what made New Super Mario Bros. hit.

Nintendo further develops 3D Mario with 2007's Super Mario Galaxy & 2010's Super Mario Galaxy 2.
While Malstrom is stuck in his narrative that 3D Mario is unworthy, Super Mario Galaxy shows the lineage by having the globes I mentioned in 1995's Yoshi's Island work in a 3D perspective. That was the first thing I thought of when I played it.
They're still developing & elaborating on their existing structure but he can't see that because he's stuck thinking Mario should only remain in 2D.
There were things they wanted to explore in 3D just like there were things they wanted to explore in scrolling screen with color backgrounds...
...just like there were things they wanted to explore vertical scrolling screens, just like there were things they wanted to explore in seamless scrolling screens, just like there were things they wanted to explore with tag team protagonists like Yoshi.
And they were beginning to notice a gap between 3D Mario & 2D Mario which is why you saw them begin to spice both Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 with 2D stages.

Nintendo with the advance in technology finally can add something novel to 2D Mario & that is the return of simultaneous multiplayer.
2009's New Super Mario Bros. Wii puts the Mario Bros. back into the Mario Bros. series with the cooperative/competitive player mechanic!
We hadn't seen this in a Mario platformer since 1983's Mario Bros!
Well there WAS the Mario vs. Luigi mode in 2006's New Super Mario Bros. so maybe that was a clue for their future direction.
But it's not just Mario & Luigi this time. It's 4-player simultaneous multiplayer with a couple of Toads to round out the cast!!
2 × 2!! 2²!! Two Squared!! Two to the Second Power!! That simple equation adds SO much to the playability to this rich-heritaged gaming experience that it's no wonder this game drove Nintendo's Wii to record-selling status 2 holiday seasons in a row!

They liked their explorations in 3D, they liked their well-tread heritage in 2D. Why not have the best of both worlds?
Why not make a 3D Mario platformer that feels & plays more like a 2D Mario platformer?
This is what we got in 2011's Super Mario 3D Land & that game was instrumental in jumpstarting the struggling 3DS.
They wanted to tilt the established 2D Mario mechanics towards insane coin collecting in 2012's New Super Mario Bros. 2.
They wanted to see how a 5th player in God mode would interact in the simultaneous 4 player action with 2012's New Super Mario Bros. U.

With 2 established best-selling game builds for Mario platformers, 2D & 3D, they wanted to explore that bridge title they made in 2011 a little further.
What better way to do this but to introduce true multiplayer to 2013's Super Mario 3D World (not just Star Bit catching like in Galaxy).
No, not just multiplayer. SIMULTANEOUS multiplayer. No, not just simultaneous multiplayer.
4-PLAYER SIMULTANEOUS MULTIPLAYER! 4-Player Simultaneous Multiplayer with the old Super Mario Bros. 2 lineup!
Mario, Luigi, Toad, & Princess Peach!! For once she's not kidnapped so we get a fresh plot with fresh gameplay.
Both 2D & 3D meet in massive 4-player simultaneous multiplayer MASTERPIECE!

Who in the hell could hate that? Who in the hell can't see the lineage it comes from?
That it is STILL building from the roots of a game from 1981 called Donkey Kong.
All of this Super Mario 3D World excitement is ultimately built off of a 32 year old arcade game with a fat middle-aged working man climbing a construction site to save his girl from an angry gorilla.
It's not that Mario needs to stay only 2D or only 3D.
It's that Nintendo should ALWAYS explore the possibilities & experiment to push new boundaries like they have ALWAYS done.
That's why they remain the lifeblood of this business.


I like Sean Malstrom but he gets stuck & sometimes misses the point.
And he has missed it GREATLY when he compares Nintendo's present to Nintendo's past.
He talks about wanting Super Mario Bros. 5 & never realizes that he never got Donkey Kong 5.
What construction site or jungle with a walled single-screen black background should Mario have played in?
Nintendo's way is to honor their past while pioneering for the future.
I think Sean Malstrom needs to respect that more.


Alright, direct replies to your Sean Malstrom posts follow next.
John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot



Now that we got that intro out of the way (so much for not getting overgrown huh?), let's deal with these commentaries from Sean Malstrom that you put down here. I may reference that intro I just posted in this reply so don't be surprised.

JGarret said:

John, what do you make of Malstrom´s latest post?..he talks about what he think is wrong with Nintendo.Let me put it here.

One of the big things that helped people get behind Nintendo with the DS and Wii was that people believed in the company. They believed Nintendo cared about putting out quality game experiences. People were even defending the Virtual Boy. “At least it was DIFFERENT and INNOVATIVE.” Nintendo’s interests coincided with the customers’ interests. No longer is this the case.

There are too many examples of Nintendo not caring about putting out quality game experiences. If it were due to business concerns, this might be excusable. However, it isn’t. It is over ideological concerns among the developers at Nintendo. Here are a taste of few of them:

I say this to Malstrom. When you look in the dictionary under the entry "quality", you will find a picture of the Nintendo logo right beside it.

Malstrom's prejudice against anything that doesn't remind him of the Famicom/NES blinds him to the enduring quality of games Nintendo produces on all of their systems.
There's a reason why Nintendo at best breaks their own world records for best-selling games of all time & at worst merely sells millions.
When they created that Nintendo Seal of Quality in the 1980s it was part a symbol to revive customers' & retailers' confidence in videogames/videogame consoles & specifically Nintendo's videogames/videogame consoles...
...and a commitment Nintendo placed on themselves to be the very best in this business—hardware-wise & software-wise.
That's why the word Nintendium exists (Know Your Meme, Urban Dictionary, TVTropes).
Owners of retro game shops sure thank them for it, I betcha. 30 year old games & game systems still working after all these years.

Their games only GROW in quality. Nintendo gets BETTER with time. That's why I see so many people dissecting & analyzing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 14 years later. People will reflect back on Nintendo's current games in a similar glowing fashion another 14 years from now.
As long as I have been playing Nintendo games & Nintendo consoles, EVEN I am taken aback at how good Nintendo is at their craft.
They surprise even me & I have been down with Nintendo since 1981 with Donkey Kong. Even I'm blown away by these guys.

Malstrom is FLAT wrong on this. Nintendo HAS NEVER STOPPED putting out quality game experiences & games like Pikmin 3, Picross 3D, Super Mario 3D World, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, WarioWare D.I.Y., Art Style: BASE 10, Brain Age: Concentration Training, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, & Game & Wario prove this FACT to me time & time again.

I remember something Malstrom wrote some years back in critique of Nintendo saying a company should give customers what they want.
WRONG. That's exactly what a company should NOT do. That's focus group talk. You can't go by what customers say they want.
A company should give customers what they NEED.

Customers usually can't see past the present in creative things. I'm gonna use Michael Jackson as an example of this.
Quincy Jones, the producer of Michael's Thriller album, wanted to cut Billie Jean out of the album's track list.
It caused some tension between himself & Michael quite naturally. Quincy thought the song wasn't good enough for the album.
Somehow Quincy hated the bassline on the song & said that the intro took too long (it was the longest song intro ever at that time).
He thought people wouldn't like these things. Quincy DID have lots of experience in the music world so his opinion wasn't bunk.

Michael protested him at every turn. He said about the intro "But that's the jelly! That makes me wanna dance!"
Dancing was the field Michael had the experience in so Quincy relented. Still, Quincy had a problem with the song title.
He thought the title "Billie Jean" might make people think Michael's talking about tennis star Billie Jean King & get the wrong idea.
Quincy wanted to call the song "Not My Lover" which is the 2nd half of the chorus "Billie Jean is not my lover"
Michael said hell no & then these two fought over producer credits & royalty agreements falling out once again.

In most of 1982 before this album came out at the end of the year, you can bet that most people were expecting Michael's followup to Off The Wall to be similar to that 1979 smash.
Off The Wall was a breakthrough no doubt & you could call it generically a disco album but it was so much more than that.
The mindframe of the audience couldn't see past the image of Michael as the now-grown up member of the Jackson 5 with the boyish but sexy image.
They probably expected a romance album full of love songs with a few mid-tempo dancey disco-ish numbers.
If you asked them in 1982 what they wanted from Michael Jackson's new album they would probably say "something like Off The Wall".
If you asked them in 1982 "Do you want a Billie Jean? Do you want a Thriller?" They would probably say "I don't want that. I want some love songs from Michael with a feel like Off The Wall."

The thing is these people didn't even know they wanted Off The Wall until Off The Wall was out.
Off The Wall updated people's image of Michael & not too long later Thriller would do the same.
They didn't know they wanted Thriller until Thriller came out. They didn't know they wanted Billie Jean until Billie Jean came out.
They didn't know they wanted to see a Billie Jean music video of Michael lighting up the sidewalk with every step until that came out.
They didn't know they wanted a red jacket & a dancing gang fight from Beat It until that came out.
They didn't know they wanted a mini horror movie & that intricate Thriller dance until that came out.
They didn't even know they wanted to see the making of that Thriller video until THAT came out.

Michael couldn't expect any of Thriller's successful outcome if he asked people what they wanted in 1982.
The album's original name was going to be Starlight & "'Cause this is Thrilleeeerrr! Thriller Night!" would have been "We need some Starliiiiight! Starlight Sun!"
It would have fit into the loverboy image everybody was expecting. One of the songs planned for the "Starlight" album was called Carousel.
It was a good song, don't get me wrong, but it was cotton candy compared to Human Nature which took its spot.
Quincy made that call for Human Nature, thank goodness, but ALSO thank God that he lost his call for Billie Jean which became Michael's signature song.
And fans LOOOOVED that extra long intro when he performed it on stage. They loved it even MORE when he redid the intro for a badass dance breakdown at the end of the song.

You don't get these results from just "giving customers what they want". Michael felt something personally with Billie Jean.
He created that song out of what brought the passion to HIM. That's where he started. When he releases the song, he hopes the customers feel the same way about the song as he does. That's how you work in a creative field.
Do something you love & share it with the world in hopes that they share this love you have.

Staff at Nintendo of America didn't see ANYTHING in Donkey Kong & thought it would be a failure.
Thought customers would laugh at it.
Company President Hiroshi Yamauchi dismissed their gripes saying it was a good game. Shigeru Miyamoto under Gunpei Yokoi's guidance took what was a licensed representation of Popeye & created something HE felt was good, something HE felt was fun.
Nintendo put it out & customers SHARED Miyamoto's feeling. All those quarters that jammed up that first cabinet proved it.
If he asked customers in 1981 what they wanted, they would probably say "something like Pac-Man".
If Nintendo asked customers in 1984 what they wanted, they would probably say "something like an Atari".
The customers DON'T KNOW what they want until you deliver it. Create what they NEED.


JGarret said:

-2d Mario gets a C string team and a low budget. 3d Mario gets the A team and a massive budget.

-The most hated Zelda game, Wind Waker, gets to be the first ‘HD Zelda’. Iwata’s announcement said, “We want Wind Waker to be seen by more people than it had on the Gamecube install base.” Translated, that means Nintendo likes Wind Waker and wants more people to play it. They assumed Wii U console would be far more popular than the Gamecube console.

I have gone over the Malstrom's gripe about 2D Mario vs. 3D Mario in SUPER-extensive detail so no need to rehash it here.
There's still places they want to explore in 3D. That's why 3D gets the bigger budget. They are just refining their skills in 2D.
That's well-tread ground. They don't NEED massive budgets to put out those games.

As for the Zelda thing. Malstrom has a problem with "Gamecube games". There was nothing wrong with Gamecube games.
Nintendo was still suffering the effects of the 3rd party exodus & press was giving them the image of the kiddie console in the presence of the PS2.
It doesn't mean Gamecube games were bad games. One of those Gamecube games, Animal Crossing (technically a N64 game too), became one of the ever-growing franchises Nintendo has in its portfolio.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf has already sold past 6 million in a year's time (and has only been sold in America for half a year).
This game will surpass the mega-successful Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS when it's all said & done.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is an EXCELLENT groundbreaking game.
After the gloomy apocalyptic darkness of Majora's Mask comes the bright seafaring adventures of Wind Waker.
Link has always traveled mostly on land & now that has been inverted with Link now traveling mostly on sea.
The craze for photorealism caused those ignorant comments of "Celda" & it turns out that Link's eye awareness brings more realism to this living cartoon of a game than naturalistic art styles could.
Wind Waker HD's inclusion in the Wii U woke people up about the console. It put a very necessary spark in the Wii U.
And 10 years after the original came out, you hear more people giving it the praise that it didn't get as much of when it was first released.
Just to show how influential Wind Waker was, the Nintendo-beggars on the smartphones get to play a Nintendo-like game called Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. They get to play a game so much like Wind Waker that you don't know whether to call it a ripoff or a tribute.

Yes, Sean Malstrom. Nintendo likes Wind Waker & want more people to play it.
I'm glad they did so they can show a new generation how great a game Wind Waker is.
There's plenty of examples in entertainment fields where a work wasn't properly appreciated in its time then comes out later & is seen as ahead of its time gaining all the backlog of appreciation it was due.
Has he HEARD of Earthbound AKA Mother 2? Does he remember Killer7?
Think he would have X-Men right now if he judged it by the audience's reception in the 1960s.
Does he know why Family Guy, a series once cancelled, exists on TV today? Does he know how Star Trek: The Next Generation was able to be made when the original series only ran 3 seasons in the 1960s?
The Honeymooners only got to run 1 season on TV yet is now one of the defining shows of the 1950s & even influenced The Flintstones.
Only 4 episodes of Poilce Squad! got to air on TV in 1982 yet it spawned the massively successful Naked Gun movies.
Disney's Pinocchio, Fantasia, & Bambi all flopped at the box office. What do people think of those movies now?
The Wizard of Oz was overshadowed by a bunch of big movies in 1939 & barely covered its production costs in box office returns.
Now what do people think when you show them The Wizard of Oz?

Sometimes people need a second chance, a third chance, a fifth chance, a ninth chance to recognize the quality of something they once overlooked.
One game I know needs another chance is Retro Game Challenge AKA Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge & its sequel Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge 2.
Wind Waker is EXCELLENT & was a great choice for Nintendo to do a remake of to sell the Wii U.
And while the Gamecube itself didn't sell all that well, it has more than redeemed itself in the build of the Wii.
Malstrom needs to let go of that Gamecube-bashing. It's ridiculous.

JGarret said:

-3DS is designed around ’3d’ because old fart Nintendo developers have invested their lives in 3d gaming technology and still refuse to admit the Virtual Boy was a failure. (This is not hyperbole.)

I'm beginning to think Malstrom only seems to understand the NES. He might not understand Nintendo all that well.
Nintendo is ALWAYS reaching back into their past & reintroducing in a new way what most people have forgotten.
He badmouths the 3DS because of its ties to the Virtual Boy (it actually goes back further than that to tell the truth).
Yet he somehow forgets that Nintendo went all the way back to the Multi Screen edition of the Game & Watch Donkey Kong to give us the design of the Nintendo DS. They reached back 22 years from 2004 to 1982 & broke their own record for best-selling handheld of all-time (at times even beat the record for best-selling console of all time).
Don't I remember all those Sean Malstrom articles praising Wii Sports with its allusions to the NES with Tennis, Baseball, & Golf?
Another example Nintendo reaching back into their past & reintroducing it in a new way.

I recently found a Kotaku article showing just how far back Nintendo's focus on 3D goes.
Nintendo's First 3D Technology Shot A Spaceship At Mario's Face
It was called the Famicom 3D System (3D System? 3DS?? Hmm...) & it used liquid crystal shutter glasses to convey a stereoscopic 3D effect.
This 3D System released about the same time as Sega Master System's/Mark III's Sega-Scope 3D in late 1987.
Both which follow in the footsteps of the 1982's Vectrex with its 3D Imager & the 1982 SubRoc-3D arcade game for stereoscopic 3D effects in videogames.
Nintendo tried to improve on this flawed technology with the Virtual Boy in 1995 but Virtual Boy failed because the headset would be better suited for a special arcade experience & it was rushed out to market unfinished based on Hiroshi Yamauchi being shook by Sony emerging on the gameworld (the truest clearcut mistake you could ever call Nintendo on).

But bad implementations don't mean bad ideas.
Just because an idea was once done badly doesn't mean the idea is bad. Keep trying until you do it right.
And they finally did it right with the 3DS. Stereoscopic 3D WITHOUT glasses or headsets.
They had practiced further with stereoscopic 3D on the Gamecube & now they could deliver.
The 3D effect while subtle really adds to the visuals & makes them more immersive. You really notice it on those Nintendo Video clips.
Super Mario 3D Land is legitimately easier to play with the 3D effect on.
And now it is the best-selling handheld console & console period of the past 2 years in the FACE of the smartphone revolution.
Malstrom is calling Nintendo developers 'old farts' but I hope with this kind of talk that he's not turning into a cranky old man.


JGarret said:

-Sakamoto destroys the Metroid franchise with Metroid Other M. Instead of giving people a game they want to play, Sakamoto puts forth a game where he gets to be ‘narrative director’ and ‘creative god’.

-Pikmin 3 is a sequel to the failed Pikmin series of games on the Gamecube. Pikmin 3 wasn’t made because people wanted it. It was made because Nintendo developers wanted to make it. In 2008, Miyamoto said that Pikmin 3 would be a good fit for Wii because of the pointer. That was horseshit as Pikmin 3 was delayed so it could be made ‘right’. Meanwhile, the 2d Mario of NSMB U doesn’t get delayed but thrown out there at launch because Nintendo developers don’t give a shit about 2d Mario.

Hmm. I wonder if Malstrom believes Super Metroid destroyed the Metroid franchise.
i mean according to VGChartz the original Metroid sold 2.73 million worldwide while Super Metroid sold 1.42 million worldwide.
Super Metroid was the 3rd worst selling Metroid original release in the Americas at 570 thousand (Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS sold 550 thousand & Metroid Prime Pinball sold 210 thousand in the Americas)
It is also THE WORST selling orginal Metroid platformer in the Americas. Yes, you heard that right. THE WORST.
What's the best-selling Metroid platformer or game period in America AND the world?
One of those Gamecube games Malstrom hates: Metroid Prime at 1.96 million for America & 2.82 million worldwide.

Did Metroid: Other M live up to Nintendo's expectations? No. But neither did Super Metroid.
Somehow the Metroid franchise kept going after Super Metroid. Super Metroid didn't destroy it.
And Super Metroid's sales were not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the game. The same applies to Other M.
Other M wasn't a bad game at all really but now you know why Nintendo is reluctant to put too much voice acting in their games.
It can detract from the game's atmosphere if not done right. Especially if it's the main character.
The only thing that annoyed me about Other M really is the forced Where's Waldo? sequences where you gotta point out a certain area with the remote.
That can take you right out of the game if you don't know where to look. VERY frustrating.
Other than that I felt the 2D/3D insta-switch was impressive & I marvelled at how all of it could be done with just a single Wiimote.
After playing the Metroid Primes for so long I had to get out the mode of looking for hidden story secrets in the background scenery.
This game was fast & action paced & I especially enjoyed Samus' finishing moves.

Malstrom mocks Yoshio Sakamoto for being the 'narrative director' & 'creative god' for Other M.
Sakamoto was the guy who directed AND wrote the narrative for Super Metroid. Yes, that badass narrative with the baby Metroid killed after protecting Samus who just got beat down by Mother Brain. Then Samus takes avenges the baby Metroid's death with that killer Hyper Beam upside Mother Brain's dome.
That narrative director & creative god was with Metroid from the very beginning. He was the co-director for the original Metroid!
He was the narrative writer & director of the beloved Metroid Fusion. Write on, you creative god you, write on!

The Metroid series' Japanese sales had been dropping ever since the very first one. Super Metroid is actually the 2nd BEST selling Metroid original release & platformer there with 710 thousand (original Metroid sold 1.04 million).
The Metroid Primes sold terribly there getting only 100 thousand with Metroid Prime & 70 thousand with both Metroid Prime 2 & 3.
Metroid Fusion got 170 thousand & Metroid: Other M got 130 thousand in Japan.
Not much better really but the game that "destroyed the Metroid franchise" actually grew the series' presence in Japan.
By the way, this destroyer of the Metroid franchise sold 1.25 million worldwide. Game STILL went platinum.


Now for this Pikmin 3 business. "Failed Pikmin series". 'People didn't want Pikmin 3'. Malstrom, you're stuck, brother.
How many people have been begging Nintendo for the 3rd entry to the Pikmin series? How long have they been begging? Almost 10 years!
Pikmin 1 & 2 have both sold over 1 million worldwide. In only 4 to 5 months of being on the market Pikmin 3 has already sold almost 700 thousand.
As Wii U picks up, Pikmin 3 will pick up. Is Pikmin a Wii Fit-level seller? No. But will it be successful? Yes.
SHOULD it be successful? YES. It's one of the best games on the market right now.

I'm GLAD Miyamoto decided to hold off on putting it on the Wii. It's MUCH better on the Wii U. I can use that Gamepad (the Upad) as a menu & map screen while I play the action with my Wiimote & Nunchuk.
People get more varied control options with Pikmin 3 on Wii U.
Malstrom is SO STUCK, SO stuck on 2D Mario that he misses the forest for the trees.
in fact Pikmin 3 was one of the major catalysts for me buying the Wii U in August. It was the one that made me buy in.
Not New Super Mario Bros. U & I'm a card-carrying Mario fan. I still hated Wii U's $350 price but I had to have that Pikmin!
I'm not too cool with consoles going over $200 so you KNOW this was a big deal.

And I don't see what he's griping about on the 2D Mario front anyhow. Nintendo just gave him TWO 2D Marios in the same year!
New Super Mario Bros. 2 & its fun coin-collecting insanity & New Super Mario Bros. U which is pretty much NSMBWii with a 5th player in assist mode.
They even gave him a hard mode in New Super Luigi U! What the hell is he complaining about?!
These games had such well done challenging levels that it should have been 2D Mario heaven for him. But instead he gripes.
Seeing this behavior he would probably gripe about that 'Super Mario Bros. 5' he talked about buying if it came out on the Nintendo 64.
So much for "give the customer what they want". They did & he's STILL griping.


JGarret said:

-No account system.

-Internet gaming sucks on the Nintendo consoles. No one asked for this Miiverse crap. Nintendo thinks it is ‘special’ because it is ‘different’. But it doesn’t do the job we want it to do.

They DO have an account system. It's called a Nintendo Network account. It has a username & a password & any digital purchases made on that account can be linked to a Club Nintendo account to get 'coins' for those little loyalty reward trinkets or to purchase other games.
They have even given you the option to link your 3DS to this account. What is he talking about?

Nintendo created the Friend Code system to protect users' privacy, protect children's ears from internet negativity & protect themselves from lawsuits & a bad image that could come any mishaps on the first two items. People insisted on a different system & Nintendo listened.
The company that has been providing online services since the 1980s (Famicom Modem with stock trading no less!, Satellaview) removed some of the purposely-placed seams without compromising on creating a service parents can trust their children with & created the Nintendo Network.
They loosened the restrictions a lot...so much so that the creepers took advantage of the kids anyway through 3DS's Swapnote.
Nintendo stressed Parental Controls yet the worst still happened. As the steward of the industry Nintendo can't be irresponsible like the others so they took away the SpotPass functions of Swapnote until further notice.

I know it's the fashion to share everything on the internet these days but maybe just maybe you don't want things becoming too seamless.
You lock your doors for a reason. You don't want your household to be so seamless that people can just walk in whenever they get ready.
You shouldn't want your email contact list to be public information just because you use Google Plus.
You shouldn't want your purchase history to be readily available to any random person looking on your profile.
You don't want your medical history open for the whole world to see. You don't want your voting record public knowledge either.
Everything shouldn't be so convenient. Sometimes there SHOULD be some hoops to jump through.

Sony & Microsoft are losing billions selling videogame machines. Of COURSE they don't care about the intricacies of keeping their businesses healthy.
Nintendo doesn't have that option. They live & die on the sales of their games & game machines & they're gonna put up roadblocks to slow the exploitation & corruption of their business model. The people who make these games have families they're trying to feed.
I'll take those roadblocks in exchange for a FREE online service that works well & is a positive experience when I use it.
For as protectionist Nintendo is about everything, I don't see them trying to shut down used game sales, I don't see them pull any of those shady industry practices like on-disc DLC.
They even give you free games from time to time like with the digital version of Wii Fit U.


Malstrom complains about the Miiverse but it's that very Miiverse that will be one of the greatest selling points of the Wii U.
That "Miiverse crap" is one of the most pleasant online experiences I have had. A moderated environment to keep everyone civil.
A supportive gaming community that can be accessed through Wii U, 3DS, or any computer or smartphone.
So many great artists drawing pictures on this "Miiverse crap". You get so caught up in giving props to the random drawings & comments.
There's no game that can be ignored with the promotional potential this "Miiverse crap" provides.
Every game & service on the Wii U & NOW the 3DS ultimately pass through this Grand Central Station where people can communicate across genres & demographics. That totally matches the mission of the Wii.

No one asked for that "Miiverse crap" but thank goodness Nintendo's in the business of giving the people what they NEED instead of giving them what they want. It does a job we didn't know we needed & but a job that we're glad it performs.
We didn't ask for that StreetPass/SpotPass "crap" either but now we can't live without it.
Nintendo Zones could actually provide small boosts to the businesses that host it.
How many times did I buy a burger from McDonald's while I was trying to get more StreetPass/SpotPass activity?
Doing online in DIFFERENT ways than people expect. That's my Nintendo. So special.


JGarret said:

-Wii U is a Gamecube HD with Wii branding. This was intentional. Nintendo is trying to direct the market to want games their developers wish to make. It is the market that tells you what games to make. The developers don’t get to tell the market what games it will have. It seems like Nintendo developers have been too distant from the Real World. Can you imagine a normal person with the gall of telling the labor market of what job it will be in demand? Of course not. The labor market tells you what jobs are in demand, not the other way around. And if people could tell the labor market what jobs would be in demand, it would all be the same type of job: a job that is a leisurely office job where they get to be ‘creative’. Nintendo developers being leisurely (recycling Gamecube games) and being ‘creative’ is a function of the workers trying to tell the market what job skills it demands. They are entirely upside down.

Wii itself was "2 Gamecubes duct taped together" as the old insult goes. Didn't stop him from singing its praises.
Yeah Nintendo is trying to direct the market to want games their developers wish to make. That's what they have always done.
I already went over this earlier. Miyamoto wanted to make a game with a gorilla causing havoc in a construction site when the market probably wanted space shooters & Pac-Man maze games.
Miyamoto & Tezuka wanted to make a console game with an Alice In Wonderland-like fantasy feel.
That console game was Super Mario Bros. for the NES. The market probably wanted an computer game with a medieval feel.

WRONG Sean Malstrom. WRONG. I'll say it again. WRRRRRRONG.
The market doesn't tell you what games to make. The developers create a game they enjoy & put it out for the market to accept.
Looks like YOU have been too distant from the Real World, Malstrom. Nintendo didn't get to be this titan by following market trends.
There have been COUNTLESS times when they defied convention & benefitted greatly from it.
Sometimes you gotta MAKE demand. A normal person CAN influence the market. Because what is the market but a bunch of people?
'The market' isn't some ominous untouchable unguidable force. It's people & people are influenced by other people.
There was a normal guy in the 1970s who influenced millions of people to buy a rock in a box.
How did something as absurd as the Pet Rock sell 1.5 million units? 'The market' didn't ask for the Pet Rock.
'The market' didn't give this normal guy the job to produce Pet Rocks for sale. The normal guy CREATED his job & became a millionaire selling a common rock in an uncommon box to lots & lots of people.

Let's ask Malstrom if 'the market' asked for videogames in 1970. The answer was no.
Guys like Nolan Bushnell & Ralph Baer didn't wait for 'the market' to tell them that it was their job to create videogame machines.
They CREATED their job. They CREATED that demand. They LED the market into believing it was their job to create those videogame machines.
That's what entrepreneurship is all about. You should know all about that, Malstrom.
'The market' didn't ask for Sean Malstrom commentaries in 2005. They didn't tell you it was your job to be an industry observer.
You CREATED your job. You CREATED that demand. Now people believe it is your job to offer commentaries in your observations of the videogame industry.

You talk about Nintendo being leisurely "recycling" Gamecube games.
I wonder what you thought about Nintendo when they leisurely "recycled" NES/SNES games in the Game Boy Advance era.
That Super Mario Advance series bringing you Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, & Super Mario Bros. 3 all over again in new ways. All that 2D Mario you love so much.
Sean Malstrom, I think it's time you turn right side up. Your perspective is showing itself to be upside down.


JGarret said:

I can go on and on with the litany of complaints, but it boils down to Nintendo losing its company reputation with the crap it has been putting out (and it has been putting out crap). When people say, “No account system!”, they aren’t just talking about the account system. They’re saying they don’t trust the company itself.

The issue isn’t about ‘finding the right game’, the issue is a reputation problem.

No, what is going on is that Nintendo is facing an unprecedented amount of competition inside & outside of the videogame console business.
They are fighting 4 giants at the same time: Sony, Microsoft, Apple, & Google.
This explains Nintendo's push to get ahead of the competition when usually they are deliberate with rolling out new hardware.
They preserved the viability of the handheld console as they pulled 3DS out of the muck.
They're currently trying to pull Wii U out of the muck to solidify their mission to unify the industry & remove the volatility in the business.
They got in the muck because comparatively they are a much smaller company who is loathe to waste unnecessary money.
They won't unnecessarily expand to the point of dilution but as a result the smaller staff slows the game production.
Getting ahead of the competition was a necessary move but it forced them to build their machines at costs they would rather have lower.
And stopping hot consoles in the heat of their lives in order not to cannibalize their new systems also cost them in the short term.
Nintendo's quality is as good as it always was. But they're paying a price short term because of the rockiness of their transition.

Nintendo always has a reputation problem whether they're successful or struggling. Nothing's gonna change that especially with the Motley Fools of the world constanttly playing the drumbeat of doom. For some people Nintendo can NEVER do anything right.
But you're wrong, Sean Malstrom. It IS all about finding the right game. It always was.
All the complaints & all the worries & all the mistrust fades away when people see that game that they want to buy.
This is the videogame business & any company who participates is in the business of selling videogames.
Super Mario 3D World is one game. More will follow & sooner or later, customers will find one that they can't resist.
All Nintendo has to do is keep working on finding the right game for Wii U. That's the very thing that pulled the 3DS out of that muck.


JGarret said:

I hear that the Wii U might get a version of Minecraft. This is laughable. Who is running this company? Minecraft is the most influential video game since Tetris. And yet, Nintendo ignored Minecraft forever. Why? I know exactly why. It is because Nintendo developers, such as Miyamoto, thumb their nose at PC games especially indie games that are made by one person. These stupid, childish developer ideologies are hurting everything. Nintendo should be reminded that GTA 1 and 2 were PC games before the franchise exploded. Call of Duty was a PC game too before the franchise exploded. Nintendo may not be able to get big industry third party games with their bizarro Japanese hardware mentality, but they can still get third party indie games where the system requirements are much, much less. Unfortunately for Nintendo gamers, Nintendo assumes they are trash and don’t even bother trying to get them onboard. Sony, however, is.

EXCUSE ME?! Does Sean Malstrom remember the story of a certain game called Tetris? That was a computer game Nintendo fought to get on their systems most particularly the Game Boy.
That's a load, Sean. Does he not remember another computer game hit called Sim City? Nintendo went so far as to contribute their own ideas to make the game hotter. They even created an adviser to the player called Dr. Wright based on the game's creator Will Wright.
Even gave it that smooth jazzy music from Soyo Oka. It became one of the SNES's biggest hits.
How many hours did I waste playing that game?
Computer hit Wolfenstein 3D first made its console appearance on a Super Nintendo. Did he forget about that?
I also remember a pretty big PC game called Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six for the Nintendo 64.
Did Malstrom forget about that PC hit called Cave Story? The one that got even more fame on WiiWare & DSiWare?
It went over so well that there's a 3DS retail version called Cave Story 3D.
A game from the new PC world of web/app gaming called Cake Mania found its way to the DS & Wii.

Enough of this! Bizarro is Malstrom's ire towards Nintendo.
I said it before & I'll say it again. You're STUCK, Sean! You're STUCK!
Come out of your narrative trance, man.

JGarret said:

I am not a mind reader. I do not know what goes on in Iwata or Miyamoto or anyone else at Nintendo’s minds. All I can see are actions. The thoughts going on that made Nintendo think that the 3DS and Wii U would be ‘break out hits’ are some of the craziest science fiction and fantasy I can ever imagine. All I am doing is wondering, “How did they think this was a good idea???”

3DS has proven itself. It's a hit. Might not have been breakout but it's a hit. Wii U will prove itself just the same.
3DS has buried Vita & is holding its own against the VERY challenging smartphones & tablets.
They're working on having Wii U match the same turnaround 3DS had. Don't forget Malstrom, DS wasn't a breakout hit when it first came out either. They had to work on DS to turn it into a phenomenon too.
Everybody thought they were crazy then too for putting out something like that against the powerful Walkman of the 21st Century which vowed to take handhelds out of the gaming ghetto.
I wonder if you thought the DS was a good idea in 2004. You weren't delivering your commentaries on the internet then so i'm curious.
I'll admit my stance back then. I was skeptical. But that's because I wasn't even plugged into gaming news back then!
I didn't even know Sony was making a handheld! I was more concerned about them cutting short the life of the GBA!

My skepticism on Nintendo was proven wrong & I have had other skepticisms about Nintendo proven wrong as well.
I have learned not to be so quick to call them crazy or foolish. Nintendo isn't a perfect company but they're a damn smart one.
They make mistakes but they always have a plan. And usually their plans work out sooner or later.
In the end, if you ever get unstuck, you'll probably be singing praises of their business sense on your blog.


JGarret said:

Nintendo developers and certain hardcore gamers might be on the same page. However, the mass market and Nintendo developers are not on the same page. There is a gulf between them. And it is not the mass market’s job to do what the Nintendo developers wish to do. It is the other way around. This is the issue I see that is wreaking havoc throughout Nintendo output for the latter part of Generation 7 and, so far, all of Generation 8. I know I sound like a grouch for articulating it, but look at the sales. Something is very, very wrong. Maybe everything said here is completely wrong. Maybe the issue is something else. But one this is for sure, Nintendo needs to stop doing what it has been doing for 3DS and Wii U and needs to change its thinking, whatever thinking that may be.

Nintendo is the master of closing gulfs. The master of bridging divides. That's how they have the audience & fanbase that they do.
Let me ask my 40/50/60 year old Animal Crossing playing buddies what they think about Nintendo's ability to do this.
I have well established that 'the mass market' isn't some untouchable unguidable ominous entity. The mass market is PEOPLE.
And Nintendo will lead the people into the path of 3DS & Wii U bit by bit. They will create the demand. The demand will not create them.
You have it backwards, Sean Malstrom. You have it upside down. It's NOT the other way around.

The game is the thing, brother. It always was. It always will be. Build it & they will come.
It looks like a nightmare right now but trust that Nintendo will have their Field of Dreams.

John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot



I am honestly amazed on how long these posts are, I'm going to have to read these when I come home tomorrow.

Fusioncode said:
Oh so the great John Lucas graces us with his presence once more. All while refusing to talk about the WiiU's complete collapse in Japan, even though he ASSURED us the revolution had begun over there.

How about we take a look at this Lucas' excellent predictions shall we?

The Wii would sell at least 240m units
The PS3 would end in 2009 and Sony would exit the hardware business
The PS3 will lose MGS4 exclusivity (He was really confident about this one)
MGS4 won't even come to the PS3
Microsoft will discontinue the 360 in 2009 and create a new console
The Wii will continue to sell out everywhere until late 2011 at the earliest
Xbox 360 won't even come close to 90m lifetime
The 3DS will sell 50m units by the end of 2013
The WiiU will sell 12m by the end of 2013

And that's just what I found after 20min of searching, I bet there's way more insane predictions out there.

The reason why I am not reading the wall of texts above this post. Rubbish.

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LurkerJ said:
Fusioncode said:
Oh so the great John Lucas graces us with his presence once more. All while refusing to talk about the WiiU's complete collapse in Japan, even though he ASSURED us the revolution had begun over there.

How about we take a look at this Lucas' excellent predictions shall we?

The Wii would sell at least 240m units
The PS3 would end in 2009 and Sony would exit the hardware business
The PS3 will lose MGS4 exclusivity (He was really confident about this one)
MGS4 won't even come to the PS3
Microsoft will discontinue the 360 in 2009 and create a new console
The Wii will continue to sell out everywhere until late 2011 at the earliest
Xbox 360 won't even come close to 90m lifetime
The 3DS will sell 50m units by the end of 2013
The WiiU will sell 12m by the end of 2013

And that's just what I found after 20min of searching, I bet there's way more insane predictions out there.

The reason why I am not reading the wall of texts above this post. Rubbish.

It's ok, he's given up predicting. Now he just talks about Nintendo's glory years as the reason PS4 and XB1 will be discontinued and everyone is magically going to love Nintendo's offering.


Well, John, I´m quite busy at the moment, so if you´ll excuse me, I think it´ll take me a good while to read your replies about Malstrom.


So why exactly is Lucas debating with someone that has nothing to do with this thread? Did you seriously feel the need to write 500 paragraphs over minor differences in Mario games? What does any of that crap have to do with UNITY?

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Fusioncode said:
So why exactly is Lucas debating with someone that has nothing to do with this thread? Did you seriously feel the need to write 500 paragraphs over minor differences in Mario games? What does any of that crap have to do with UNITY?

Lol, that's what I was thinking. 

Well, JL missed the weekend then wrote a new novel about off topic bullshit since his predictions have been exposed as nothing but delusional, wishful thinking in an attempt to gain an audience. I'd need to quit my job to fully read & respond to this new novel that he posted at 11:59 pm on a Sunday night. I guess that's one strategy to handicap the naysayers, lol.

EDIT:  Oh man, I just had a chance to skim over the full content of this new chapter in the JL saga.  Is this guy serious, the first post is 5 thousand words about the evolution of Mario as a platformer, the second post is about how Nintendo games are great, & always have been, just like Michael Jackson.  WAT! does he really think he can come in here and completely change the subject once he's exposed?  What happened to the 12 10 million Wii U's sold by January 1st?  Care to address that, or did you, with "courage", "go down with the ship"?

So much for your fearless leader.