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Seece can you mail me the data.
My email id is anikait.makkar@outlook.com

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shikamaru317 said:
hav7n said:
Seems like Sunset is sold out at UK Amazon (getting new stock on November 3rd).....bundles still in stock.

It seems to still be in stock for me, says it's selling for £39.85


It's out of stock but you can order it because the game will be restocked in 3 days.

The one main issue I have with Sunset is the currency used to buy things. In this type of game you have two main currencies. One is used for mainly clothes, the other is used for weapons, and upgrades. There is too much that needs to be bought from your one source of income, and it's unbalanced that way since you don't get enough of it. You pretty much have to make the choice throughout the game if you want to buy weapons, or collectible maps.

method114 said:
shikamaru317 said:
Krusnik said:
Question If X1 COD: AW run @ 900p 60Hz will the PS4 ver also Run at 60Hz 1080p? I asked because I saw this article about it running at medium settings and got the impression that medium settings were somehow better than what the X1 outputs at the lower resolution.

I've seen some video footage of both the Xbox One version and the PS4 version. They looked identical to me, so I think the only difference is 900p vs. 1080p

Wouldn't trust any video you watch online they don't do these games justice. I realized this after watching tons of BF4 footage and not really being impressed. Then when I watched it live at home on my TV I was pretty impressed.

If you're talking to Shika that doesn't negate what he said. If the ps4 version looks worse on YouTube the Xbox one version would look equally worse 

Ltd predictions by the time 9th Gen comes out


Xbox one :75 million( was 65) 

Wii u: 20 milliion

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This guy is a mummy lol

Killer Instinct Notamummy Happy Halloween

Sunset Overdrive has given out over 8,000,000+ gamerscore!


MS is per share $0.57 off sthe stock being the highest since March 2000.


Ign First game for November is Evolve!


I bet pubs are scrambling to be IGN First for a month, the amount of exposure (and I'm sure it's helped Halo sales a lot).