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Improved Wiimote/Nunchuk, yes.

It's a pretty useless console as it is. I don't use the Gamepad for NSMBU and NSLU, I won't use it for Pikmin 3, DKC:TF and SM3DW. So the main benefit of the Wii U is better graphics which is as underwhelming as it can get. All those games might as well have been on the Wii, that way I wouldn't need to own a rubbish console that can't download and install things at the same time.

doesnt it use the wiimote+ which was improved? Should they have made an even newer one?

Its interesting that you bought the console anyway, despite how rubbish it is.

The Wii U supports the original Wiimote as well as the Wiimote+.

The obvious improvement over the current setup would be the removal of the Nunchuk cord and much better motion sensing in the Nunchuk part. I am not in favor of adding an analog stick onto the Wiimote or adding a touch screen (suggestions that have been made by others), because it would overcomplicate things. What I think would be a good adjustment is the replacement of the 1 and 2 buttons with four buttons arranged in the common diamond shape which would benefit games that are played with the Wiimote held sideways while not getting in the way of games that are played one-handed or with the Wiimote/Nunchuk setup. Plus even better motion sensing than in the Wiimote+, yes.

Such a hypothetical Wii successor would also support the original Wiimote and the Wiimote+ as long as the games don't require the capabilities of the new and improved Wiimote/Nunchuk. So just like the actual Wii U does with the original Wiimote; it can be used as long as a game doesn't require Motion Plus.

As for why I bought the Wii U, it's still going to be the only place to play the best games of the eighth generation, despite how rubbish the system is.

yeah that nunchuck could use better motion sensing, but I have to wonder what games would really benefit from that? I cant picture too much genres that would be really benefit from even MORE better motion sensing, but fair enough, one could argue the same about the gamepad itself.

Aside from making the nunchuck better at motion control, I'd have like to see if there would be a way to cut the nunchuk cord or make it optional. A cordless nunchuck on par with the Wiimote+ or a normal Wii remote could make for motion options similar to those of the kinetic, offering more gameplay options for potential Wii sports or Fit style games. Heck, they could have built a new nunchuk with the intention of it ultimately being used as a stand alone standard controller rather then reusing the Wii's. Gamers are used to buying new accessories with a new system, why Nintendo did see it necessary to not provide new ones that can be purchase is one of the reasons people are hesistant about the system and refuse to consider it Next Generation.

It is not just the power of the system, Nintendo seems to have chosen almost every other major decision concerning the Wii U which makes their system seem like it was meant for the previous console generation (or just the company being cheap) rather then the start of a new one.

there are already 3rd party controllers that are wireless, I dont think a better nunchuck would help that much. it would still have trouble tracking your entire body. It wouldnt be anywhere near Kinect, for that to happen they would need a MUCH better camera and as we have seen those arent really cheap. IMHO had we gone this route it would be just as expensive as it now with the gamepad, would it have been better? No way for us to know that.

It doesn't have to be as good as Kinect, but making the Nunchuk on par with the Wii remote would have allowed for more options for game play then just making everything compatable with the Wii accessories. I am fine with the Gamepad but Nintendo has taken the stance that only one gamepad per system, meaning multiplayer is dependent on the standard controllers, which based off of Nintendo's offerings is still considered the Wii remotes. For Wii owners it is a godsend in not having to buy new controllers right now but can you honestly say not having better technology for the system's main input device outside of the Gamepad or something that isn't dated even on the Wii wouldn't make the system more desirable?

i honestly dont know, im not convinced that people still are that much into motion gaming that a better wiimote combo would have really made a difference. Especially not at 300+ which is more expensive than the Wii was originally, thats just me. I can only speak for myself, but it would have not been that diserable to me, because there still would have been limitations

The fact the Just Dance still sells millions of copies on an otherwise abandoned system suggests there's still a market for motion controls. 

But you can't just duplicate the Wii experience  Enhance motion alone wouldn't sell.   A new Wiimote would also have to have enough imputs to be able to replace a dual analog to replace the need for a seperate Pro Controller and so all games can be ported easily.   That way motion/IR is only used when it enhances and not shoehorned in due to lack of analog/buttons.  But that still wouldn't be enough.   

WiiU should have been powerful enough to get next gen games without significant loss (this was a mistake with Wii).   But that too still isn't enough.

WiiU (like all next gen systems) needs to create a level of gameplay that hasn't been seen before.   Otherwise why buy a new console?   Since processing power alone no longer accomplishes this (and this is a challenge all next gen systems will face) something else needs to be introduced to take games 'to the next level'. To create that awe factor and get us all to want to go out and buy Mario, Zelda, DK, Mario Kart, Etc., etc., yet again despite it basically being the same game.   Wii had motion and online (initially anyway) for that.     WiiU's gamepad just fails to inspire.   It's just not obvious why this will enhance gameplay.

So what should Nintendo have added (on top of enhanced Wiimote/nunchuk, online, HD, processing power)?    I don't know.   I don't think anyone here does.  

never said that there wasnt a market im just saying that it is not as popular as it once was, hell JD sales have dropped even on WIi, so that tells me people are getting tired. And im not even going to get into the sales of the Wii U version.

We are a long way from having something like the WIimote be able to play ALL the genres to teh point where we dont need a pro controller option. Honestly i donnt think we will ever get there. But i agree with everything else.

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they just need to do a 3DS commercial but with WiiU and say that this is not Wii, it is the WiiU, Nintendos next gen console that cometh with a game controller that has a screen on it

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

oniyide said:
Cobretti2 said:
I agree that the majority of wii owners have no clue about what the Wii U is. Even knowledgeable ones have no idea the Wii U is out lol. One of my mates come over last week and was like when did u get a black wii, im like its a wii u. He was like what is that. I said Nintendo's next gen console he said oh...

I think they shoudl ave called it Wii 2 as well

or Wii2U

so the console can be used by all (we) to just you (the core gamer) lol.

the fact that even after you're friend found out he still didnt care. TO me that is the issue, people just dont CARE

well i dont know if he cared on not as he flew up to meet me for the day so we sorta stoped talking about it there and played some COD local multiplayer lol.

Saying that, he is one of those peoples who doesnt own many legit games so unless wii u was hacked he probably wouldn't bother, hence why he never got PS3 lol.



Roma said:
they just need to do a 3DS commercial but with WiiU and say that this is not Wii, it is the WiiU, Nintendos next gen console that cometh with a game controller that has a screen on it

A Wii U commercial that doesn't look like it is a Wii game or highlighted the various games on the system would probably go a long way.

NoirSon said:
Roma said:
they just need to do a 3DS commercial but with WiiU and say that this is not Wii, it is the WiiU, Nintendos next gen console that cometh with a game controller that has a screen on it

A Wii U commercial that doesn't look like it is a Wii game or highlighted the various games on the system would probably go a long way.

I think they should have 2 different commercials

One that has a highlight real of the upcoming exclusives

Pikmin 3, Luigi U, W101, Wind Waker, Wii Fit, Wii Party, DKC, 3D World

And another that shows off the exclusive features

Assymetrical gameplay, off screen play, free online, Miiverse, TVii

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