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Why haven't you bought it yet?

I have bought it 161 53.31%
It's sold out everywhere! 41 13.58%
I don't own a PS3 44 14.57%
I have no interest in this game 45 14.90%
I only play COD/Madden/Fifa 11 3.64%

What's the reason?


This is easily the best game I've played in YEARS. Every PS3 owner owes it to themself to have this masterpiece in their collection. 

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I don't have a PS3 anymore.

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I only play CoD/Madden/FIFA.

Said no one on this site, ever. I simply just don't have a PS3. I'll borrow my mates and play it on his.

I'll buy it when the price drops to $19(canadian)

I don't own a PS3, and have no one to mooch off of currently.

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I'll buy it when the price drops to $29.99 or $19.99.

I cant see myself paying $59.99 for a game.


Also I still need to get ND's other games : Uncharted Trilogy *-*!

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I don't have a ps3 and won't get one until it's $100. But I am watching someone else play it on youtube, and I got to say it's pretty good. I'm liking the characters and plot but it can be boring at times.

I didn't like the uncharted series, so I'm worried I won't like this either. I'll buy it when it hits the bargain bins.

Don't own a PS3.

Played 10 minutes ago. Amazing game.

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