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this game looks so cheesy

Yeah I saw that. I was excited about the game until I saw the video. Hopefully the negatives can be corrected though.

IGN is just trolling, judging an entire game based on a demo. Remember, you gave 9 to Heavy Rain, so wait until the game releases before trolling IGN.

Eh, doesn't look so great.

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Those guys never played a Quantic Dream game, weird controls are part of the charm in their games.

Love how QD games generate so much Love/Hatred. It's Heavy Rain situation all over again.

but still is a beautiful game

Click HERE and be happy 

Its quantic dreams, good ideas, very memorable scenes, cheesy, the ending is going to suck and be anti climatic.

in short Wasted Potential, but still pretty daring.

pls don't fuck this up :(
My hypez is too damn high man

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I am not too sure about this game either. Indigo Prophecy was okay at best, Heavy Rain was good but this one could go either way.