Forums - Gaming Discussion - So 3DS owners, what is stopping you from buying a vita right now? (If your interested)

For me the only thing stopping me is the price, and the lack of interesting titles imo.

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I don't see anything on it that I want, that's about it.

until now, nothing interest to me like PSP did

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I'm not sure if it has a future, either from Sony or 3rd parties. Especially after 2013 is done and lazy devs won't be able to use the same assets for both the Vita and the consoles.

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Price is a factor, i probably wont buy one until i can get it for about $149.99. Also games, it has some appealing games already but not the kind that will make me go out and buy a console, if it gets games like Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Final Fantasy then ill be more likely to pick one up.

Another thing is the big library of 3DS games coming and my backlog of PS3 games makes it hard for me to get a new console any time soon. Lastly i am hoping to get a Wii U sometime next year or this holiday depending on deals/bundles.

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Nothing on the console interests me, not to mention 3ds and Wii U gives me enough games to fill up my time spent gaming anyway.

Though I really want Persona 4 and maybe that Freedom Wars title, (Possibly even Tearaway)

But it's not really the price, but rather the memory cards. I mean the fk. That's such a ripoff to curb piracy. I'm saying no to that.

But I've actually held and played one for a while and it's actually really really good piece of hardware. But the software and the memory cards aren't helping.

If however there was a version that was free of mem cards and used SD cards along with a $199 price point and some more games then I could see myself getting one, likely during the end phase of the 3DS, or during a huge drought.

Till then I got my 3DS as long as Pokemon and Monolith's title will last me , so I guess around...2016? Is when it becomes a viable option for me, provided that Vita got rid of memory cards.

I still regret not getting that PSP though, but those were dark times for me. Luckily Vita's backwards compatible right? Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

I dont have time to play so many consoles, i couldnt understand how some people here on vgchartz found time to play a ps3, a wii, a xbox360, a psp and a DS last gen.

The console doesn't interest me. Also, my PSP is serving me well along with my 3DS.

I just want both (i haven't got a 3ds yet but will soon, but felt like contributing). Also, there are games on Vita i want like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed and Tearaway

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