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Do you think is unfair nintendo sings an exclusivity deal?

Yes, nintendo doesn't de... 97 14.63%
lol no 481 72.55%
... and you are? 85 12.82%

I just said, why not post it? what do you guys think?


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I get their frustration, but it can't be helped. This is how businesses are.

Damn right! We need to support these plataforms whatever they are!

I believe it's too late. I also believe the deal with end within next year. (They have already revealed two of the three exclusive games). Not to mention that Nintendo is cooperating with the development on at least Lost world, and I would assume Mario And Sonic at the Olympic winter games, that would be an exclusive anyways.

Bayonetta all over again.

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Oh quit whining.

You get EA.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

we will trade sonic to ea... oh wait... no no nevermind


i sign it just for LOL'S

No because the number of exclusive are going to rise next generation. Exclusive help make a console different and stand out more. Just like back during the Sega and Nintendo, both consoles had a numerous amount of exclusives

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really? LOL's

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