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"More PS4 rumors have landed in our inbox courtesy of a source close to Sony.  Apparently, both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus will be next generation games and the word is that Sony has secured an exclusive deal with Square-Enix to keep these titles on the Playstation 4.  We weren’t given any more details about this but from what was said, Sony has the titles locked.  As with all rumors, take it with a grain of salt and patiently wait for Sony’s E3 press conference."


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"Please be excited"

There, I said it, now no-one else can.  Continue with your thread.

Could happen in 2020 with SE usual dev time.

I kind of figured on KH3 for PS3, but that's not too much of a stretch.

Versus ever existing, on the other hand...

Well I assumed Kingdom Hearts 3, if it ever releases, would be Playstation exclusive anyway, since the first two are... and I'm not counting handheld games, just the numbered ones.

I guess we'll see in the future, I'm not going to get excited until we get confirmation from both Square and Sony.

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Why did I click on this? I want Versus for PS3 like it was promised ages ago. KH3 can go to PS4, as nothing has been shown from that.

no confirmation = no excitation (lol)

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Yeah it wouldn't be news that the main KH game would be exclusive. Thats kind of the way its always been.

Sounds like a situation that's too good to be true. Sony don't have the common sense to make this deal.

I see Sony is securing titles not just for launch, but for the end of PS4's lifecycle as well.