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Smash's buffer is about up now. Smash 4 starts gaining consistent point from here on out. Luckily Ultimate is about 6 weeks ahead of schedule, so it has time to really get rolling. This weekend had better be good.

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I have a feeling that Spider-Man will be under-represented by quite a bit on the COMG chart. For instance, at this moment it's #2 on Amazon JP and has been in the top 5 for almost 5 days now.

4 points for Smash! Leading all titles today! That's our Smash!

Who else is happy just like me? :)

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Wait...didn't know RE2 will release on the same day as KH3 in Japan. Anyway, nice that KH got another point and Smash continues (unsurprisingly) slaying, Pikachu and Eevee are shook.

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Another great day for Smash! Hopefully Boku no hero reaches 30 points and have a good ratio like most Switch games.

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Wow, I didn't know RE2R was making a crossover promotion with DBZ :p

Smash going strong like the Ultimate Smash it is !

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Kinda surprised at how low Little Dragons Cafe is doing, seeing Marvelous is pushing the game hard as the spiritual successor to their Bokujo series

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96 15 78 111
95 16 87 113
94 17 96 113
93 19 99 112
92 19 105 116
91 22 117 118
90 24 138 120
89 29 169  
88 29 177  
87 29 185  
86 28 191  

And Spatoon is already ahead of Pokemon.
It gaind so much points while beeing so far away from release. Completely forgot about that.

Still Pokemon Let's Go is about to overtake Kirby Star Allies (126) and 1-2-Switch (136)

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Smash Bros Ultimate has already beaten Super Mario Odyssey (208) and is now 4th place.
Next up is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (265) and Breath of the Wild (268)

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great to see spiderman getting a points, maybe it can reach 60 points