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XD84 said:

Octopath Traveler was not able to beat either of the two games. I hope it is due to a really low shipping amount of Square Enix. The Media Create numbers might give us a clearer picture.

Massive shortages in Japan though, it's clearly interfering with the game's sales.

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Mar1217 said:
Haha, Etrian cockblocked SSB xD

On another note, Octopath seems to have done decently on it's FW. Now, I do think shortages prevented further success for this week but the legs will be interesting to watch in the next 2 weeks !

Square Enix can only force stores to order so much lol. Word of mouth is pretty strong, even if the preorders weren't strong.

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But I guess in 2-3 days latest Smash will go first and then probably stay first until its release unless EO gets some freaking heavy last days.

Good day for Switch


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What are we expecting FW sales for KH3 / Smash / Pokemon?

Super Smash Bros. overshadowing the very good perfomance of Kingdom Hearts. lol

Pokemon - 1.7 million
Smash - 1.2 million
KH3 - 750k

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Thats a lot of green for a monday

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