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After a lot of consideration, I've decided that everyone now must have a tail. HOWEVER- you get to decide what kind of tail you want!

Bunny tail? Monkey tail? Dog tail?

Any particular species? Why?

I'm still trying to decide on my own at the moment - I think I'll go for a cat's tail- kinda long and silky :D

Have fun choosing your new companion :)

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lol what?

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

You could turn this into Vgchartz official Furry thread!

Then I will have something to fap to..... ( Gaf joke)

I would have a fox tail.

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A Saiyan tail, of course. Who wouldn't want the ability to turn into a giant ape at will?

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Tail? Uhh Raccoon tail of course so I can fly around.

i would want a tail that i would use, you know for it to be strong and have a strong grip. i can use it to hold pepsi while i play video games and drink. or wipe my bottom after im done in the bathroom. or something to bitch slap somebody with, that would be cool. i think i a snake tail would be perfect for that.

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NintendoPie said:


ohh man imagine bitch slapping someone with that purple monkey tail! fuck yeah!

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