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Which former console maufacturer would you bring back?

Neo Geo
Bandai (Wonderswan)
Magnavox (Odyssey)
NEC (PC engine)

Over the years, since the very first gaming consoles. We have seen many companies try their luck at making gaming hardware, some succeded and many have failed. Out of the ones that are sadly no longer here making consoles, say which one you want to come back. Some of them make games still for other consoles, but in this thread i'm talking the actual consoles only.

I think I would bring back Sega, just because of the legacy they left behind with the Mega Drive and Dreamcast especially. Amazing systems that tried to bring so many features for the time. They didn't get the recognition they deserved. Some truly great systems. But i respect that they left with the Dreamcast, there wouldn't be a Sega left too if they didn't. Even now, they make some great games, not just Sonic but Yakuza, Vanquish, Bayonetta etc. But i would definately buy there system if they made one today. I just wish they brought there older franchises to the current generation. Make a new Alex Kidd, Nights into Dreams, Shenmue etc.   

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You missed the one i'd pick.



They just need to bring back the Astrocade and i'd be happy.


The Last Starfighter

i added other to the poll

PSP, PS3, Vita, 3DS, Wii U and PS4.

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Seriously Sega would be the console manufacturer that deserves the impetus to run again.

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There's only two that were actually worth something, SEGA and Atari. Of those, I'd say SEGA (even if I think the 2600 was a great console).

Poll says it all.


Rare. Yes, Rare, they made the Nintendo N64.

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SEGA winning in a landslide. Positively shocking.

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