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I JUST SHAT MY PANTS, gonna add that I seriously got tears ALL OVER MY FACE and shivers like MAD! OMG


Main differences to Heavy Rain:

  • Mostly 3rd person camera. Slightly directed and sways a bit to points of high interest, but never too far away from the character
  • Walking/running entirely realized with the left analogue stick. No more R2 tank controls like Heavy Rain
  • Interacting with objects is still on the right stick, but no weird motions required anymore and everything can be triggered with an up/down flick
  • Combat also works around this idea, effectively making the need to remember all the buttons irrelevant
  • Different difficulty settings just like Heavy Rain, hardest one requires more inputs or has stricter timing, easy mode (for non-gamers) streamlines most of it
  • During 90% of the game you can switch at any point to Aiden (the entity) by pressing the triangle button
  • You solve puzzles with Aiden by manipulating the environment and possessing people. You control him freely with both sticks like a first person camera
  • Dialogue choices just like Heavy Rain, combined with branching paths and multiple endings
  • There are several free-roaming areas where you can use vehicles and horses to explore your environment freely
  • Fight scenes only use the right analogue stick and general action scenes require direct input (e.g. running through a forest while chased and you have to find a way out)

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Looks awesome indeed. Hoping for a PS4 version.

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

Attoyou said:
Looks awesome indeed. Hoping for a PS4 version.

Ya tell me about it. This game looks really good, but I'm planning to sell my ps3 for a ps4 or xbox infinity and this game comes out pretty close to their release dates. I might just get beyond as my last game this gen then though, not sure.

Hype level is critical right now and those features sound a lot more open than I thought which is great. Heavy Rain is one of the few games in my permanent collection and I've got the steel book collector's edition pre-ordered.

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The trailer is truly amazing.

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Has that livestream already happened? also amazing trailer day1

I'm truly stunned at those visuals and that's saying a lot considering what I've seen in the last 6 months.


Attoyou said:
Looks awesome indeed. Hoping for a PS4 version.

There won't be a PS4 version. I'll have to find the article, but Cage already confirmed it, and good for him. New console, new game.


Dat horse scene!

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Looks to be shaping up nicely :)