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This kind of stuff needs to stop. Look at the second post.

Look, I do my best to take the high road and I don't engage people directly... I do exactly as the rules stated, report the posts... but nothing ever gets done.

I know I am not the only girl who does this and there are about 10-11 of us that I know of... we get tired of reading this site and when I find the new members, I immediately seek them out so they don't start to feel alienated by it.

Anyway, this thread is NOT about Galaki or his post in particular... my point is, you can look at the thread in my signature relating to the women, the threads I linked in that OP... clearly, people think it's acceptable to make all these jokes about us and to be outright disrespectful and vulgar about it.

I don't go writing about my tampon habits on this forum, so why did I receive an insulting PMS joke? I don't go shoving things down people's throats, in fact, I tend to be very positive... it's a rarity I ever take issue with anyone directly, because I just don't have the patience to fight what is ultimately a losing battle with these individuals directly.

The moderators here need to address this. We report the posts. Obviously there is a problem here because it's stated very clearly in the rules, this stuff is not allowed. I don't care if Galaki gets banned, it's not even about that... at least delete the post or tell him to edit/curb his behavior. Why are we forced to read this stuff and why is everyone else forced to read the low-quality "moderated" content on this board that drive the dialogue of this site down with it... why don't they simply edit them out or at least delete them altogether if they are indeed dragging down the site?

I take issue with this and I don't really care too much about the backlash... I'm sure I will get a parade of immaturity from some members, but I'm only saying this because I've had it up to my head with it. I am actively trying to better the community and keep good members posting here. But it seems like such a waste of time to report posts when nothing is done about it.

I've had moderators and people alike (who I don't begrudge this personally), but I just don't understand... how they can act so sympathetic to what I am saying right now and then do nothing when we are all reporting these clearly problematic posts.

If women are not welcome here, then just say so. So far, that's basically the message I am getting from the actions of others. That said, there are a lot of problems on this forum, not even just what is allowed towards the girl's in particular, but just really all levels of immaturity that are putting the standards of this site closer and closer to gutter level.

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Thanks Jay :)

I've been on here for about 4 or 5 years and this type of stuff isn't new. I've always seen comments like that either directed at girls (girls who were users on the site) or about girls. It's not right. It chases the girls away and they don't come back.

I hope there is something done about this to make the site for friendly for girls and just all users in general.

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I agree.

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+1 especially when it comes to religion.


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Is this just about sex or the other things highlighted too?

Lots of users recently are very inconsiderate of religion.

I'm not surprised.  You're talking about a guy who the mods have permitted to have a jizz-filled condom as his avatar for a very long time now. 

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Where did you find that big thumbs up? Google?


Well i will just copy and paste it than

A big thumbs up to agree just because i can :)


Does this really happen though?  I never saw this happen.  

I'm not sure he meant anything by that, but banning Galaki is something I can always get behind.