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NSFW: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/cf/Angel_Blade_Cover.jpg

Welcome to the Official Hentai Discussion Thread.

From tentacle to Yuri (lesbian) to futanari and anything else Hentai you want to suggest to fellow fans.

Please don't post actual nudity in the forums. I've moved this to NSFW discussion and labelled it NSFW. Feel free to discuss hentai though.



1) Absolutely no embedding of any nudity, female or male.

2) Nothing featuring minors

3) No links to pornographic websites or videos. Links to images are fine. Embedding of images is not fine.

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0.o is this allowed?

Nintendo and PC gamer

This is not allowed since it's porn so have fun being banned.

Former something....

shouldn't this be in nsfw discussion?


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....I don't know what I was expecting.

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Blacksaber said:
This is not allowed since it's porn so have fun being banned.

Why are you being so harsh on him? The dude obviously didn't know, so he doesn't deserve a ban.

KungKras said:
shouldn't this be in nsfw discussion?

It is, but I'm new and didn't know.

I was looking for adult and didn't find it, so I decided to choose either movies or general.


But it is now NSFW, thanks to someone else, LOL but true.

And appearately we can only post link to adult animated images, even though it's animatation.


Best to learn early before it's late.

Excellent, I'll open the discussion by saying that I love a lot of momoyama jirou's series. Except the ones involving age differences..... that's not my thing.


The mod team has discussed the issue of whether VGChartz/gamrConnect can accomidate a thread such as this (even with the strict guidelines). And after much deliberation we've decided that it's in the better interests of the community that we draw the line at threads which are directly involved with pornography. While we host multiple threads about different type of men and women (also part of the NSFW discussion), there is a clear difference between those and Hentai. Hentai is , by definition, pornography while images, gifs, and videos of "sexy/attractive" men and women are not exclusively pornographic (although there are instances where images and links are posted and we have to intervene).

From the gamrConnect Forum Rules:

Work safe content. Some suggestive content is allowed, within limits, but it must be clearly marked before the image appears. Any content of this kind should go in NSFW Discussion. If your topic contains any NSFW material, this should be indicated in the title. If it’s in a post, it needs to be marked, and you must post a link rather than embedding the image unless you are in an appropriately marked thread. We aren’t trying to stop you from having fun, but people of all ages view this site, as well as people at work, so please keep your content appropriate and clearly marked. Pornographic content is never allowed, and the posting of such content will be treated as a very serious offence. All judgments on work safe content will be at the discretion of the moderator. Your avatar must be work safe - see Rule 5.

I underlined where I thought this issue appied with the rules we've had instated. In the end there are just too many loopholes to consider and too many "what ifs". This is just a line that we're not going to cross at this time. NSFW does not mean "anything goes", as there are still boundaries that we will enforce. If you would like you create a thread on sexy/attractive anime girls/guys, go for it. As long as you're not breaking any rules or linking to off-site porn websites, it should be fine.

As for this, this is where we're going to have to say no. Locking. ^_^