Better graphics: Killzone SF (PS4 2012) vs Crysis (PC 2007)

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Which one do you think looks better ?

Crysis 92 46.70%
Killzone 105 53.30%

With all the next gen graphics leap talk over here I'd just like to collect people's opinion about a a next gen console game coming in late 2012 or early 2013, against a last gen 2007 PC title. Feel free to add more comparison shots. Which one looks better ?




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crysis open world and killzone is not

I think Killzone looks more natural. There is something too harsh with the Crysis lighting, even when running it on max. However, the explosions may be better in Crysis than Killzone, as well as the physics:

ZaneWane said:

crysis open world and killzone is not

It's not open world per se. It's just big maps and they shrink the more you progress in the game.



Coming back to the OP, Crysis has always been impressive even for today's graphics and even compared to it's sequels made with Cry Engine 3. KZ SF would be 2013 by the way and this would mean that there is 6 years between them.

In the end, they look quite similar in terms of graphics which gives a lot of credit to Crysis.

You have to remember that for 3 years no one could run Crysis on decent framerates and settings.

KZ SF looks like the best looking fps made so far, but we'll see a lot better looking ones next gen.

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I think we finally have a FPS on consoles that looks (well maybe arguably since this thread exists, in my opinion definately) better than the good old Crysis.
Six years. It was a good fight, you were a worthy adversary, kudos to you.
Hope we're talking Vanilla only.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

ZaneWane said:

crysis open world and killzone is not


From a tech standpoint it is no contest. Killzone has many times more polygons on screen, much higher resolution textures, and much better lighting.

Someone might find the art style or atmosphere of Crysis more pleasing, but tech vs tech Killzone wins hands down.

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People actually think Crysis looks better? lol!!

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Killzone looks better...