What was your 1st game you have beaten without a strategy guide/Gameshark/Cheats?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - What was your 1st game you have beaten without a strategy guide/Gameshark/Cheats?

I'm going to have to say Sonic & Knuckles, but, in all honesty, I don't have a clue.

It could have been Jumping Flash! on PS1.

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Timesplitters 2 on the gamecube, but the total amount of the game that I beaten or unlocked was 89%.

LoZ: Link to the Past

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I had no Internet in the early 90s (it wouldn't have helped anyway) and I have never bought anything that would help me to get through a game faster, I spent my money on more games instead. So my first game where I used a Strategy guide was Secret of Mana because it came with the game. Club Nintendo (Nintendo Power) was free but I never knew about it before mid ninties. All games I played before Secret of Mana were without any help and the first game I played was Tetris I guess. Which wasn't beatable anyway but I finished all games I owned except Spiderman on Gameboy which I almost finished, Endboss killed me of every time I got to him which was twice within 4 years of trying it repeatedly, but I lost the game.

Super Mario World, if my memory serves me correctly. I played lots of NES games with my brother, but I was never good enough or focused enough to reach the end.

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I think Twisted Metal 1 or 2...or Donkey Kong Country...or Super Mario World... i don't know. Its hard to remember that long ago, one ofthose.

Beatable games? Probably TMNT 2, maybe Super Mario Bros, then Kid Icarus.

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Space invaders... I don't know, you didn't 'beat' games back then.

Hyper rally on the msx I guess.

I guess Yoshi's Island on SNES.

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what is the fun in that if you buy a strategy guide? i rather play the game and beat it without help.... I beat Contra, Guerrilla War, New Super Mario Bros Wii, SMB3, SMB2... the game i really like to beat but i never could was the complete Zelda series and Metroid series... i could never finish long ass games for some reason. lol.. they are not bad, i reckon they are fantastic series, but they are the "where the fuck do i go" type of games.