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So in the UK the Vita is RRP £229.99 and trust me the Vita is worth that price. 

The general market obviously didn't like that price point so over the holidays in the UK you could get a Vita with a game for £180.00 which was a great price. The sales still wernt that great. 

So my question is £50 isn't enough so how much does the price have to go to? What do you THINK the price needs to be? I personally think the price point should be £139.99 with a huge advert campaign. Obviously that would be hard for Sony and it more then likely very unrealistic. 



P.S the Vita has some amazing software like LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Wipeout, Assassins Creed ect. Before we get any of the usually vita hate from people who don't know what they are talking about. It has the games, Sony just need to advertise them!

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The greatest intro ever created

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$179 would be killer or else $199 with a corresponding drop in memory card prices.



150 or I won't buy.

Bought my PSP for about $199 with a memory card, movie and a game back in 2009, expect the same deal from the Vita, anything less will be awesome :D

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they should drop it to 179$ and include a memory card with each vita. but they will most likely drop it to 199$

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199$ with 4GB memory card included.

ThatGreekGuy said:
199$ with 4GB memory card included.


$599 less.

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Anything below 200$ should be a good start.