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CityOfNoobs said:
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TheLastStarFighter said:
@Ryan when I've been playing online there have been at least several thousand and match making has been quick.

Several Thousand? Yowzers. I'm used to seeing 600,000!

You are used to playing the game on a system that has sold 70 nillion units and has been out for over six years. So long as you can find games quickly there is no real difference between a few thousand and a few million, you only get to play with like 17 of them at once.  

I just hope this game keeps the numbers consistent or keeps rising (as they have been). 

There's is a difference. For a Wii U, it would be much harder to find a match than on PS3/360. Like someone in the first page said, they keep getting "server full" messages. Also, if you play one of the modes besides TDM such as Capture The Flag of Domination, finding a match would be very difficult . For example, If I"m playing a match of Domination and my team sucks, I quit and search for another match...on Wii U you'd end up joining the same exact match you left.

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CityOfNoobs said:
I have it and would Love to play sometime, add me if you have not already NNID: CityofNoobs

I will add you. I am RangerOne.

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I own it for Wii U. It's my first call of duty game(can you believe it?) so i'm not that great. I would love to play with some of you guys. My NNID is Mensrea.

So when is this going down?

Kenology said:
So when is this going down?

I told them about a month, but I'll move up my schedule for playing by a week, just to make everyone happy!

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Anyone able to play today? Raptureofheaven and I played a few games yesterday with other randoms, but I would like to try an all VGChartz match. Coordinating time zones is always the issue. I am in the EST zone which is GMT -5 (5 hours behind). We would need to have 4-8 players to make a game of it. Not all players will make every match, so for each match we will need a "HOST" to start the CUSTOM MATCH and the others will join him/her. The HOST will decide on the map and other options unless everyone has headsets. Sound ok to everyone?

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NNID = RangerOne

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In a week ill be ready, first i have to finish the campaign mode

i will be online in a hr or less.






I was just playing for a couple of hours, taking a break now. Could play some more starting in a few minutes. But, I really really suck. 

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I saw 3 of you guys online today, and I sent invitations to join my CUSTOM game. Only ramuji joined in, and it is hard to enjoy free-for-all with only 2 players (especially when he kicks my ass).
So lets try this. I will be on tonight at 7pm EST. I will check here at 6:45pm. If at least 3 others leave a message that they will join me, I will HOST a CUSTOM game of free-for-all. Just make sure I am on your friends list, so I can invite you. I also believe my friends can join me without an invite. If this time does not work out, please propose alternate times and dates.

One other point. In the CUSTOM matches, your regular CUSTOM CLASSES do not show up. You will need to create them again. 

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, always assume you have the upper hand.

NNID = RangerOne

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