Should we take "Christ" out Christmas?

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Should "Christ" be taken out of this time of Year?

It's a religious Holiday... 189 64.51%
It's not about any Relig... 54 18.43%
I really don't care - wh... 50 17.06%

Actually chistmas is a pagan holiday. The 25th is really the sun-gods birthday or the celebration of sol-ivictus birth day. Constitine included chrisitans on this holiday  to push christianity and actually a majority of christian holidays where stolen from pagans.

Christmas = Christ- Pagan Mass.

Jesus birthday was never really known. As he is a mythical god and was made up. So when you use a book as metaphorical as the bible, it's a great way to confuse and trick people . Leaving the bible so open ended makes it harder to nail down facts and interpretations.  Thats why you got so many different religions out of one book. Sh-t one religion used the bible to write another book. Mormanism.  My opinion  but I think Religion is a joke. I'm sorry but it is and if people believe in it, I got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. God blessed it.