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Sony Best FF game To Date Thats From Home Console Only?

FF VII 30 32.61%
FF VIII 4 4.35%
FF IX 15 16.30%
FF X 14 15.22%
FF X-2 1 1.09%
FF XI 0 0.00%
FF XII 7 7.61%
FF XIII 6 6.52%
FF XIII-2 1 1.09%
SNES ones where the best! 14 15.22%

What gave the best performance/most liked/ best delivery in the series?


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I guess i'll start, I played FF 10 first and find it great. The others FF8, FF 10-2, FF11, Where good in its own way but i chose FF10 As the best. (sequel was a little weird but good)

My most favorite one is Final Fantasy IX that I voted.

However I do have to say I did enjoy FFVII and FFX as my 2nd and 3rd choices followed up by FFXII and FFXIII (shocking I know).

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Come on people, this was the most requested thread i got. Lets hear some comments. (and vote)

FF6 on snes kills any.

But if Sony only FF7. 10 - 13 are crap in comparison.

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selnor said:
FF6 on snes kills any.

But if Sony only FF7. 10 - 13 are crap in comparison.

i was waiting for someone to ask this so i'll ask you, is there a port to the ds from the SNES system?
I heard FF3 was one of the best.

I'll go with 13 cause its the only one I've played.


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From what I have played. They're all great though, even the bottom Final Fantasy's are still great games. VIII and XIII-2 are actually my step brother's favourites.

6, 5, 1, 9, 4, 7, 10-2, 8, 12, 2, 10, 11, 3, 13.


Yes.  You are seeing that right.  10-2 isn't last or even close to last. The storyline might suck, but the gameplay is amazing and more than makes up for its flaws.

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That order. Top is greatest, bottom is bad.