Forums - Sales Discussion - Anyone else find people bashing VGChartz, then using their estimates moments later annoying?

its no secret that this sites numbers can be off at times, but what really annoys me is that you have certain users bashing this site on a daily bases as well as using their estimates on the same day, so what gives?

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its a common hypocrisy that I have chosen to ignore.

There are many people that use or abuse the data as it suits their mood or agenda on a given day, or hour.

I'm not really here!

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It's a classic case having your cake and eating it too.

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hypocrisy is human


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Is there a recent example you have in mind? Using VGChartz hardware numbers is fine if they've had some time to adjust possible errors imo.

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I'm still butthurt over those initial PS Vita black Friday numbers, so I disagree.

Like anything, people like stats that support their belief and disregard stats in opposition.

I feel that VGchartz is plenty accurate enough so you'll never see me post "It's under tracks" or "It's over tracked", or "Wait for the adjustments".

Yeah those Black Friday numbers annoyed me, but I still am pretty happy with the numbers.

I am sure even people on Neogaf use us. They just do not want to admit it. The numbers that vgchartz usually get wrong are the ones where they are just going for it without much time to correct things. Black fridays numbers for example. But where else can you easily at the click of a mouse find thousands of pretty accurate game totals?

Yes, it happens, and it's funny.

Slightly off topic but I think people should stick to quarterly reports and official announcements, as vgc numbers will become "more" inaccurate eventually, digital distribution is just one of the many reasons.

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Funnily enough I've realised exactly to whom you're referring to once I saw e thread title. Yes I do find it beyoNd annoying when people are being hypocrites too, but ain't nothing that canbe done, so might as well ignore it.

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