What is the next Wii U game you are going to get?

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I have Mario, NintendoLand and Back Ops II, I've been wondering which one I should get next, I know someone is giving me ZombiU but I was thinking on getting either Assassin's Creed III or Batman... Some help, anyone?

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Rayman, Aliens - Colonial Marines and Monster Hunter

I have assassins creed 3 and Blops 2 right now, thinking about getting ZombiU next, or Batman. Blops 2 is really eating my time though. And assassins creed 3 is huge, plus im still trying to get thru Xenoblade and after that I got Muramasa, Fire Emblem and a ton of VC games to play thru. I have more games than I have time right now. Needless to say... I love Nintendo

Games are fun.

I suspect it's going to be like my Vita experience. A lot of time will be spent playing my other consoles while I wait for the games that justify the purchase to arrive. I'll probably grab Batman and Zombie U. I've been looking at Trine 2 but I don't know if it $20 good.

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Super Mario Universe, Zelda: The Legend of U, or Metroid Primu

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i bougth it, for this game i can pay up to $30. 

Entered this thread to talk about what game I'm getting...but don't really feel like talking about it having seen which games cusman currently owns. Seriously? Can you even play that many? I feel exhausted just looking at the list. I hope you "take a break" like Nintendo suggests every now and again.

Right now I'm still quite content (and quite busy) with Epic Mickey 2, NSMBU, ZombiU, and Scribblenauts.

However, I've got Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Trine 2, and maybe Little Inferno down the pipeline.

So far so great.

The remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Most definitly Lego City Undercover.  I bought the WiiU mainly for that game.  I'm obsessed with Lego games.