Is the Wii U really sold out?

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Have you seen a lot of Wii U consoles sitting on shelves?

Yes 94 23.21%
No 232 57.28%
I don't care about the Wii U 79 19.51%

I'm asking this since I've seen a bunch of comments all over the internet saying they can't find any Wii U on stores. However there are also a lot of comments saying they found one without any problem, some people said they found stores with a couple of Wii U's on shelves. So which one is it? I don't live in the U.S so I wouldn't know, but I guess it depends on where you live. 

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I have heard from a few friends that they can find white ones, in certain markets (primarily Chicago metro--not so much in NYC or LA, tho), but not a sigh of deluxe units, which is what all of them want.

I just picked my Deluxe (black system) up, was on the Gamestop wait-list. Didn't pre-order and I already got one, the guy at Gamestop mentioned I was "pretty far down on the list" when I called them back to confirm they had a console for me, he was kind of surprised they'd called me since there were people listed before me. I'm guessing they didn't pick there's up in the 48 hour window or there was a mistake and they called me prematurely.

Wasn't hard for me to get one, but I don't know if I'm just an exception since I'm only 1 customer from 1 Gamestop.

Oh and to answer your poll question, I didn't notice any WiiU's on their shelves, but the guy had to get mine from the back, so if they had any others they were in the back where customers can't see.

My local Gamestop has messaged me twice to tell me they have them in stock. I haven't picked one up yet because I have no money.


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I was just at Walmart, and they had 4 or 5 basic WiiUs there. No deluxe though.

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wish i had any input but i haven't been to the store. i'll be sure to provide black friday input though.

My best buy on Tuesday had a tub of them. Cool.

yes they are selling out but nintendo has planned for this and has been having more shipments for it than the wii. They expect to sell 5.5m wiiU's this fiscal year

There are some on Walmart/Gamestop shelves around where I live.

My walmart is stuffed with them.