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Hi!I've been wondering if I should buy a Wii U (I'm going to make a trip to the states and I can get it cheap).

I'm what you would call a Sony fanboy, I had a nes, a snes a gb, and a gba. But my gaming live changed when I got my PS. That's whe I started to REaLLY enjoy gaming (thanks to RPG's). At that moment, I never looked back and only played sony consoles.

But, in recent times I've had nintendo nostalgia. I miss some of those games. Plus, my GF has a wii, and I've had a blast playing it with her. I've only played Mario Kart and NSMBW (but they are serious fun). And I've only played multiplayer with her and her family.

I've been thinking in buying a WiiU for her. She almost only enjoys Mario games ans mini-games. She specially enjoys games with local multiplayer. I also think we could both enjoy the system (and I could in a future use it to play games like Zelda). 

My main questions are:

How's the local multiplayer experience on the WiiU??? Is it like the Wii? Or more like the PS3 and 360???

Having one player using a tablet controller and the other a classic or Wii controller diminishes the experience???

Do you think a Wii ->WiiU upgrade is good for her??? or would she be equally happy with just the Wii.

This questions are because I've had the impressio nthat this console is build more towards a "solo experience" rather than a family experience. 

Thank guys!!!

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Why are you even asking this? You're dead to me.

1. Wii U has tons of couch coop games out the gate. I will be biased and only list the ones I care about: Sega all star racing, mario u, nintendoland are a must have

2. I dont believe so but I think gamepad players have a slight advantage in some games( i know sega racer does). Just both use wii mote or pro

3 . Only she can answer that, so ask her

4. everything about wii u is social..far from single xxperience

Yes buy one its awesome i own 2 PS3 AND A 360.and iam still geting a wii u.
The tablet controler is awesome i messed withit at walmart.


"Do you think a Wii ->WiiU upgrade is good for her??? or would she be equally happy with just the Wii."

Women are never happy and always looking for the next Wii they can play with. This one will be an upgrade for her too, it is longer and black.

So I vote YES.



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The only difference between the PS3 and the Wii U are the exclusives, so it all depends on whether you're a fan of Nintendos exclusives.

We picked up the Wii U yesterday (already have a PS3 & 360) and we're having a blast.  Blops2 is excellent on here and it's great having two players each with their own screen.  I also have a original 3DS, Vita & iPad 2 and the screen on the game pad is awesome....Playing Blops2 on the game pad screen is awesome looking and better than any game I've seen on any of my handhelds....  I hadn't really figured that playing on the game pad screen would amount to much, but we're sold on it now.

Stop hating and start playing.

Local multiplayer should be similar to the Wii, but better thanks to the Upad.
I think you and your girlfriend could have a great time with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U, and Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing should do the trick while you wait for Mario Kart U. Rayman Legends will have a co-op mode so that may be another game to consider once it's released.

If you have the money then it would probably be worth getting one, and if you don't like it there's always eBay.

is there any game that you desperately need to play as soon as possible? if you took more than 3 seconds to come out with an answer, the answer is no. Wait and force nintendo to make a better case. Super mario wiiU is not the best Wiiu mario game that can be made with today standards.

Stop giving in and let nintendo that think that a New Super Mario Bros is enough. Its not enough.

Well I sold XBox 360 and PS3 for a Wii-U. I have already a PC. Yes Wii-U is awesome...faster browser, gamepad advantage, universal remote, UPDATE COMING DECEMBER....etc...etc...

"Do you think a Wii ->WiiU upgrade is good for her??? or would she be equally happy with just the Wii?" -

Wii-U is backwards compatible.