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Vgchartz's Top music of the 80's Elimination Thread

1. Each song starts with 30 points, It is eliminated, once it reaches 0

2. There is a total of 100 songs

3. A minus vote = -6 points and a Plus vote = +3 points

4. Please leave quoting to no more than 3 quotes

5. One vote every four hours. One up vote and one down vote

6. Voting continues until 10 songs are left. 

7. Listen to the song on youtube or spotify if you are unsure

WARNING: this thread may become controversial!

This thread has been approved by Kantor

The Songs
Rank Song Points
1 Phil Collins- In the air tonight 150

3 Guns n' roses- sweet child o' mine 21

6 The police- Every breath you take


8 AC/DC- back in black 168

12 Duran Duran- a view to a kill 222
28 Michael Jackson- Thriller 45
29 Duran Duran- Hungry like the wolf 144
30 Guns n' Roses- Paradise City 156
55 a-ha- take on me 138

59 Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams 81

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+ Phil Collins- In the Air Tonight
- Elvis Costello- Shipbuilding


Salt n' Pepa- Push it
Kenny Rogers-I don't need you
Eaze-E- boyz in the hood
Bon Jovi- Livin' on a prayer
Van Halen- Panama
Ramones- Howling at the Moon
Madness- Baggy Trousers
U2- with or without you
Elvis Costello- Shipbuilding
Cyndi Lauper- Girls just wanna have fun!
Kylie Minogue- Locomotion
Soul II Soul- Back to Life
Soft Cell- Tainted Love
Bruce Springsteen- Born in the USA
George Jones- He stopped loving her today
Public Enemy- Fight the power
Journey- Don't stop believing
Def Leppard- Love Bites
Bruce Springsteen- Dancing in the dark
Madonna- Material Girl
Bonnie Tyler- Take me out
NWA- fuck tha police
NWA- Straight outta compton
Whitney Houston- How will I know?
Laura Brannigan- Gloria
Beastie boys- fight for you right
Willie Nelson- always on my mind
Marvin Gaye- sexual healing
Gloria Estefan- Here we are
The Pretenders- brass in pocket
Nick Cave & the bad seeds- Mercy Seat
Phil Collins- Against all Odds
The Smiths- how soon is now?
The Human League- mirror man
The specials- ghost town
The Ramones- end of the century
Motley Crue- Girls Girls Girls
The Smiths- Panic
Lionel Richie- All night long
Stevie Wonder- Lately
Tears for Fears- Madworld
Berlin-Take my breath away
Rob base & DJ E-Z rock- it takes two
Madonna- like a prayer
Joy Division- atmosphere
Foreigner- I want to know what love is
The Jam- going underground
David Bowie- ashes to ashes
Fleetwood Mac- everywhere
The Clash- Should I stay or should I go
Pet Shop Boys- West end girls
Bob Marley- Redemption song
Rick Astley- Never gonna give you up
The Bangles- Walk like an Egyptian
REM- the one I love
Frankie goes to Hollywood- two tribes
Katrina and the waves- Walking on sunshine
The rolling stones- Start me up
Blondie- the tide is high
The Clash- I fought the law
Talking Heads- Once in a lifetime
The stone roses- fool's gold
Skid Row- 18 & life
Queen & David Bowie- Under pressure
Metallica- One
Prince- Sign o' the times
Frankie goes to Hollywood- relax
The Cure- In between days
Joan Jett- I love rock and roll
Judas Priest- Breaking the law
Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy train
Motorhead- ace of spades
hall and oats- out of touch
dire straits- money for nothing
Iron Maiden- Run to the hills
George Michael- Faith
Pat Benatar- Battlefield

Foreigner- Urgent

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
Prince- when doves cry

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Put a note in the OP about the fact that I approved this.

I also recommend that you increase the minimum from three hours, but it's up to you.


+ Guns n' roses- sweet child o' mine
- Cyndi Lauper- Girls just wanna have fun

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Well... If you don't change the points system (+3/-3) it looks like this thing will go on forever! ...or maybe until those five songs hit like several hundred points each.



+ Crazy Train

- Hungry Like a Wolf

I will agree to that.
+Crazy Train
-Dancing in the Dark

I like the new Dancing in the Dark better. :3

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Yeah, the negative vote should be worth more points than the positive. That way points are being deducted from the game's total with every post... unless you're just doing it this way at the beginning so that people's favorites aren't easily voted off prematurely.

+ Ozzy - Crazy Train
- Hall & Oates - out of touch


Well... If you don't change the points system (+3/-3) it looks like this thing will go on forever! ...or maybe until those five songs hit like several hundred points each.


Edit - Nevertheless..:

+ Crazy Train

- Hungry Like a Wolf

Thanks for the advice, this is the first time i'm doing a thread like this, so the new system is (+3/-6), voting still goes on till 5 songs are left for now..

Everyone, put the artist AS well as the song in future please like I have

+ Run DMC- its like that

-Salt n' Pepa- Push it

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+ Metallica- one

- Rick Astley- never gonna you give you up

+ Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

- Bon Jovi - Livin on a Prayer

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+ Judas Priest - Breaking the Law (the Live version is sooooo much better than the studio track).
- Salt 'n Pepa - Push It