How many BluRays do you own?

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How many blurays do you have?

<20 137 59.31%
20-30 16 6.93%
30-40 14 6.06%
40-50 8 3.46%
+50 club 17 7.36%
+100 club 14 6.06%
+200 club 17 7.36%
+500 club 8 3.46%


Who owns any movies anymore?
We rent/digitally watch/download all of our movies. (Or, rarely, we will go to the theater and see it!)

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Abount 15, my collections increases slow but steadily.

Well over 50 but I can't be bothered counting right now lol
Though I've mostly stopped purchasing because I have limited storage space. If I was to count PS3 games then it's easily over 100.




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Branko2166 said:
Well over 50 but I can't be bothered counting right now lol
Though I've mostly stopped purchasing because I have limited storage space. If I was to count PS3 games then it's easily over 100.

Nice, as blurays get cheaper I tend to buy a lot more!

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Turkish said:
spurgeonryan said:
I own zero blu Rays. I have close to 1,000 VHS and 200 DVD's though!

Wow dude you need more blu in yo life!

Not in this digital world.


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I'm more of a physical kind of guy, I'm not really into the whole 'on-demand' thing. I like being able to go over to my shelves of DVDs and Blu-Rays and 'browse' my collection, picking ones out, looking at the cover art, reading the synopsis, stuff like that. As I write this I can glance to my right, and see part of my collection, like the movies themselves, each has it's own story! The VHS of 'The Lion King' I've had since I was a kid, my first Blu-Ray, a DVD I imported from America, those damn expensive steelbooks, the DVD I bought years ago yet still haven't watched, the DVD that's still in it's plastic wrapping, the movie I own on VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray. Some have that real sentimental value.

Think I have around ten. Let's see:

-terminator 2
-Terminator 3
-Batman Begins
-The Dark Knight
-Toy Story 3

I'll be picking up The Dark Knight Rises at launch, an the classic Disney movies once they come down in price, but I'm mostly content with DVD since it is cheaper and not all movies scream for HD

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Turkish said:
I think many people here are young and don't buy blurays, if they buy movies at all, probably dvds. Not dissing anyone though.

23, and i know of no-one who owns a standalone player in my circle of friends. I'm not a movie guy, though, i'm more of a TV man.

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not so many, maybe 20 (i count as example the alien box or planet earth box as only one). i bought hundreds of dvd's when i was younger and when there was no blu-ray on the market but then i realized that i don't watch most of them more than one or two times so i stopped purchasing movies like an addicted. rental is enough for a movie i only watch one time... nowadays i only buy them rarely when i really really like the movie or if it's a nature docu because i watch these plenty of times (or parts of them)