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Sounds good

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Looks pretty good.

Pro controller was a genius move for Nintendo.

They'll be able to get every single one of the games ported to WiiU that people would have avoided on the Wii because devs didn't think there was a big enough market due to the classic controller being not popular enough, thanks to the tablet having all of the same functions, and they'll sell because people who care will absolutely pick up pro controllers.

I expect to get two tablets and two pros, myself, but I may expand from there.


Also, after seeing the controller from more angles, I can now say it's not as much like a 360 controller as it originally looked. The rest of the controller's design outside of the top shape is much more similar to a Classic Controller Pro or the underside of the UPad.

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I like the 360 controller, so I'll like the pro controller.

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nice! something which is like my most beloved controller of all time can't be wrong for me.

Of course it's lightweight, there's no battery in it.

Also find it odd he didn't even mention THE major difference between it and the X360 controller.

What does he mean about the clicking of the shoulder triggers? my experience with the X360 is limited.... does he mean an additional click after the analogue portion of the trigger (a-la GC) or are X360 digital shoulder buttons a different kind of click (ie the difference between the A button and the + & - buttons)

I'm just worried that they're going to use the gamepad or Pro controller for all shooting games on WiiU. I absolute *hate* dual-analog shooters. The Wii pointer controls are so much more suited for that task, and so much more comfortable.
I just hope devs will give us the option of choosing a controller, I'd vastly prefer the Wiimote + Nunchuk combo for shooters over any gamepad/pro controller setup any day.

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kowenicki said:
I like the 360 controller, so I'll like the pro controller.

I do too, I think it was smart choice combining the 360 awesome feel with the classic controller (snes). It is taking something that works and actually doing it right.