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Argh_College said:
VGKing said:
Argh_College said:
Vita selling 6k is crazy... add another 6k in USA and you have 12k xD

Nice try. It's more like 20k in USA.

LOL i was joking man why so serious ?

No, you were definitely not joking.

6k plus 6k equals 12k for real.

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Newest Japanese Sales: Dragon’s Dogma Sells Huge

And Nintendo’s domination continues unabated.

As always, Japanese firm Media Create has released its weekly sales data. This week's trove of information covers the week from May 21st through May 27th, and has been translated by Andriasang.

Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate the Japanese gaming market. 3DS sales surged over 50,000 units for the week, with the next closest console or handheld, the PlayStation 3, coming in at just under 15,000 units sold. Meanwhile, PSP continues to outsell the struggling PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360 saw an unusual uptick in sales because of the new Cave shooter entitled Mushihime-sama, as well as a new Monster Hunter and an alternate SKU of Dragon’s Dogma.

  • 1.) Nintendo 3DS - 55,212
  • 2.) PlayStation 3 - 14,771
  • 3.) PlayStation Portable - 10,617
  • 4.) PlayStation Vita - 6,675
  • 5.) Nintendo Wii - 6,149
  • 6.) Microsoft Xbox 360 - 3,069

Nintendo once again dominates the software sales charts in terms of how many games it has on the list, but Dragon’s Dogma on PlayStation 3 was the best-selling game of the week, with Mario Tennis Open on 3DS coming in a distant second. Seven of the top ten selling games of the week are brand-new, and 13 of the top 20 are new, which is a nice change of pace from recent weeks.

Overall, the Nintendo 3DS accounted for six games on the top 20 list. PlayStation Portable took five more slots, with PlayStation 3 taking four of its own. Xbox 360 had an unusually strong week in Japan with three titles on the top 20, with PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii taking one each.

  • 1.) Dragon’s Dogma (PS3, 302,040 [NEW])
  • 2.) Mario Tennis Open (3DS, 101,645 [NEW])
  • 3.) Uta no Prince-sama DEBUT! (PSP, 61,376 [NEW])
  • 4.) Dragon’s Dogma (360, 29,024 [NEW])
  • 5.) Mario Party 9 (Wii, 20,820 [380,763])
  • 6.) Idolmaster Anime & G4U! Pack Volume 8 (PS3, 16,670 [NEW])
  • 7.) Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS, 14,642 [391,345])
  • 8.) Juuza Engi: Engetsu Sangokuden (PSP, 11,627 [NEW])
  • 9.) Monster Hunter Frontier Online: Forward 4 Premium (360, 9,893 [NEW])
  • 10.) Super Mario 3D Land (3DS, 9,858 [1,595,096])
  • 11.) G1 Grand Prix (3DS, 9,821 [NEW])
  • 12.) SteinsGate Double Pack (PS3, 9,223 [NEW])
  • 13.) Monster Hunter 3G (3DS, 7,849 [1,458,658])
  • 14.) Mario Kart 7 (3DS, 7,648 [1,720,566])
  • 15.) My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute Portable: Can’t Possibly Continue (PSP, 6,753 [59,929])
  • 16.) Elminage Gothic: Ulm Zakir to Yami no Gishiki (PSP, 6,169 [NEW])
  • 17.) Samurai & Dragons: Deluxe Package (PSV, 6,072 [NEW])
  • 18.) SteinsGate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling (PS3, 5,397 [NEW])
  • 19.) Mushihime-sama (360, 5,135 [NEW])
  • 20.) Persona 2: Eternal Pubishment (Wii, 4,885 [29,431]

VGking said:
Persona 4, that hatsune Miku game and the white colour
"lots of boost coming to Vita"

LOL, it seems he doesnt even know what Miku is about, but sure it will skyrocket Vitas sales XD.
I like how he even believes what he says xD

Persona 4 is going to move some hw, maybe for 3 weeks...

RolStoppable said:
NintendoPie said:

Well, the Holiday in Japan (for sales of products) has gotten really popular in Japan recently. I think it should get a healthy jump. Truthfully, though, I'm not sure on exact numbers. VGC is not really working with me to look back at Holiday Numbers for past games in the series. (As we all know it's gone down-hill in ease of use for searching past sales.)

But, it only sold 290K(?) in Japan. It already passed it. Right? (That's what VGC says.)

Even if the VGC database was still good, you wouldn't find any FE numbers for the holidays. Most games were released during spring or summer and none of them had legs that lasted into the holidays or resurgences during the holidays.

Awakening will slowly, but surely, fizzle out. There won't be new DLC forever, but the game should make it past 500k lifetime.

I have no idea where you got that 290k number from nor which FE game it refers to.

I'm talking about the #1 FE. When I looked it up (it gave me that list of best-least selling) it showed the best selling only got 290K sales or so in Japan.

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VGKing said:
Argh_College said:
Vita selling 6k is crazy... add another 6k in USA and you have 12k xD

Nice try. It's more like 20k in USA.

Lol. What the heck? He didn't even say anything bad. It made no sense why he said it, but it wasn't bad. 

Bad reason for reporting, though.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Trolls!!! Troooools everywhere!!!!!

mootap said:
RolStoppable said:
NintendoPie said:

Whatever, Rol. I'm not going to argue with your ignorance.

You really have no idea how sales work. Awakening is only halfway there and its best weeks are already behind it. You are predicting strong legs, but this is an SRPG we are talking about here. The popularity of a system doesn't automatically make everything have great sales.

Stragedy games dont sell..starcraft says hi,plus the mere fact it's an rpg in japan is not like it's a bad thing

Your post is a little stragic. First, he didn't say stragedy games don't sell. He said stragedy RPGs don't have long legs, at least not in Japan. This is historically strue. For the record, RPGs struly don't have long legs there either, barring the odd Dragon Quest game; most of them are exstremely front loaded.

This is funny! If Vita's price cut is announced at E3 both systems will drop the price in the exact same week in japan

If not, then the gap will increase expoentially from now on.

I doubt there is going to be a price cut. I just don't see it. Color me surprised if this does happen.

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