Manchester has a title at last!!!!!!!!!!!

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City champions...


Bye Bye Man Ure!!!!! 


I'm not really here!

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Insane match.. what a tension at City - QPR.. 2 very very late goals for City to win it.. amazing


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Amazing game... I couldn't believe it!

I dunno man...I'm sure they had 'tiles' before too


congrats to the team and the fans

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This sucks :(. 2 golas in overtime....

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I was hoping that QPR would be able to hold on to it at 2-1. It would have proved in some way that you can't just buy a Premier League title.

(I should note that as a Villa fan I'm a bitter and twisted person)

Football is just which billionaire owner has more cash now. Nothing to do with the area the team is based in.

I can support England because the players are all English but City is a random assortment of expensive footballers like any other major team.

Epic win, i just watched on tv, but not their first tittle, i think it´s their third league

Amazing match!
First F1, now this... this sunday is historical so far!

Celebrating a team like Manchester City is just wrong.

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