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I lolled at badgenome's comment haha. VGChartz taking over youtube!

Edit: and LOL! The guy I was arguing with has had his account deleted...wonder why

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It is a shame to see someone brutally attacked like that. I hope who ever did it is brought to justice.

To the OP, you claim you are against racism but you made race a factor with the title of this thread, you included race in your own personal assessment and also decided it was fair to call the "black" people "thugs". Where was your thread about the 2 white guys from tulsa who shot 5 african american men and killed 3? What about those thugs?

In any case, justice is blind and I hope he and his family get the justice they deserve and these criminals are taken off the street.

I have lived as a warrior. I have died as a god. Having suffered the ultimate sacrifice, I have been denied release. I...I will defeat Olympus. I will have my revenge


badgenome said:
thismeintiel said:

I will say this, Trayvon's parents are not going to like this process.  From the beginning they have tried to make their son out to be an innocent boy, with the 4-5 year old pictures and the interviews saying he was just a good kid.  Of course, since then things have come out that show that isn't the most accurate picture.

I don't think you can blame the parents for that. They lost their son, and the situation was compounded when his killer went free without even a trial. I haven't seen them do anything at all objectionable, which is pretty admirable considering what they've been through. It did initially sound kind of odd to me that they copyrighted Trayvon's name, but then again, there are no doubt people who would try to merchandise their tragedy, so I certainly can't blame them for wanting to prevent that.

The real villains here have been the media for its intemperate coverage (to put it mildly), and the race hustlers (NBPP, Sharpton, Jackson, etc.) who have been trying to ride Trayvon's corpse to relevance.


Yeah, I don't even know what to think of this case anymore.  At first it seemed like a young boy had been murdered in cold blood.  Now it seems that Zimmerman followed him after the Police Dispatcher told him not to, they got into an argument, and Trayvon beat his ass, so out of fear he shot Trayvon from the ground.  I will now wait until the trial to pass final judgement.  As it stands now my opinion has changed from Murder to Manslaughter.  Both men acted poorly, but I still feel like Zimmerman shouldn't have followed Trayvon after he called the Police.   I am glad that this is going to trial, the facts need to get out.

d21lewis said:

Just be glad he didn't disrespect Gears of War.  If this is what happens to a black guy, imagine.....

Was he smiling just before he smacked him?! What is this world and laughing then attacking?

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

lilbroex said:

Will you be makings threads about this and posting it to 4chan to find the criminals?

Those guys deserved it, the staff should have held the last two people for the police.

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Sometimes I wish a strong leader would rise and cleanse the world of such filth.

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." -My good friend Mark Aurelius

homer said:
Sometimes I wish a strong leader would rise and cleanse the world of such filth.

This what that kind of thinking will lead to. 

The rest of my post doesn't even pertain to your comment, homer.  Just some things I've been thinking since this thread began.

You know it's been said before but there's good and bad in all races.  As a jailer, one of the first inmates I ever got to know was a white guy name Lloyd that shot a black guy named Reginald (aka Disco) in the face and killed him.  There was no uproar or anything.  I never saw it as anything racial.  Just a case of a bad guy killing another guy.  We place these labels on things but in the end, it's just bad people doing bad things. 

If it were me in the place of that white guy, they would have done the same thing, no doubt about it.  All they were looking for is somebody that doesn't belong and was an easy victim.  They found him.  If that guy had been acting like Eminem from 8-Mile, he wouldn't have had any trouble and he probably would have gotten laid.  There are some bad people in this world and when they are surrounded by other like-minded individuals that boost them up, the result is always ugly.

I go on youtube and see how many anonymous users think that bad people are so bad.  That you can't seperate the good blacks from the bad (which applies to all races, really) and other nonsense like that.  That we belong in Africa or that we're some sort of wild animals or something.  I don't like how a minority taints the public's perception of the entire race.  The vast majority of black people I know are hard working, honest, proud, and very religious.  Of course you have your knuckleheads that get all of the attention.  It sucks.  But at the same time, the public seems to embrace our athleticism, style of dress, our music, our "cool", our comedy, and (in the case of many females I've encountered), our penis.  You can't just condemn all of the bad along with the good.

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d21lewis said:
thismeintiel said:

 Unfortunately, in this case, I'm not sure the police did do their job.  I've done a "hold for investigation" for 72 hours with a lot less than what they had to go on.  We don't know what the police had.  We don't know what photos were taken, what forensics were done, what blood spatter was recorded, etc.  All we know is the tainted picture painted by the media.  I do know from experience that, if there's a dead body, the investigation has to be REALLY thorough.  I've had investigators tell me to drop a case because the odds were against me winning in court and I still pursued them because I felt I was right.  I've never had one fall apart on me (usually because the offender pled guilty).  Maybe the arresting officer (and I did actually look at the police report--he did have charges that would have stuck had he pursued them) didn't have the balls to stick to his guns.  Also, the media reports that it WAS NOT Zimmerman yelling for help on the audio:

I just took out myoriginal post so I wouldn't have such a long post.  You are right that we don't know all of the evidence the police have, but I do know it was wasn't enough for the original prosecutor to think he could press any charges against Zimmerman.  Either way, we will get to know all the evidence when this goes to court.  And you may want to read up on those "experts."  The police already asked Trayvon's father if the voice on the 911 call was Trayvon's and he said no.  Trayvon's brother said he wasn't sure whose voice it was in an interview.  We apparently have 2 eye witnesses that have stated it was Zimmerman calling for help.  It was only recently that Trayvon's mom has said it is definitely Trayvon calling for help.

As for the media, from what I've read, they had no interest in this story.  It wasn't until over a week had passed and some major network got ahold of the story because the family wouldn't just let the story die on Florida's local news networks.  When it hit the mainstream, things went into overdrive.  They painted the picture of a babyface Martin just like you said.  I still don't know how big Martin and Zimmerman were.  Their height and weight seem to fluctuate every day!  NBC edited a 911 phone call, CNN was running that "Fucking coon" (Who the hell says "Coon" in this day and age?).  And made varying remarks about the existence/nonexistence of a head wound.  I'm sure that, if there was a wound on Zimmerman, there's a ton of documentation.  We just have to wait until court.  Zimmerman was reported to have had a broken nose and other injuries, too.  We'll see.

I have heard varying stats on the two, as well.  However, the police reports say that Trayvon was 6'0" and 160 lbs. at the time of his death.  At his booking, Zimmerman was 5'8" and 185 lbs.  So it looks like Zimmerman had 25 lbs. on Trayvon, while Trayvon had 4" on Zimmerman.  I did find an enhanced pic of Zimmerman's wound.

I learned a long time ago not to fully trust the media.  Simple things like editing a picture to make people look more sinister and jumping to false conclusions (Duke Lacrosse Team) have ruined my view of them.  Somewhere between Zimmerman's story, Trayvon's dead body, the police investigation, and the eye witness accounts is the truth.  Zimmerman didn't wake up and say, "I'm gonna kill me a black guy." and then found a sweet and innocent Trayvon and decide to kill him.  Trayvon Martin didn't say, "Why is this guy following me from the store.  I'm going to kill him!" and then just assault Zimmerman.  We just don't know what happened.  We just have these two guys--neither have ever been charged but both have skeletons in their closet--of different races and one guy killed the other.  The only evidence I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point is the unedited 911 tapes.  It's Zimmerman's words, and nothing else, that make me feel he's at fault here.  Glad I never had to work a case like this one!!

@ bolded

Lol, I'm surprised we didn't see this pic circulating at first.

As far as the 911 call goes, after listening to it again it's obvious to me that Zimmerman stopped following Trayvon when he was told to.  He no longer sounds out of breath.  It's also obvious to me that in the 1:57 between Trayvon beginning to run and Zimmerman ending his 911 call, Trayvon could have made it to the house he was staying at and been inside.  This is a very interesting read.

d21lewis said:

If it were me in the place of that white guy, they would have done the same thing, no doubt about it.

I highly doubt that. This video isn't called "helpless black thugs beaten/stripped naked by black super cop".

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Im African american, or black (i hate that term.)
I have found recently African americans are being racist. It makes me sad after all are ancestors went through, they just wanna be duche bags about it.
Really sad.