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awesome.. so now I can be banned here and just annoy the same users on the new site while I wait untill the ban is over.... and I don't even have to change my password...


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Lets look at it another way. The more forums there are, the more stuff to FAP to.

Seriously though, this forum has become a popularity contest. I'm already over it. Bring on the innocence of the Gamewise forum. Time for some good old fashioned community building.


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Boutros said:
What will happen of our game collections and our ratings for the games we own? Will they be affected by this?

I don't believe your game collections and currrent ratings will transfer. You'll probably have to redo those. I'll ask Breett about it to be sure though. As for commenting on gamrReview, we've switched to Disqus for it. Disqus lets us continue to moderate the comments while letting people without accounts post under usernames. It's just a little more open, and has better features than the old system. 

Ill be on both sites.

A question, though - Now that VGChartz itself will be more about the sales data again, will we be seeing an improvement in said data?

By improvement, Im talking how it used to be. Graphs, tables, extended charts, publisher/console charts?

Hmm interesting to see how this will pan out, I'll be watching.

Thanks for sharing Naz.

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it's just adding to the crap in my opinion.

What must Brett and others really think of the quality of this site if you now have to start another.

The same of a lot of us here I presume...

pbroy said:
Lets look at it another way. The more forums there are, the more stuff to FAP to.

i can't fap to 2 different browser windows!


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Branching out, eh? Why not, its a good enough idea in my opinion with a site more less fully dedicated to discussion and forums and leave the charts and numbers in here.
I think I'll be using both sites, this site still means a lot to me and I love the community but I will also gladly help kickstart the new one!
I actually think that starting anew with a post count of zero is a good idea, new users, lurkers and people in a similar position will be more likely to join, sometimes it can seem intimidating to see the stats below a username and one can feel excluded from some kind of elite at times (I surely remember what its like being a newbie on internet forums, harsh stuff now and then).

All in all, this is a most welcome initiative and I wish you all the best of luck! See on gamewise.co!

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A few points here:

  • Gamewise is a brand new site, it will be nothing to do with VGChartz. People need to get away from thinking that the two are linked in any way.
  • Gamewise won't have a forum in the traditional sense - it will use a brand new system we're developing called "Brainwaves".
  • The current VGChartz community won't be "split".

The intention is that the current community will mostly remain on VGChartz and continue to use the site as they do now. Gamewise is a whole new venture that will build a community of its own - some of which will be made up of members of the current VGC community, but many from other gaming communities or even people who are new to gaming.

Gamewise will have about 100 times the potential audience of VGChartz based on the style of content of the site and will be completely different to VGC with a totally different feel. In terms of movie sites - VGChartz is the game version of Boxofficemojo, Gamewise is the game version of IMDB - they are totally different things with totally different audiences.

So how do I sign up for the beta? I'm willing to give it a go.