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What would you give for Nintendo to be #1 again this gen?

500 dollars 1,316 72.35%
Kidney 2 0.11%
Soul 9 0.49%
virginity 16 0.88%
Your favorite puppy 6 0.33%
Your 1,000 dollar copy of Xenoblades 8 0.44%
An hour of your time 26 1.43%
Other ( post below) 6 0.33%
....Left testicle.... 13 0.71%
Pezus's freedom 22 1.21%
That is an amazing color!!!! Too bad all these awesome colors come out after I get the freaking thing! XD

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

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Why isn`t Wii getting the colours treatment? The n64 had the best coloured consoles!

DélioPT said:
Why isn`t Wii getting the colours treatment? The n64 had the best coloured consoles!

It might be because the Wii is dead.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

NintendoPie said:
DélioPT said:
Why isn`t Wii getting the colours treatment? The n64 had the best coloured consoles!

It might be because the Wii is dead.


I bet a price cut and a full range of colours in time for Christmas would do wonders... at least wonders in a Wii world!

Wait a second! What about third-party downloads, Nintendo? Surely you haven't forgotten them?! Well... they haven't!

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Tetsuya Nomura Expects New Kingdom Hearts Announcement Soon

The Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book is out today, and it has the expected interview with series mastermind Tetsuya Nomura.

A brief summary at FF Reunion reveals that the interview contains a teaser for the next entry (or entries) in the KH series. Nomura says that they've started making a variety of movements for the new title(s) in the series. He believes they'll be able to make an announcement pretty soon.

The interview also contains some of those obnoxious "censored" comments, where little bits are blocked out. If you can read Japanese, here's what FF Reunion wrote:

  • 〇ー〇〇○〇解放には〇〇○〇を仕込んだ
  • 〇ー〇〇○〇メッセージについては想像にまかせる
  • 〇の〇〇〇のはそのままあの〇人かについてはお楽しみに

Nomura also said that there are no plans at present for a "Final Mix" version of KH3D. Square Enix previously released updated "Final Mix" versions of Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts II.

Well, since this was published on the guide to the 3DS game and it's so soon, it seems more likely it'll appear on 3DS too, but it's not certain. May come for Vita, Wii U, PS3, 360 or Toylet... it's anyone's guess.

Anyone hear about any new demos?

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This is the summary (google translated) of the guide, by a reliable (or not) person who read it.

まとめ:謎のKH→企画は再開していない。 BbS vol.2→現在は作る予定がない。 大阪チーム→現在複数のタイトルを制作中。 KH新作→近いうちに発表できる。

"Summary: KH → planning of the mystery has not been resumed. Currently there are no plans to make BbS vol.2 →. Multiple titles currently in production → Osaka team. Able to announce in the near future new → KH."

Why so soon? I think there should not be any for a while. Especially after everyone saying this did not sell too well.

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Tumblepop Set to Suck on 3DS Virtual Console Soon

Posted Mon, 30 Apr 2012 | 17:00 BST by Thomas Whitehead

Not long now


Sucking up enemies is the main activity, honest

Despite describing it as Tumble Pop, the Australian Classification Database has now listed Tumblepop, originally a Game Boy title and now on the way to 3DS Virtual Console in PAL regions.

Tumblepop was originally an arcade game and has been described as a cult classic, though it's unclear whether that praise extends to the Game Boy port. The objective is to work through a number of stages, all within different cities that you navigate, while items can be collected and bought with progress. The individual stages are relatively small and you're tasked with sucking up ghouls and monsters, Ghostbusters-style, before promptly moving on. It's not the best known of titles, it's safe to say.

Below is some gameplay footage from YouTube to help you decide whether you're interested. See how long it takes before the stage music forces you to lower the volume.








Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed videos






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Nintendo Release Dates Get Updated at Investors Meeting

by Alex Culafi - April 30, 2012 - 7:44 A.M.
Discuss in talkback! Source: (Nintendo)

It sure isn't a good time to be the Wii right about now.

A release date schedule for notable upcoming 3DS, DS, and Wii games was released by Nintendo during the recent investors meeting.

In Europe, the only real changes from the previous January release schedule are the addition of Project Zero 2: Wii Edition and updated release dates for Pandora's Tower (already released on April 13) and Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (July 6). In the United States, the only Wii release mentioned is the already released Xenoblade Chronicles. In Japan, the release date changes of note are the Animal Crossing Fall 2012 release date, a summer release for Onitore on 3DS, and the addition of the previously announced Just Dance Wii 2.

The most notable information comes from the launch dates for Animal Crossing and Paper Mario. Although Paper Mario is given a 2012 Japanese release and Animal Crossing is set for this fall, Europe and the United States both have TBA listed under both games' releases. In the last investor's meeting in January, both games were listed in the same manner. Luigi's Mansion 2, on the other hand, is listed as a 2012 release.














NWR Game Club #2: Metroid: Other M

by Neal Ronaghan - April 30, 2012 - 8:04 A.M.
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Our second Game Club dives into Nintendo and Team Ninja's divisive 2010 release.

Last month's inaugural Game Club was A Boy and His Blob, a universally adored game from Majesco and WayForward. This month, we tackle a different beast: Nintendo and Team Ninja's controversial Metroid: Other M.

Some people really dug Other M (like me!), while others weren't the biggest fans of the game, thinking it did more harm than good for the franchise. The sales numbers and critical confusion certainly made the future of Metroid murky for the first time in a decade.

So, go check out Metroid: Other M for the first time or the tenth. Then discuss it in the forums with our staff and community. We'll be writing up features, referencing old ones, and discussing the game on Connectivity at the end of the month. We might have some surprises, too (I'll be coy, since they could very easily not happen).





I have been neogafed! Damn that site!


A very in-depth look at the Metroid series

This is a very interesting thread over at neogaf. Neogaf contributor, Mama Robotnik, has spent hours digging through the interwebs to find TONS of information concerning Metroid information that was cut. Check out the whole thing at the link. Very interesting information.




















Nintendo's Future: Digital vs. Retail

IGN Nintendo wants to know how you plan on buying Nintendo games in the future.

April 30, 2012

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Day in and day out you hear a lot from the IGN Nintendo team. Now we want to hear from you. What you'll find below is our weekly blogging feature. Here we ask you questions based on recent Nintendo events or games and ask you to blog your thoughts. The best responses will be featured later in the week, and may even win a cool prize. Read on for all the information on this week's blogging challenge!

Did you miss us, Koopalings? I hope so, because it's time for another IGN Nintendo Question of the Week. Begin your funky celebration dance... now.

Okay, that's quite enough of that - now on to business. Just like always, I'm going to ask you a question, then you're going to put all your insightful opinions into a super cool blog. Afterward, I want you to share the link on the IGN blog post I created just for this occasion. Please DO NOT post your blog links on my wall or Twitter - they will only be considered if they're submitted on my official blog post. Later this week, I'm going to choose a selection of the best entries to promote directly on the 3DS and/or Wii U page, as well as choose our Blogger of the Week (who, in turn, wins a cool prize).

Got all that? Great, then on to the question!

This week is all about Nintendo's digital future. It was recently revealed that the company plans to allow gamers to purchase software either digitally or in traditional retail packaging. In fact, right from the system's launch, you'll be able to download first party Wii U games directly to your system or purchase them in a store. Furthermore, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will also be downloadable. Crazy beans, right?

Mario and Nintendo are flying into the future!
So what do you folks think of your first taste of gaming's future? That's exactly what I want you to blog about. And to help guide your blogging endeavors, here are the specific points I'd like your blog to address:

  • What do you make of Nintendo's new digital strategy? Do you like the potential of day-and-date digital publishing for video games? Or is a digital download just not as exciting as picking up a new game at the store?
  • As far as you're concerned, what are the pros and cons for both of these options? Is it a question of closet space, of loving game manuals, of time and gas money, of lending games to friends? Spill!
  • Given the option (and putting aside questions of file size and hard drive space), will you still buy retail Wii U and 3DS games, or will you opt to download them instead?

There you have it - just remember to make your submissions no later than Wednesday, May 2 at Noon PST. As mentioned, the best of the best will be promoted on the IGN Wii U and/or 3DS page. Among the blog posts chosen for promotion, Rich and I will be singling ONE out as our Blog of the Week. The chosen blogger will win a download code for one (1) free eShop game. The winner will be able to choose between Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, and Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword. If you're chosen, someone from IGN will contact you through e-mail (and your IGN wall), so keep an eye out, and be ready to respond! (And please don't ask us if you've won - if you did, we will be in touch.)

That all sound good? All that's left is to vote in the poll below, start blogging, and check back later this week for the results. I look forward to reading your entries!

A very prolific individual by the name of Johan Peitz has taken the time to design a small flash game known as “A Super Mario Summary”, where the objective is not unlike the rest of the Mario games you’ve played - you need to get to that flagpole. The flash game is a remake of sorts of the original, world-renowned Super Mario Bros. game on the NES, the only difference is that there’s a lot less to do. Every one of the 32 levels has been cut down to its bare fundamentals, and squashed into a single screen. So it’s like a side-scrolling platformer, but without without the scrolling. It’s just a… side platformer. Give the game a whirl.

While many can claim they’ve finished the original Super Mario Bros. with the help of those handy warp zones, there are far fewer who have gone through every single level, one-by-one. And this summary forces you to do exactly that - there’s no warp zones, so you’ll have to go through all the levels yourself. Your web browser should save your progress, so feel free to come back to this addictive web application. I challenge you to complete them all!

Each level will also give you a star rating based on how many coins you collect, and the height at which you grab onto that glorious flagpole. The game was developed in a mere 48 hours for the 23rd Ludum Dare video game development challenge, and for that, it’s not only an incredible piece of work… it’s also a very addictive one!

Source: Johan Peitz @ Twitter

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