Is this woman hot or have women believing skinny is hot gone too far in modern societies?

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chocoloco said:
Jumpin said:
In most of the world overweight = eating disorder
In the US, not being overweight = eating disorder

I do not know if this is a joke post, but the opposite of over eating could be considered a polar opposite problem. The funny thing is when you have socities in both Europe and the US that have women gaining extreme amounts of weight while at the same time tmanyy strive to be a thin to point that most men do truly not find attractive. This creates a paradigm in society were women are in a vicious cycle of doing the opposite of what certain popular culture is telling them is true beauty.

Also, you have a history of bashing the US, do not forget that most Western societies are struggling with issues of obeseness and the obssesion with thiness. 

its not a joke post he hates on the US all the time. he has some weird extreme prejuduces against us, frankly its getting old. 

he is highly missinformed,and seems to no little about American society. i doubt he has ever been here, but he sure likes to act like he knows everything about it.

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I'm scared on her behalf.

Love and tolerate.

That is incredibly unattractive to me. Jesus...

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Galaki said:
kain_kusanagi said:
I prefer curvy women, but not those kind of curves.

All curves are made equal. Some curves are more equal than others.

I know this doesn't have anything to do with the topic, but what you said reminded me of one of my favorite quotes. It goes like this "God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal." Refering to the gun manufacturing. Actualy I think it's less a quote and more a marketing slogan from the turn of the century.

Galaki said:
menx64 said:
not hot at all... she looks like one of the nurses from Silent hill... arggghhh

you take that back.

I'll eat my words... those nurses are hot... Nice tits! 


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I find this disturbing.

I swear I'm going to have SOOOOO many nightmares from that video, even though I cut it off like 25 seconds into it. God almighty ...


Okay, damn. I just erased a long reply that would've likely get me banned. To summarize, she doesn't 'faze' me! LOL
I don't discriminate, females of all sizes, skinny, bony, fluffy or bubbly, mature & experienced, all sorts of races with different faces, all the fun, all the emotion with lots of mix of crazies, the gross and the nasties :)

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Well I see nothing wrong with her figure if she is eating a normal diet. I do not see to much wrong with society. Fact is we have higher and higher levels of hormones each generation. Chemicals in foods and products increasing them daily. Women and men are maturing far younger on a regular basis and sexual awareness is growing relentlessly.

Also with our diets and the chemicals in products which can cause weight gain it is getting harder and harder for men and women to maintain a healthy weight.

Now too skinny is wrong but not if it is natural. I think the fact is our society is getting to complacent. I weight 270 lbs and did weight 300. Everywhere I go I get told how great I look other then family everyone complements me. I get told its amazing that I am able to weight this much because I am going against society.

Well guess what that's full of shit. I am fat I am trying to lose weight and telling me its a good thing to be over weight does not help. In the same way I knew girls who were like 5.2 and weighed 170 lbs. They didn't look horrible or anything but they would ask people do I need to lose weight. Everybody would tell them how bad the evil media was portraying you should be skinny to be beautiful. I wasn't mean about it but told her I would be willing to work out with her and try to shed weight.

Sorry I am 6.2 and my healthy weight is 180 lbs according to my doctor my dietitian said If I am not bulking up with muscle its not even unhealthy if I drop to 160 because then my weight fluctuation will remain below 180.

So a 5.2 girl weighing 170 Yah I am a foot taller and a male and I am not supposed to weigh much more then that. Right now a huge population


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