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How was Skyward Sword?

GOTY! 80 44.20%
My favorite Nintendo game ever! 9 4.97%
Linktastic! 26 14.36%
Very nice. 20 11.05%
Mediocre/meh. 18 9.94%
Twas a bad game. 9 4.97%
Yes I know I am very bori... 19 10.50%
pezus said:
yo_john117 said:

I win the bet!! (By a hair) lool

Damn Playerx for not responding to TAD's message! If he would have responded then I would have won! >_< 

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9,7. Fantastic story, nice graphic, perfect use of motion control. A little bit too long in the last part.

AstroMaSSi rules

An 8.




I would give it an 8. A solid experience. Only Wii game I bought last year.

  The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the best Zelda title ever made.

As a game, I would give it a 9/10. It did so much right. SO MUCH RiGHT.

Pros: I can't even begin to name them all. Here are a few-
-Absorbing story and characterization
-Incredible gameplay (despite a few motion control spazz outs--not an issue, btw)
-Great music
-Heart warming and moving

-very easy
-bosses didn't have the impact of Twilight Princess
-missing some Zelda staples like boomerangs and lighting torch puzzles
-not enough locations
-too much padding to make the game longer

Like I said, as a game, I'd give it a 9/10. But, on a simply emotional level, I gotta give it a 10/10. This game touched me in a way that I haven't been touched since Metal Gear Solid 3. When those final credits started rolling, I was smiling from ear to ear--but a couple of tears rolled down my cheek. After a slow start, this game became something truly special. The gamer in me and the critic in me have reached a compromise. Now, they are going to have sex with each other. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with my final score.


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yo_john117 said:

Could you go into a little more detail please?

I don't see why you'd need someone to expand upon the core gameplay element. If the motion controls aren't for you, then you simply wont like Skyward Sword.

I assume you'll also ask the following to go into more detail?



On another note...

I enjoyed what I played, never finished it... Should really get back to it at some point. Up to where I got I'd give it an 8, might come find this thread when I get back to it...

Carl2291 said:
yo_john117 said:

Could you go into a little more detail please?


Cool, you didnt' find my post questionable


+ More challenging combat than in the previous two console Zeldas.
+ Also better boss fights for the most part.
+ Good dungeon design.

- A lot of boring filler to make the game longer.
- Despite this, the game still isn't particularly long.
- The final third of the game does its best to avoid combat.
- Phai (Fi) is obnoxious.
- Cannot skip cutscenes on a new file. Step back for the series.
- Cannot really speed up screentext. Step back for the series.
- Cannot upgrade the sword. Ridiculous.
- Upgrade system requires collecting random items dropped by monsters. This isn't Monster Hunter.
- Reward for the mother of all sidequests is once again a disappointment.
- Khuutra thinks that it's a fantastic game.
- I don't like Khuutra anymore.
- The sky is almost empty. A few small islands and some floating rocks.
- Upgrading the bow seems to be absolutely worthless. The regular bow kills enemy archers with one hit (even if you hit their knee), so what's the point in upgrading?

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morenoingrato said:

Cool, you didnt' find my post questionable

Nah, your post actually had reasons in it despite the high score.

I wonder who said twas a bad game. It wasn't that bad! XD

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