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How was Skyward Sword?

GOTY! 80 44.20%
My favorite Nintendo game ever! 9 4.97%
Linktastic! 26 14.36%
Very nice. 20 11.05%
Mediocre/meh. 18 9.94%
Twas a bad game. 9 4.97%
Yes I know I am very bori... 19 10.50%
Conegamer said:
NintendoPie said:
Conegamer said:
NintendoPie said:
Conegamer said:

Brilliant game with great controls (screw whoever says they're 'clunky' ;) ), good soundtrack, epic dungeons and a good length. Would've been nice to have more minigames, quests and a linked overworld.

Still, my 2nd favourite game ever and best Zelda IMO.

I'm guessing that was directed toward me? XD

You and Rainbow Yoshi. Not in a malicious way, of course. 

Well... I got to this late.

It may have been the way I was sitting. I'm not sure, it just really wacked out on me.

It's quite alright. I can understand the frustrations (for example, I disliked how you had to press down to re-centre the controls often, and it could go a bit wacky when it was sunny outside), but I suffered no overall issues with the controls. Returning to Twilight Princess on the Wii shows how much improved the motion controls are, and playing OoT3D demonstrated how I could never go back to 'normal' controls. 

My biggest frustration stems from people who claim that the controls don't work because they were playing it wrong (read: Blaming pointer controls because they were using the sensor bar). 

Why would the sensor bar wack it out? I thought that was used so you can use the pointer.

I noticed that too. Even though they can be frustrating at times (the motion controls) you just seemto have much more control when using the Wii Mote than a button.

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One day left for anyone who may have missed this thread.


SS is a great game but a not so great Zelda. I reckon the zelda formula has grown stale over the years and it needed a new, fresh take, but it seems to me that every step SS takes away from the zelda formula is a step in a wrong direction, or a direction i don't like for this franchise.

it's good that SS removed the distinction between dungeon areas and overworld areas, but i find extremely bad the way the overworld was fragmented into 3 big sections, with sky sections to connect them. it seemed to me a really cheap solution and i would have liked a thousand more times a full overlword, with the same game stile of the 3 big areas. Skyloft also caused the flow of the game to be broken and that left me disappointed. it felt like a badly planned game.

It's good that the puzzle are quite fresh and different from the usual zelda puzzle, and the new ability of link to sprint is really fun, but everything is negated but the constant recycling of old stages. At my third run through the areas i was bored as hell and i just wanted the game to end already.

motion controls are really well implemented and they give more immersion to the player, however, i didn't like the way they turned every combact section in a puzzle.

It's still a great game, and way better than The Wind Waker (i know most people have a special place in their heart for that game, but for me it will always be the low point of modern Zelda), I liked the artstyle, i liked the setting and the story, i liked a lot of the gameplay, but still for the issued i mentioned and some others i still feel that Twilight Princess was better zelda.


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I've had the game since launch day, and I still haven't opened it yet. I just haven't had the time.


The biggest challenge in the game was keeping the controls in sync for more than 30 seconds. I also played this game, or at least 90% of it in past Zelda games already. Nintendo need hire voice actors and stop being cheap. Very outdated in many areas. Graphics are terrible on a HDTV, seen other Wii games in 'enhanced definition' look much better.


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Good turnout this time.


Anyways the score is 8.79

darn wish it has past nine (then again neither did uncharted 3 or skyrim so i guess people are feeling more critical letely)

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yo_john117 said:

You could....but that would make me very angry, and when I get angry bad things happen

Too late, I did it, you can check it in a fancy Excel tab here.


When you get angry people take nail guns to the knee?

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yo_john117 said:

Good turnout this time.


Anyways the score is 8.79

Actually, higher than I tought, given the scores in this thread.

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As a big fan of Zelda and Mario I was hoping Zelda SS to be an excellent game unlike Zelda TP and the Wii could end with a bang. I was actually considering to buy a Wii just for this game until I played it at my friends house for a good 4 hours.

+ interesting story
+ refined battle system
+Still keeps the good and original concept of Zelda
+ All the characters are likeable

- Horrible visuals
- Horrible use of motion controls
- Bored to tears after playing this game for 30 minutes.
- Motion controls are unresponsive
- Feels too much like Zelda TP
- Lacks the "new game" feel
- Bad pacing throughout the game
- Slow beginning
- Horrible sound track (lacks the epic feel

I honestly found more problems with the game than likes. It took me a while to find out what was good with the game rather than what was wrong with the game. Just because of this game I will never play a Zelda again.

Score 5.0