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I am about to enter college. I plan on being a writer, film director, or game designer. I am also attempting to get a part time job. No success as of right now.

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naruball said:
MessiaH said:
naruball said:
Doing a PhD in classics. Best time of my life to be honest.

That's wonderful. What is your focus? And what do you see yourself doing once you graduate if you don't mind me asking. Classics is a very interesting and broad field. It allows for people with many different tastes and interests to jump aboard.

Glad to hear you find it interesting. I'm working on Cicero's letters and his conception of friendship (whether it was influenced by Epicurus, Plato, Aristotle). When I get my PhD I'll try to find a job as a lecturer somewhere (most likely New Zealand) and publish some articles.

I really don't get why PhD students complain about the workload. I can pretty much wake up any time, I don't have any classes or papers or exams or boring courses. I just study mostly things that I consider fascinating.

I agree with you. Classics is something so broad that it's difficult to not find anything you like.

Sounds fascinating man. Good luck with your PhD! What's nice about PhD's is that unlike say a bachelor's program for example, if a person is doing a PhD, then he/she is more than likely completely personally invested in their subject of choice and completely willing to learn as much as they can about it. As opposed to a bachelors, where the student is usually just taking classes just to take classes, or just to move on with life, etc.

I usually love having a beer with a PhD student and having a conversation about their topic of choice just cause they are so well-versed and one can learn quite a bit from them. Cool stuff man! Keep on keepin' on!

full time student
though I do odd-jobs around the town like painting/moving furniture/yard work/ect; right now I'm helping a friend from my church install sheetrock, wood flooring, cleaning and painting his garage and basement, and some yard work... job isentering it's third week.